Orange is the new red…

Fashion Embroidery & Stitch

Been busy this week. Packing all my stuff up for exhibition at the NEC next week.   Check out the website to see what’s on.  Am exhibiting with the Eastleigh College stand….which is a showcase of our Graduate Show 2014.  I will be there Saturday and Sunday.  (  Done a few extra pictures. No boxes…you’ll be glad to know! Most still on show at Southampton till the end of March.  I might take a couple with me when I go up at the weekend with you Sarah. Have been experimenting using some gold work techniques. Want to develop further.  Otherwise some of my pictures and books will be there.

Bosch. Think this one is the most successful. Now need to work out why!
image I think the Bosch. …the top one is the most successful. Now I just need to need to work out why!

.image Photos not great. Note to self remember to photograph before framing.

Next did some printing.  These bits were supposed to be scarlet. I love the Orange!  Hence the orange my red?…or am I digressing again?

Oops comes out backwards…if you use the wrong piece of paper

Bit disappointed as my screen printing session got postponed..scaffolding needed to be built …don’t ask!…hopefully will get to do next week… but needed to make the most of being at uni so madly used the heat press and did I little bit of screening on a borrowed screen. (not my work so didn’t seem right to add a photo here. )   Love the orange – it  was supposed to be red (yes! also don’t ask!).  Started to go off on a totally different track and yearned to have everything orange instead of red…then reigned myself in. These next few weeks are all about being focussed..I think! Red silk is on order and on its way!!! Perhaps orange can be my red for next year?  imageimageimageimage

Two sessions of life drawing and tried to do something different…

Ink..really hard to do when drawing from work at copies at home..
Ink..really hard to do when drawing from work at copies at home..
Really small heavy heavy charcoal
Really small heavy heavy charcoal
Why do hands end up looking like bananas? Answers on a postcard please!
This is my favourite.. Barry


Not Barry
Not Barry

..before heading back to charcoal..sorry Barry…. I do try to be experimental sometimes..honest! I just love charcoal  and it makes me draw big! Which is what I want.

Hey I look like I am floating in the air or doing some kind of weird leg push up cos the duffs who drew me forgot to put in the stool
Hey I look like I am floating in the air or doing some kind of weird leg push up cos the dufus who drew me forgot to put in the stool

Received my silk… more on way from Japan!.  Going to practice screening before brave enough to have a go on the real stuff. Have actually worked out how I’m going to piece my coat together! Thank you Lyn oh wise one…need to buy some cheap stuff for a mock up first. Still got a massive to do list….. but a plan to go forward. Exhibition only x weeks away! (The x is there cause I am in denial not because I don’t know!)  Crikey! Shame I’ve got to work too!

And finally, just as an aside, cos it’s quite amusing, especally for you Sarah… I decided that I would try to make science more interesting by getting kids to make books out of envelopes for  ‘planets’ work…ala Zoe’s workshop ( hi Zoe..nicking your ideas!)…any excuse to use webbing spray….warning do not try when it’s just you and thirty 8 year olds! As the words ‘this really isn’t difficult’ popped out of my mouth about 20 children proved me SO wrong… really would not believe how many different ways there are to actually stick envelopes together! Great Tuesday…

Next task to work on a personal statement… when I haven’t made my mind up on my final selection. I  reserve the right to change right up until the last minute! Ask Luisa!

P.S. See you a week on Saturday Sarah. I will bring photographic evidence of 30 books…

P.P.S.  Can’t believe this all been done since Sunday!

Crisis of confidence

Shy Girl - Copy

We all go through it and I’ve been having my own over the last week or so which is why I couldn’t blog,…thank goodness I hear you say (ha!ha!)  well I’m back all because some good things have been happening…

1. Got some work accepted in to the Oxmarket in Chichester.  (Sue will be pleased to know that I am causing confusion at Chichester now too by using my real name here!! (Dowdeswell- Sill -Sill -Dowdeswell)  The exhibition has now finished.  Blink and you missed it but I was there!  It was a great space.  Three of my boxes and a couple of pictures.  Was nice to use the boxes in a different way and interesting to see them in a Fine Art setting.

Fake it 'till..image

2. I had a tutorial at college and have decided I have got lots of ideas but I need to start making for the exhibition on May!!!  You need to go forward and not backwards.  Still in a bit of a quandary about all that but I’m getting there.  Have got too much stuff going on in my head but whilst researching all things red and madder  have found a great story about a man called Ribbi…watch this space!

3.  Made my first frame.  Very PROUD!! No pictures to upload as left my precious iPad in doors today…see post Feb 4.

3. Was totally thinking about jacking the whole thing in…the course not the art… but went to my other exhibition at Southampton Art Gallery…more boxes.  Evidently a lady had come in and said that she didn’t really ‘get’ art ….but she really like my boxes…they were her favourite and she didn’t realise art could be like that.  Now I suppose there are two ways to look a this….but I reckon if  she liked it then that’s great!!  Will keep plodding on at least for the time being.

