Matthew Harris Talk


As part of our degree we need to raise money for our final show. We have arranged for Matthew Harris to come and talk…..a few tickets still remaining. Email me if you’d like one!


Jan Beaney and Jean Littlejohn

Jan and Jean just came to college to talk to us about the things they do.  Why arent J and J up there with Grayson? What they do is art…so come on Mr Saatchi get your cheque book out. An ‘imagine’ show would be good too!!

discovered lino cut


Why have I never done this before. Just spent a fantastic afternoon learning the art of lino cut. When I can get my act together I will add some photos of my endeavours this having a website malarky takes a bit of getting used to!!! Especially as I dont have a computer! In the meantime checkout artistalison she said she would add photos to her blog. Great tutor! Can recommend!

eye on the prize

Loving studying for a textile degree and wish I has done it twenty years ago. Currently trying to find my thing!! Here is one of the cloths I have just submitted for the latest module in my degree. I also recently exhibited at Eastleigh and used some of my life drawings to create “bunny ladder” which is all about me and my current journey into art. Really enjoying the navel gazing!! Everyone should try it!

bunny ladder

bunny ladder

bunny ladder
End of year show Eastleigh 2013. Just sent a copy of this off to my life model Barry. He features on a panel in the box, he was well pleased he had been exhibited and wanted to see the end product! Hope he is pleased!