Light bulb!
Actually I feel a bit more like a minion having a light bulb moment than a person who goes thru catharsis but there you go…..anyway have decided I need a definate action plan and need to totally chuck myself into this art business with a bit more aplomb…I am a fantastic procrastinator…it is rather time consuming and tiring looking for leads but it sure beats the 9-5 any day. (also him indoors is quite good at this so need to capitalise..)….I really Would hate to wake up one day and think if only……anyway week one of my cunning plan…


  • I’m in print…..thank you Embroiderers Guild (see above) I _am in contact magazine
  • two shops in Petersfield have my work on sale in their shops…’stuff’ on Chapel Street  and ‘White and Rees’ on Lavant Street
  • I have signed up to being involved in an artist project for ‘People of the Heath’ which will begin with an exhibition in Petersfield in the autumn*

People of the Heath.docx*People of the Heath….A community project hosted by Petersfield Museum to understand and conserve Petersfield’s prehistoric barrows.  A four-year project  focussed on a remarkable but little-known prehistoric monument complex on the edge of Petersfield dating to the Early Bronze Age.This large group of barrows  has seen no active research since it was mapped in the 1930s and it is one of the most impressive and diverse barrow cemeteries to have survived in south-east England.

  • had a fab day with Ruth smith making books….my first love….
  • and room6 have an exhibition confirmed at the ICHF next year……

ok lets back track….thank you for the pep talk Sarah… this is my self realisation week……I will be more proactive …look at the fantastic things that have happened since Wednesday…and my big decision, also looking at going back to uni to finish my degree..appointment made with tutor…tick

him indoors gets  me to go and talk to Dr Kathrin Pieren re the people of the Heath project…and it sounds fab….what a gift for an artist.. I have started my sketch book already…. I know I am a bit sad but hey it’s what I love..tick

get lovely book and card from mad Canadian pressie for my scholarship …which I put to good use immediately by starting my Heath project in it…is that serendipity? Tick

get my glass cut for beautiful old frame for my cell work piece for Eastleigh Exhibition..nearly finished all my pieces now..big tick

Friday-and saturday go to the Petersfield dig….really is a gift got loads of ideas for the exhibition…..tick

spend so long with a friend purloining free fabric that I arrive extremely late at son’s school fair which consequently as the kids are done spending …almost….only  costs me a fiver..big tick

meet  glasto girl  to try out camp beds…we working Glastonbury …going to search out Kurt Jackson. I am working in a food tent….!!!! I must be mad!

Ps does any one want a lift to Glastonbury ?  I am leaving Petersfield at ridiculous o’clock a week on on Wednesday.. and have a big car …

And so to  my fantastic workshop with Ruth Smith… making folded secrets books. Or zhen Xiang bao . I first came across Ruth at world textile day earlier this year ( and Alison Hulme  if you are reading this that indigo home top needs to go to Glastonbury…you know it makes sense…) a wonderfully inspirational day.

If you are in the vicinity of Southampton or can book Ruth  to come to! You will not be disappointed! Or if you if you can’t,  buy her project books or her book on the  ZHen Xian bao.  I had such a lovely time.  Ruth is an amazingly generous tutor and has a wealth of information about these beautiful historic artefacts… she has gathered some beautiful examples from her travels in China talking to the Miao people….as well as the gorgeous ones she has made herself….let’s hope that her enthusiasm helps to revive this dying art… was lovely to hear her talk about these lovely treasures…. her book on this folk art is currently being translated into Chinese!


I will post a photo of  my finished work……lovely to see all the different ideas and potential of these beautiful books …mine is  a work in progress…not nearly as beautiful as Ruth’s or the other participants….but I hope it will be….

my efforts….imageimageimage

some beautiful old books that Ruth has gathered from her travels…….imageimageimageimage

Phew I am quite exhausted..and I did a workshop with 30 children today which was fab!!!…. No photo sorry forgot my iPad!! …. textile art inspired by Turner…..I think I will need a week to recover!  No chance as I have bags to make, a dress to finish and I still need to look for more opportunities to make my art work!  Help!!!