Talking about my work and the reason behind it to a receptive audience and meeting the other artists there was a great re -energiser.  The exhibition is being run by a really great group of women  who are really starting to do things with female art in the Southampton area.  Raise the profile and get people networking and talking about women’s issues in a really positive way.  Really inspiring.  Do go along and see it of you can.  On till the end of March though sadly not advertised on the Gallery website.  There are other things going on around Southampton which are connected see for  further info.  Oh, I also listened to the Louise Bourgeois talk while there.  Also v.v. good!


4. Went to this woman’s exhibition on the Wirral.  Rachel Howard.  Redwork.  Great!

Image result for rachel howard artistImage result for rachel howard artist

Off to do some screen printing!

P.S. See you in Birmingham Sarah!

P.S. And make some more frames!

art is cheap

or in other words my way of ‘doing’ art on the cheap and pack it in to get vfm from a day trip to London.!!!

newsflash:   Bit of a hiccup with exhibition delay in opening at Southampton Art Gallery….but I think the boxes should be on display now……


please see for details of this and other events taking place around the city this month to celebrate International Women’s Day (free)

Monday… day ended with my private view of the Marlene  Dumas exhibition at the Tate and the photography exhibition on conflict based on slaughter house five ( I got in cheap!)  Truely fantastic.   I love what she does and what she says.  Real narrative to her work.  Love the way she uses found images and  the way she talks about her work…. it is all captioned in her own arty bollo*ks here just real speak.  I have a ticket for her talk in April. (cheap) Can’t wait. Including some images twice on purpose..ok it’s my blog!

Image result for marlene dumasImage result for marlene dumasImage result for marlene dumas

Image result for marlene dumasImage result for marlene dumasImage result for marlene dumas the day started off well….past the ‘totally over priced i’m not paying 25 quid to go up that even though i want to Shard’

Image result for the shard and on into my heavily discounted admission (national trust/student card) to the old operating theatre…lots of source material here… am continuing with my body narrative… listened to really fascinating lecture on the ‘birth’ of the surgeon(free). Learned lots. Very glad morphine readily available when I had my op on my back!


Image result for the old operating theatreImage result for the old operating theatreImage result for the old operating theatreImage result for the old operating theatreImage result for the old operating theatre

some great images that I will purloin, love the chatelaine…..every woman should still have one!

Swift walk (free!) down the Thames to the Courtald at Somerset House

I went to see the the newly finished Gilbert and Ildiko Butler Drawings Gallery which showcases the incredible breadth of the Courtauld’s collection and it truly was amazing!  This was my favourite and I couldn’t stop looking at it.  I even tried to draw it until this woman came up to me and stood so close and hrumphed and tried to get in front of me that I had to leave..obviously she didn’t appreciate an artist in the making…did Reuben’s have this problem? Ok ok he’s probably a bit better then me……and well it is a public art gallery and  I did get in free..(thank you student card!) It reminded me that I haven’t drawn in a gallery for ages, just been note  taking on the last few visits and I need to get back into the groove.  Hoping to visit the Walker and Williamson next week in Liverpool so watch this space. (also free!)

Gilbert and Ildiko Butler Drawings Gallery, Courtauld Gallery, London
15 January – 29 March 2015

And of course you can’t go to the Courtauld with out pouring over their permanent collection here’s some edited highlights


Image result for courtauld galleryImage result for courtauld galleryImage result for courtauld galleryImage result for courtauld galleryImage result for courtauld gallery

The Gauguin never fails to amaze me with its light. I am not a painter and would love to know how he did it! Answers on a postcard please!! (One of his paintings has just sold for a cool 3!) I do have some more pictures on my lovely new phone but I can work out how to get them off said phone on to my day I will understand Bluetooth but not yet! (Actually probably never) I need a teenager! Hurry up M!

This is not from anywhere I saw but the church under the old operating theatre had some picassoesque images on cushions which were great and I saw this and it reminded me of them even though its homage a Matisse so  I am sorry an unknown artist who came up when I was researching Kees Van Dongen but I cant find you anywhere now!!! Image result for kees van dongen portraits at the courtauld

Everonward I went – and back up past St Pauls and over the Wobbly Bridge then to Dumas and the Conflict Exhibition…severe sciatica and my pereneous longus is killing me (very free!) but it was worth it!!!

PS I nearly finished Strangeland on the train..(Amazon 1p)

PS….and finally on Friday to the Coastguard Studio in Southsea (free private view )…going to actually meet my dog sighs…watch this space!

PPS can I just say Nokia 725 with a free fit bit! Whoopee!

PPPS I will email you Sarah!

