You wait all week for a post

then two turn up at once
then two turn up at once

Call it serendipty but there’s a picture of the London skyline in my kitchen and I have been hanging my precious silk screened silk over it all week to try and make my mind up with what to do to it next and him indoors has been saying all week ‘mind that’s just hanging on a nail and not up properly so be careful’.  And reader I was, up until about 8am this morning when I decided, in a fit of bravado I was going to tug it down and do something to it…guess who forgot it was hanging on a nail..?

Half an hour, two children and a cat fed and a lot of glass in a dustpan and brush later I decided I have been prevaricating over making a jacket for too long and …..put the silk away. Spurred on  by Dibenkorn’s ‘don’t make what is certain’ or something a bit like that –  I decided to just go for it with what I had in the house. Child care duties called so needed to make do.

I raided my wardrobe  for ‘clothes that are going to fit again one day/never going to fit me again actually’ .

imageCut a paper pattern out of newspaper, got my trusty fabric dyes out and some screened and heat press scraps…

imageimageand sat in the garden and sewed….

Ribi’s Jacket mark 1

Tah dah!

I’m quite pleased considering I haven’t really done anything like this before.

PS Wish it still fitted me!

PPS forgot to feed the children and the cat so was a bit in the dog house fingers to the rescue….

PPPS what do you think Sarah?


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