Ps See you on Friday,  Sarah for ‘Made’ at West Dean



Well what a half term… I start the week with bad news that I didn’t get a job I went for.. sandwich in between a trip in the new forest camping (really glad I caught up with you too Sarah and you were very polite as I gate -crashed your felter’s day smelling of woodsmoke and looking decidedly the worse for wear..I never sleep properly when I’m camping!) and end it by being an Embroiderers Guild Scholar.

...took a bit of stitching to the Forest just to keep my hand in....
…took a bit of stitching to the Forest just to keep my hand in….

So, I am very proud to announce that I will be the Guild’s first Education Scholar or Educational Scholar…. not quite sure about the title just yet but it’s all very exciting. Can’t quite believe it and really pleased to be involved in what looks like will be a fantastic project. The aim is to get more stitch into schools by providing resources for teachers linked with the national curriculum and to inspire children; make stitch based projects important in schools and raise their profile. It was great to visit Guild House and meet the team there, some of whom I know from last year.  Can I just say I didn’t realise there were so many gated communities in such a small  acreage of rather old Honda was very out of place!!) Got to look at the some of the stitch collection at the Guild…..I still love books tho….even though we think we don’t need them because of the internet..there’s nothing that beats the smell of an old book!…or a new one come to think of it!


There will be an article in the forthcoming edition of Contact magazine explaining more about what is happening re my scholarship and on the Guild’s website.  Bottom line is I will be at the K & S again this year. I’ll be on the Guild’s stand with my new work and answering questions about the new programme for schools.  It is really great to be involved with something so worthwhile and recognised for doing something that I love and I really do appreciate being given this opportunity.

There really were some lovely pieces at the EG to see and the photos I took don’t do them justice… ….Audrey Walker…..Jane Lemon….. Diana Springall …as my photos really don’t capture the beauty of some of the pieces there…. here’s just  a few photos of the children’s work which is on display…imageimage

Oh and I case you thought I abandoned my children, they came too and him indoors took them on a tour of Walton on Thames whilst I pootled around the EG.  I think his experience of

imageWalton ended up being a lot less serene than mine…nuff said!!  He did come in handy when the fourth plinth needed to be howked into the boot of my Honda for its return to Eastleigh College.

We also got to see this fabulous piece that was in the most intricately image imagecarved wooded chest from turn of the Century Hong Kong…the last one that is…

And so, with the fourth plinth  now safely in my boot and heading back to Eastleigh for another outing at the End of Year Show (2nd – 4th July), I sign off.

Well not quite.

P.S.  Went to Graduate Fine Art Degree Show at Chichester University. Hopefully I will be there in a couple of years time!  Few highlights for those of you who didnt make it….head

blue stuff blobs head 2 bodies string symbols

P.P.S. Really looking forward to my felting day with Julia Little tomoro – being organised for the volunteers that help run Phoenix Junior Stitchers in Petersfield.  I will post a  picture of my bag…it wont be quite as ambitious (or as good) as yours Sarah…but I am learning….baby steps! will probably need to be an arty snap of a corner!!!!

P.P.P.S. Can anyone explain to me why every time I check my facebook account even within a few minutes it says a lot has been happening on it since I last logged in…this is a blatant lie!

P.P.P.P.S. And finally if anyone out there is thinking of making their fortune at car boot sales…remember that when you put the key in the ignition as you are paranoid about losing your keys, remember to make sure they are in the definate ‘off’ position as the 25 quid you make on the booty doesn’t come close to covering the £81.95 it costs for a new car battery!

Don’t irons have a lot of controls?


Have been blog quiet for a couple of weeks but have been stitch busy.  Signed up for a dressmaking course.  I havent been taught dressmaking since I was 12… which consisted of Mrs Nicholson my teacher running up curtains on the berninas, this is when I first realised they were good.. whilst me and Pauline Connelly lusted over Billy Idol (well she did I just pretended to like him) and made ill fitting school dresses with darts that made our non existant boosoms look huge..anyway  I digress,..I also gave up ironing when I left home aged at age 12 it was decided that I needed to start to do something to get my pocket money and so I used to iron..everything….on a sunday evening,  sitting in the corner of the front room watching telly..probably ‘the Good Life’ anyway I ditched that too when I decided life was too short to iron and havent really done it since, apart from on wall hangings and melting stuff…consequently I am now discovering a whole new world and dah dah look what I’ve been making….