Louise made me do it
Louise made me do it


this rather reminds me of the rhino in last weeks post..perhaps it was an omen?

and a broken ipad…why is it that I also try to do twenty million things at once and consequently nothing particularly well? Demoiselles     Last week started off bad, the on-going ‘which phone contract do I go for dilemma’ is getting totally in the way of any artistic creativity.  I am blocked by how many minutes and megawotists do I need and do I really need a new handset debate.  I know and appreciate that in the great scheme of things this isn’t that big a worry but perleease its stopping me from getting on ..I need to draw for chrisakes!!  Not stress about stupid flippin phones!!!. Anyway I put the big phone dilemma to one side while dying all my current work red….and am currently looking into what happens if I try to do it naturally using madder…  (thank you or maybe no thank you Caroline Bell… the whole natural dye stuff has opened up another new world to me) ….work in progress…anyway I managed to launch my beautiful iPad under the car and the screen smashed into a million pieces..80 quid later and still no iPad…watch this space….. can’t show you the lovely pics of my rather vibrant material…you will have to wait!! And another 180 quid later my Bernina is home so can start drawing on my lovely red fabric… To cut along story short I realise that I do have an unhealthy relationship with my iPad and technology in general  – I have even commandeered my son’s tablet with which to continue to stress about a phone contract…so not good!! My family hate me at the moment as I am a phone bore.  Starting to widen the circle of people to annoy so will soon be persona non grata at work …I need to get back to my sketchbooks….

I have been doing some creative stuff …apart from reading about madder and dying everthing red..and I bought a fantastic book in a charity shop all about Velasquez… last week I found out that I had been selected to put some work into an exhibition to celebrate International Women’s Day.  The female is to be celebrated at arts venues across  Southampton throughout February and into March with exhibitions being  co-ordinated by the arts co-operative CAKE.   I will be showing some of my work at the City Art Gallery from February 7 until March 14.  I will also be showing work at METTRICKS – Tea and Coffee House at the end of the month…117 High Street, The French Quarter, Old Town, Southampton SO14 2AA 02380 710583.  Pop along and see the fantastic Louise Bourgeois Exhibition at the City Art Gallery that I told you about in my last post.  It really is fantastic.  The Art House is just over the road and is also worth a look in for a peruse at their eclectic mix of goods for sale and great veggie foods, cake & coffee.

Anyway this is a quick one as I am trying to ween myself off technology and go and do some drawing…. PS…

lets hope so Louise…




Missus masala chai this ones especially for you…countdown is the name of the first programme on channel 4  and I was there…showing all my 39 and three quarter years here….it is also ‘on for me’ and my first year after graduating from Eastleigh…lots been happening this week…

imageStarted off my week at Romsey Abbey to discuss exhibition happening in the autumn – chose my places just need to get on with making for it. Will show some work I already have and be creating some new pieces in response to the Abbey. Beautiful building. Watch this space.

Next I was back at uni for my second semester..great now that I know what that actually means! with my tutor about up and coming exhibition to mark the end of my first year of my final year here. Got results back for my essay only a 2:1 but because there was lots of other family stuff going on at the time of hand in I am not too disappointed ..hey it is what it is! Anyway we have an end of year mini exhibition coming up. Will be April and in the foyer at Art One at Chichester University. All welcome. No pv just rock on up between Monday 20th and Thursday  23rd April. Closes 1pm. There are 5 of us part timers exhibiting in the space. so quite exciting if a little daunting as there isn’t much time between then and now and I’ve got an exhibition at the NEC between now and then. Oh dear!

Marlene Dumas

I’ve booked my pv tickets for Marlene Dumas ..can’t wait 9th feb…v excited!

Foyer Southampton Art Gallery
Foyer Southampton Art Gallery

imageimage imageWent to Southampton yesterday to continue my love affair with all things Bourgeois. Goodness I admire that woman. She can do no wrong in my book. Is there no end to her talents? Fantastic exhibition imageand have come back inspired..going to dye everything red!!! Robert Dyas here I come! Bought the catalogue if anyone is interested in a butchers.

Spent rest of evening watching Jerry Gorovoy interviews. Great stuff!

Place Kurt Jackson
Place Kurt Jackson

Kurt   Jackson also there with an interesting exhibition and the Perseus stuff is always good to look at again – Mr Edward Burne Jones ..but not what floats my boat at the moment.

imageOther news: my poorly Bernina is in resus as we speak and will be winging its way back to Petersfield next week after its enforced stay in the North End  – after I have parted with a sizeable amount of dosh. By the way Missus masala chai the Singer you rescued last year can be made good for around £100. Not sure that I can afford to revive it just yet. My man says its a fab machine, nice and solid and with lots of potential – let me know if you want it back! I might let you have it if you talk to me nicely! Does anyone else want it?
So I’ve ended with loads to add to my do list..more than I crossed off but hey. Lots of ideas and need to keep forming them, been adding to my sketch book.

imageP.S. Been looking at lots of competitions and deciding whether to enter or not and  if I can afford it! Why oh why does everything cost money!!!!!! Oh and managed to squeeze in work too! Just need to anchor the goal post and aim.

