Don’t irons have a lot of controls?


Have been blog quiet for a couple of weeks but have been stitch busy.  Signed up for a dressmaking course.  I havent been taught dressmaking since I was 12… which consisted of Mrs Nicholson my teacher running up curtains on the berninas, this is when I first realised they were good.. whilst me and Pauline Connelly lusted over Billy Idol (well she did I just pretended to like him) and made ill fitting school dresses with darts that made our non existant boosoms look huge..anyway  I digress,..I also gave up ironing when I left home aged at age 12 it was decided that I needed to start to do something to get my pocket money and so I used to iron..everything….on a sunday evening,  sitting in the corner of the front room watching telly..probably ‘the Good Life’ anyway I ditched that too when I decided life was too short to iron and havent really done it since, apart from on wall hangings and melting stuff…consequently I am now discovering a whole new world and dah dah look what I’ve been making….

ZimageimageimageThis is an attempt to get stuff made so that I can replenish art supplies so ~I hope people buy them…watch this space..

Went to see Caroline Bell last week and I tried to set up a shop  but failed miserably my ipad has not been the same since..need a teenager..  So at the mo my wares will be available at the Eastleigh exhibition and open studios…..or by you saying you want one…and if no one buys them them some people are going to be getting some rather lovely birthday presents..if i say so myself….

Anyway  I am loving my course at the Granary Studios ( lots of other lovely things going on there check out their website) ,..and my teacher likes me which is a bonus and is truely impressed by my abilty to set stiches and grade seams..who’d have thought it…I am even considering investing in a point turner…used an overlocker for the first time last night..that is soo exciting!!!!trust me,…you need to have a go on one!!!

Apart from that I have been trying to make a kimono..been watching ‘make a lookey likey one’ on youtube which is hysterical and consists of young girls in canada and the gluing fabric together..needs to be seen to be believed…and yes dear reader the results are crappola!!  But truely amazing to  watch…  However there are quite a few where they do actually stitch and the results are quite good..anyway going to pull something together so it will be ready for open studios and the Abbey in the autumn.  Also been working on more pictures.  Cells…….

Only joking this one wasn't there..its in my kitchen!
cell work no lV








I am off now..pulling stuff together for a carbooty at Rogate tomorrow…as I cant afford to buy  materials going to sell stuff tommorow…to replenish some stocks..want silk and zips and fabriano paper!!!  Hope I raise enough money.

I am also going to the private view of the Fine Art Degree Show at Chichester this evening 6pm..Art One..the show is on for the next couple of pop by if you are able and support the graduates….


imageoh have started making these too….only making stuff I love doing…made one for a friend last year who’d just had a baby but now using same sort of things I used for my boxes to make them…not toys as they aren’t KITE marked but great to stick on  shelf or throw at some one!!!!!

by the way sarah my dress making teacher wants to come to the new forest the next time I come..can she can she please???


imageother stuff..was slave workshop at Liss in Stitches..great day learnt lovely applique technique too…

And…been doing lookey like Jackson Pollack with my daughter in the garden..great fun..will put photos up another time results pretty  fab

P.S. to plan London Gallery fix and apply for jobs!!too!

P.P.S.looking forward to workshop with eruth smith to learn about chinese book making and paper folding…….



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