ZimageimageimageThis is an attempt to get stuff made so that I can replenish art supplies so ~I hope people buy them…watch this space..

Went to see Caroline Bell last week and I tried to set up a shop  but failed miserably my ipad has not been the same since..need a teenager..  So at the mo my wares will be available at the Eastleigh exhibition and open studios…..or by you saying you want one…and if no one buys them them some people are going to be getting some rather lovely birthday presents..if i say so myself….

Anyway  I am loving my course at the Granary Studios ( lots of other lovely things going on there check out their website) ,..and my teacher likes me which is a bonus and is truely impressed by my abilty to set stiches and grade seams..who’d have thought it…I am even considering investing in a point turner…used an overlocker for the first time last night..that is soo exciting!!!!trust me,…you need to have a go on one!!!

Apart from that I have been trying to make a kimono..been watching ‘make a lookey likey one’ on youtube which is hysterical and consists of young girls in canada and the gluing fabric together..needs to be seen to be believed…and yes dear reader the results are crappola!!  But truely amazing to  watch…  However there are quite a few where they do actually stitch and the results are quite good..anyway going to pull something together so it will be ready for open studios and the Abbey in the autumn.  Also been working on more pictures.  Cells…….

Only joking this one wasn't there..its in my kitchen!
cell work no lV








I am off now..pulling stuff together for a carbooty at Rogate tomorrow…as I cant afford to buy  materials going to sell stuff tommorow…to replenish some stocks..want silk and zips and fabriano paper!!!  Hope I raise enough money.

I am also going to the private view of the Fine Art Degree Show at Chichester this evening 6pm..Art One..the show is on for the next couple of pop by if you are able and support the graduates….


imageoh have started making these too….only making stuff I love doing…made one for a friend last year who’d just had a baby but now using same sort of things I used for my boxes to make them…not toys as they aren’t KITE marked but great to stick on  shelf or throw at some one!!!!!

by the way sarah my dress making teacher wants to come to the new forest the next time I come..can she can she please???


imageother stuff..was slave workshop at Liss in Stitches..great day learnt lovely applique technique too…

And…been doing lookey like Jackson Pollack with my daughter in the garden..great fun..will put photos up another time results pretty  fab

P.S. to plan London Gallery fix and apply for jobs!!too!

P.P.S.looking forward to workshop with eruth smith to learn about chinese book making and paper folding…….


So you missed my blether…..

well I had another one up my sleeve just for you!

Ther week has ended with this…

White walling at Art One for degree show
White walling at Art One for degree show


Can't fit anymore in...
Can’t fit anymore in…

but began like this….

..after taking down my studio space last week…it’s still mostly in the car boot..unfortunately didn’t manage to sneak it past him indoors as he helped me get it into the car…so he actually knows how much c..p I need to get back in to the house.  Does anyone know any altruistic patrons out there who would like to give me a studio space in Petersfield for  6 months or so for a nominal fee? I can move out quickly! The search is definitely on.  If this year has taught me one thing it is that  I need a space to work in…game on…

Can't fit much more in...
Things pretty tight here too….by the way this is the other bit of the same room not another room!!!

I got  two more screens printed of which I managed to wash away with the pressure washer..oops…then made ten purses.. and after thatI spent Friday felting and drinking tea in the new forest with sarah waters..(didn’t I Sarah?..look what we made…very creative!!)

Can’t get photo off my phone put yours on sarah..sorry!

imageI had intended to go to the Pallant Open House  onSaturday but got waylaid  by birthday shopping expedition with 12 year old  going on 21 year old…so instead spent time in New Look and Hennes, Claires  and Accessorise..very inspirational.

What I missed…

Wood Engraving and the Brook Green School
Wood Engraving and the Brook Green School
Leon Underwood: Figure and Rhythm
Alice Kettle: Odyssey

along with free coffee and workshops….

…what I got….

