¿Qué artistas hacer todo el día …

… Or….image I’ve been off blog…family stuff going on so haven’t felt much like blogging …but Need to get back in the saddle so  To break myself in gently here’s a typical day in the life…so what DO artists do all day…. well they get up and make packed lunches

Yes of course all my packed lunches are like this…just ask Megan or Carlota…
Hey they don’t even look like this…

whilst nipping outside to spray bits of paper with acid dyes


and add glue and sealing substances to works in progress.. Then they take their son to school after arguing with  their 12 year old going on 19 about suitable school attire.. obviously in dulcet tones… then they attempt to answer emails and texts whilst catching up with the Archers( very important stuff this and integral to the creative process) and planning lessons for tomorrow..whilst also chucking ingredients into several bowls to make Dundee cake image

Do people really do the thing with the fork? Btw if your name is marco this is trifle and the reason there is no Marsala is Megan’s fault….

and tiramisu

for partners birthdays whilst still frantically trying to spray bits of random paper and at the same time also look for zips from fabric land  which have mysteriously disappeared in the chaos that ensued after Spanish student arrived.. and ‘studio’ was up turned upside down and became a bedroom for 12 year old going on 19…. after which they spray more bits of paper and have crisis of confidence  when they think everything they do is crap and try to do meaningful sketchbook time… and panic about open studios they have coming up and and the exhibitions at……where????

then they go to lidl and buy three pizzas for £1.95 which can be customised by children for wholesome evening meal…. collapse into bed with a cup of chai  and scone with jam and cream…purely for medicinal purposes…..this was not at all like Cornelia Parker’s what do artists do all day for channel 4 … funny that……

P.S. Glastonbury was fab…wouldn’t go as a punter but working it was fab and loved the opportunity to do Glastonbury tapas with Glastonbury girl …..it never ceases to amaze me how many fantastic amazing people there are out there doing amazing things….

image image image

P.P.S.Eastleigh was great,  but sad that the college is not doing as many courses as it was… Some lovely work on show.


P.P.P.S. looking forward to first meeting of Embroiderers guild on pilot for stitching in schools

P.P.P.P. S. Thank you for letting me picnic in your house Sarah.


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