Strangely it is very hard to download pictures of H & M stores and Claires Accessories..funny that!!! However the experience is imprinted on my mind so only wanted them for the benefit of you dear reader – you’ll have to make do without#!!
Sunday went to Brockenhurst Needlework Fiesta to see Caroline Bell and Alison Hulme.  Lovely show.   Really glad I made the trip.  Bumped into Sue Hawkins who had a stand there and told her had made her  scissor saver up.   Said hello to Fay  Maxwell.  Hadn’t seen her for ages – she inspired me to do the art college thing when she showed me her lovely sketch books and let me spend a day with her in her studio…showed me how to make cords too!!!
Alison Hulme Textiles
Caroline Bell Textiles


Needle Work Fiesta
Beautiful quilt at the Fiesta….












The great hing about going to a show like this is that it really fires me up.  I want to make loads of things with my materials and be creative.  Have got a  definitive list of things to make up this week…started with another cell work picture and going to make some more things to sell as well as two more exhibition pieces which will be shown at Eastleigh College and Romsey Abbey later this year.



Monday, went to Ramster with Abi. Every two years Ramster hosts an exhibition of textile artwork.  Its on until 30 Apr 2015 17:00 Google Calendar  - Ramster Embroidery and  Textile Art Exhibition - 2015-04-17 10:00:00 Yahoo Calendar - Ramster Embroidery and  Textile Art Exhibition - 2015-04-17 10:00:00 Hotmail / Windows Live Calendar - Ramster Embroidery and  Textile Art Exhibition - 2015-04-17 10:00:00 iCalendar - Ramster Embroidery and  Textile Art Exhibition - 2015-04-17 10:00:00 .  Abi and I are  applying next time..wonder if we’ll get in?   Actually I shouldn’t have said anything cos if wedon’t now you’ll know!   Jane Simms from Liss in SticheS was successful there as was Consuleo Simpson(room6).  Sorry no photographs of their work as  I was too stingy to pay for the photo pass…these are from the Ramster website…

Lovely hall to hang work in
these figures were lovely
sorry no idea who..great colours tho!
P.S only joking this is in my kitchen!
P.S only joking this is in my kitchen!


My shortest blog ever…..honest

What’s done is done….. a years work?

Ribi's Jacket I and Cell Work
‘Ribi’s Jacket’ I and ‘Cell Work’
more stuff..portfolio and samples..
more stuff..portfolio and samples..
Cell Work cloth...
Cell Work cloth…
 a bit of the wall...
a bit of(f) the wall…
What next? Watch this space…



Instagram for a struggling artist
Instagram for a struggling artist (ISA) 
Manorbier …very beautiful (vb)

Just back from Wales -it’s not Cambodia thread fairy – but it was rather beautiful..spent this morning finishing my foray into acrylic and drawing..been talking to a wonderful painter who is next to my studio space in uni.  She uses acrylic beautifully.. sadly I do not,  but it has inspired me to have a go with other media..really like the way it turned out.   Will be putting it into my studio space tomorrow to finish off my work for my final module at uni before I intermit for a year or so. Just need to take in my sketch books too, all the rest is done..what will be will be….looking forward to seeing what the exhibition space looks like with all the other’s work and happy that I know what I would have put in the space…..

Every cell has a different meaning
Every cell has a different meaning

anyway whilst away….. I wasn’t idle. I did loads of drawing, which was a total luxury and I finished my Sue  Hawkin’s scissor saver.  You didn’t think I would did you Sarah!!!  Not as beautiful as her scissor saver with all my tent stitch going the right ways – its haphazard but I love it. reminds me of a chatelaine which is a bit apt considering all the research I have been doing in that area.

Tah dah!!!
Tah dah!!!
Check me out I can do bullion stitch !

Also spent a lot of time shisha mirror attaching. Why I hear you ask? When I bought some silk it came with a beautiful scarf with glued in mirrors …so courtesy of Mr Finch I tapped into and learnt how  to shisha courtesy of u-tube and Tenby library. Only another 160 to go…

Just about doable on the beach whilst keeping one eye on the children…


Shisha a la me...
Shisha a la me…

Back to my ISA and why I need a studio which is uppermost in my mind at the moment ..painting on the floor whilst watching Britain’s got talent’ or at my kitchen not necessarily  condusive to the production of fine art …however it does make one rather inventive….I am open  to sharing with my seven year old …constructing Lego ninjago at the other end of my kitchen table .. fortunately it’s large  – the cat walking over wet acrylic and changing my design, – attaching my picture to the wall with masking tape to see if it looks right – it falls mercy to the wind ….the picture not the cat…. and blows it off the wall onto the sofa depositing acrylic paint all over the sofa and the cushions to whit I then spend rather long time trying to remove the acrylic from said sofa and cushions and not being very artistic at all. However you do end up with a running commentary and feedback on everything you do and inbuilt quirkiness. So there are some pluses.

Fine cell work?

So in my bid for my studio fund and my first million I have started my dressmaking class with Lyn Onions. I am currently making purses and bags soon to be followed by copying Alison Hulme’s dress.

image  Will this lead to  paying off my uni fees and first million ? Who knows …perhaps not …but its rather fun and very enjoyable. Maybe one day I will get my 4ft wide concrete staircase and mirrored ceiling watch out VB….I have a business name and everything!!!

VB's flagship store.. I want the chains....
VB’s flagship store.. I want the chains….

P.S. hope too see you this week Sarah

P.P. S. When are you up for the McQueen exhib?

P. P.P.S. My screens have arrived!! Exciting! What will I burn into them?image

You wait all week for a post

then two turn up at once
then two turn up at once

Call it serendipty but there’s a picture of the London skyline in my kitchen and I have been hanging my precious silk screened silk over it all week to try and make my mind up with what to do to it next and him indoors has been saying all week ‘mind that’s just hanging on a nail and not up properly so be careful’.  And reader I was, up until about 8am this morning when I decided, in a fit of bravado I was going to tug it down and do something to it…guess who forgot it was hanging on a nail..?

Half an hour, two children and a cat fed and a lot of glass in a dustpan and brush later I decided I have been prevaricating over making a jacket for too long and …..put the silk away. Spurred on  by Dibenkorn’s ‘don’t make what is certain’ or something a bit like that –  I decided to just go for it with what I had in the house. Child care duties called so needed to make do.

I raided my wardrobe  for ‘clothes that are going to fit again one day/never going to fit me again actually’ .

imageCut a paper pattern out of newspaper, got my trusty fabric dyes out and some screened and heat press scraps…

imageimageand sat in the garden and sewed….

Ribi’s Jacket mark 1

Tah dah!

I’m quite pleased considering I haven’t really done anything like this before.

PS Wish it still fitted me!

PPS forgot to feed the children and the cat so was a bit in the dog house fingers to the rescue….

PPPS what do you think Sarah?

oops forgot to post in all the eggscitement

image… this flipping being an artist ‘in the round ‘ is a bit like being a circus entertainer …more balls anyone? ( it’s supposed to be a juggling analogy but not sure it works!)   I am ok at doing the painty stuff but the outward media face thingy selling yourself stuff I not so good at… (just incase anyone else is reading apart from Sarah)…a bit over due with this post but here we go….Easter got in the way slightly. Last weekend started off brilliantly with the very poorly advertised (in my humble opinion anyway!) world textiles day in Wickham …….as no one at uni knew about it…  That has now been changed and its on the map for next year!!! Thank you Vicky! Everyone who lives.. oops I mean loves textiles (or do I?)  should go next year..they happen all over the country and are free events… talks cost £2 which is a flippin bargain!  The range of textiles on show was amazing and the stall holders  graciously allowed me and my two … (11 and 9 ) year old textile fans to touch…and were happy to explain about everything. The book lady was great and met Helen Murchie who sells amongst other things, beautiful cushions..we had a good chat about textiles in general and will look out for her at Brockenhurst…talks were really great…didn’t think I was going to get to listen to them but I bribed the kids with cake and a fiver to spend on the stalls in order to make them sit for an hour…we listened  to how baskets were brought from Ghana,  all about weaving and the puma claw design on textiles from Peru and John Gillow’s travels in Pakistan. It really was quite fascinating to hear the stories behind the businesses. Just incase the kids felt hard done by I bought them more cake afterwards and gave them my last three quid to spend on Chinese coins and a wooden stamp which I have since purloined…well I had to make up for not having enough cash to spend on books to make books. Yes, I know pure torture for me Sarah! (Alison and Teri were there too!)

Anyway check out …..the African Fabric Shop – Bob Irwin…go Canada!

Tukuru textiles – Meri Hunneyball – great name, really interesting talk and John Gillow….apologies for any typos and for pinching images from any websites without permission… I think everthing I heard was great and gladly support theses businesses!!!

John’s bolga baskets


Peruvian puma claw tho


Peruvian gourd – fantastic illustration
Traditional Ghanaian (?) dress
Can’t remember where from but it’s lovelly . Then I popped into the Granary Studios to wish Sue and Lyn good luck with their new venue and venture for textile work shops, I have signed up for a dress making course …I need to learn how to do stuff properly!!! They do loads of other stuff too. Finished the day.. .yes this is all in one day speeding home with my sat nav to help the boy cut this fantastic Lego cake…hey this is why I am not a cake designer.. It tasted good tho!
..what lies beneath..when Oreos come in handy

Then a busy week getting my final modules together for uni this year. No exhibition to do so just trying to pull all my background work together to tell a story. Now I’ve decided I need to take time out I am getting more into everything! Think it’s called being less stressed.  Really wish I could keep going. I do have a cunning plan ( watch this space! I have news Sarah. ) Spent a whole day prepping screens and hot pressing fabrics.. Great.  No photos here, as left screens and my portfolio at uni will post next time. Another  day spent screen printing and being experimental…..have been learning how to transfer my images to a screen using photocopies of my work…love the process. Have screen printed before but not using my own photo screened images. I love it!  Been experimenting with different dyes..don’t need to worry about colour fastness as not intending to wash so interesting to see what happens to the surface of the material. Was really scared to just go for it on the beautiful silk but in the end I bit the bullet and just went for it…want to but my own screens now…got to sell some stuff on eBay to fund….so worth it!! Have nearly forgotten I have lost one of my jobs!

Pretty good for a drop cloth eh?
Preparation is all
ribi’s jacket
There is some kantha on this..if you look really hard you might spot it.

The  facilities are really are amazing and it’s great to actually have the time to take advantage! image image

Also managed to make some frames….image image Now trying to see if stitch works on top of the silk or if I leave it alone….this is what I did with some extra bits I put onto painted calico the detail is lovely..the photos are sadly notimage

By the way Alison Hulme acrylic wax did not do the business although it did produce some interest interesting effects… ..just not the ones I wanted!!

PS have tickets now available for Jae Maries talk in June….just contact me if you want – £12 – interesting  talk with great cake…

PPS still looking for studio space…..

PPS and just incase Sarah, you think I have been neglecting familial duties,  I have managed to cram in three National Trust visits and two Easter egg hunts so there X

PPPS I did listen to your advice about getting someone to proof read my blog but I haven’t got anyone to do it so it is what it is! I am sure my huge readership will be forgiving.


I’m available for top gear….


image image image image image image

Just back from  the NEC Birmingham.  Had a great time at the show.  Just realised my photos are rubbish and don’t show all the work! But hey! Wish had been able to go up for longer. Worked out how to do selfie on new phone. Have permanently deleted the totally gross ones!

Managed to find the lovely ladies from  Juko… and told them about their bag that appeared in my final year shows as well as in London, Dublin and Harrogate Knittting and Stitching Shows and  also more recently with cake exhibition at Southampton Art Gallery.   They sell beautiful weaving kits. (Photo at top of page can’t manage to manipulate and losing will to live with this blog so it’s staying where it is!) I made a bag up and put it in one of my acrylic boxes..along with other things that are precious to me…reminded me of the chat I had with one of the ladies last year about their business and how they kept going-  inspiring and kept me going!)They were chuffed and wanted me to send a photo of it…need to get a good one!!

Juko bag bottom right


Am so glad I only sold 5 of my boxes …going to hang on to them all now!

Lots of nice things to see.  Too many to mention – kept nipping round the corner to visit Susan Chapman,  liked Kim Thittachai’s Experimental Textiles..had seen the cloak on facebook- really touching story behind it…lots of nice sketch books too!  Also the ladies on stand opposite from Castanea were lovely! So friendly and a hoot into the bargain….maybe one day I can teach on their holidays? …heels you need oxygen for…was the quote of the day. They had rather nice chocolate fudge too.


imageTook this lovely photo of a kimono for my research- owned by the embroiders guild managed to knab Annette just before she packed it up..thank you for holding it!!   Strangely mine was at home when I got back….I can’t cut up up though! I will wear it. .Bought a rather lovely sewing kit of for  embroidered scissor savers from  Sue Hawkins (    Will post a picture when/if I ever finish to wales in few weeks so thats what I will be doing in the evenings when I am not doing my own stuff…its called ‘eat your greens’.  Bought to remind me I need to give up wheat.  (Thanks Lyn)  Watch this space. Made sarah spend money on beautiful earrings by Harriet Stiles..she didn’t need much persuasion … I want a huge brooch!

Have bought rather a lot of paint too! Managed to push Lyn Onions off of ARt Van go stand for a little bit so I could have a play with their gelli plates…she was very generous..they are addictive!!  I have now bought my own.  Also managed to do a double act with both lyn and sarah…goodness only knows what the punters thought but it was fun! Builds wah… wah well and truely built up.  Also got my wonder web and some acid dyes to use with the children onplanets books that I am doing with them when I get back to work.. I will photo them and post!( is there anything that viv does not know about paint?!) am sure they will be the only 8 year olds in Hampshire using acid dyes and wonder web..need to get them while they are young!

And back to reality…to any talent scouts reading I am available to be a to be a tv presenter after Easter as I have more time on my hands but just incase  the call doesn’t come I am looking for my new direction. Still need to complete this semester and am looking for studio space.

Just had a talk from  Laura Ford at uni.  Fantastic pieces and so prolific..she reckons the trick is  to have  several things on the go at once….

Laura Ford
Image result for laura ford artist
Head Thinkers Laura Ford or how I feel now!
Days of Judgement Laura Ford
…so I have my top 4 /5 ideas and going to make a start on the two I am just thinking about… the others  are up and running…watch this space
  • the 60 dollar shirt ( this started life as the jacket!!) but has become a 60 dollar shirt thanks to the mad canadian
  • the women…yes I have started!!!
  • the calico circles….been thinking about for a while
  • the  flat boxes…ditto
  • 5 more drawing!!!

Had tutorial and was posted in the direction of Richard Diebenkorm image‘notes to self’ … they are definately worth a look! And just to say I have always tolerated cha0s…my other half keeps tidying it up though.

PS have actively been looking for a studio

PPS been trying to workout what workshops I can do…

PPPS I want to see your fantasy hat Sarah…perhaps Laura Ford can inspire…look at her girls with guns…

Bit sad …bit happy

If you look really carefully three noses in the glass cabinet and two pictures on the wall close by.. I really must learn to take photos.. Too busy looking at stuff that's my problem!
If you look really carefully three boxes in the glass cabinet to the right and two pictures on the wall close by.. I really must learn to take photos.. Too busy looking at stuff that’s my problem!

have learnt two new words this year at was semester ..we didn’t have those at polytechnic …and the other one is intermit- which is evidently what you do when you take a break from uni- which means I have decided I can’t get into even more debt for my fine art degree dream.

So, after this semester,  it is on hold until I can save up to pay off what I owe and then find the where- with -all to go back and finish my final year close and yet so far or close but no cigar? I don’t know!  Who said life as an artist was easy? It certainly ain’t cheap! But anyone who bothers to read my blog knows that!  Where are the multi millionaires when you need them aye? ( been sneakily watching POLDARK sorry!)   I will be making and exhibiting when I can tho. Have two open studios coming up after Birmingham and an exhibition at Romsey.

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Anyway my default is books so thanks to Zoe and her fab ideas  and Abi telling me how to start I made a book to spur me on. Thank god for pritt stick and envelopes!!!

I will make my coat or jacket or what ever it is I just won’t beable to exhibit  at uni!

Books make me happy…


been looking a lot lot at hearts too.. More screen printing on Monday while I still can.  Off to brum  in the morning

p.s see you at 6am sarah!

p.p.s watch this space ……

p.p.p.s come and say if you’re at the NEC this weekend