PS not mentioning you Sarah cos am seeing you tomorrow!


Desperately seeking Claudia…

well we weren’t really but after a very cultural day out in London we found ourself with this lady on the red carpet! (We start with a German Woman we will end with an Italian Woman..bear with me)


So how did it all happen …well out and about with Glasto Girl, stop one was the ICA and the Bloomberg Contemporaries – some interesting and very memorable  stuff …nothing that totally got me…apart from the sandcastle which was rather fab – the six year old would have loved it too…

Rubbish photo of Jonathan Meir's fab sand castle , it was big!
Rubbish photo of Jonathan Meir’s fab sand castle , it was big!

…..a lot of video stuff which I disliked intensely, great space.  Julie Verhoeven – Whiskers Between My Legs – interesting  (and some great disco music) sound, video and textiles installation….but made me feel very negative, totally get what she’s saying but I prefer the celebration,  I think we get knocked enough..



Then on to see my piece at                                           The Mall Galleries.   What a great space. Have also added exponentially to my learning  curve –   the reason it didn’t actually make it on to the wall at first was I’d put the flippin back on back to front! So a big thank you to Dawn Thorne and her bag of nails and big hammer.  I am now up and I am officially hung in my second London exhibition. Lots of lovely stuff to see at the galleries and I’ve actually sold… a card for three quid ….so not going to be booking my flight to Antigua just yet…

Keep on running...
Keep on running…

Next stop afternoon tea at the National Gallery and on to the National Portrait Gallery to see my mate Grayson’s work….strangely he hasn’t called me about my box yet.



Desperately running out of time we legged it back to the National to try to see The Rokeby Venus cos I want to include it in my next piece.  My favourite thing in the whole world to do is to think of one great painting run in to the National, ask where it is and go straight to it without looking at anything else….(a bit sad but it makes me happy).

the Rokesby Venus Velasquez
the Rokeby Venus Velasquez

Anyway I digress… The Rokeby  Venus  was  attacked by suffragette  Mary Richardson in 1914. (Did you know women weren’t allowed in to the National Gallery afterwards without a man to vouch for their actions and ladies needed to remove their muffs incase  they were hiding knives therein… amazing is that!!! And here endeth the history lesson.)


imageGreat bit about suffragette history-  totally coincidental in the national portrait gallery…all my art work is fate!!!! – Anyway absolutely loved Grayson but sadly the Rokeby Venus is on flippin loan to Belgium or somewehere! So sadly have imageto make do with the iPad version for the time being!! Also no time to see Freud’s gift of Corot’s  ‘Italian Woman’ (having a bit of an ‘anything connected to Freud’ is fab phase) so have included here especially for you in this blog …watch out for her as she will appear with my next pieces along side Venus, the heart and its workings.. don’t ask it’s Y6 biology and it just seems to fit….in keeping with all I am trying to comes from the heart!  Anyway if you are still following this Sarah,  off we meandered to Shaftesbury Ave to see Les Mis which was  great!( I didn’t like the film but the stage show was fab!) and as we traipsed towards Wardour Street we came across a film premiere and that’s how we ended up on the red carpet with Claudia of course!

the Italian Woman
                        the Italian Woman

I love days like this, loads of inspiration, I have had to be surgically removed from my sketch book to write this blog  and it’s taken a while…….another small daliance is that I am also am totally stressing over my new mobile phone contract…..totally boring all the people I know with tariff options and irrelevant hand-set facts – so have to put a phone in my work somewhere.

imageNo finished bits to show but here are some backgrounds that I am going to stitch into and see what happens..still planning to make my ladies into triptych and also to make a coat!! image Oh  and I made a purse and it’s

imageshocking..terrible zip insertion won’t be able to show Lynn..but I love it!!!

P.S. I have got more stuff to say about Romsey Abbey but it will keep for another day.

GG and me....
GG and me….on the red carpet
Col, take that...
Alicia and Col, Take That…also on the red carpet with us…

Of mice and (wo)men…

the best laid plans that is!

Not my drawing but a reminder to ass la/le petit suree to my narrative
Also a reminder to add la/le petit suree to my narrative and my sketch books!

Hello my avid followers, you may recall me  trying to courier something not tres easy well you’ll never guess what? The flipping place was shut when my package arrived hence the title of this blog.  However the lovely chair of the designer crafts promised me to fear not and  assures me there will be someone to take delivery when my work hopefully returns to the gallery on Monday. Meanwhile my piece is floating in courier ether  in Lambeth somewhere and I have not one decent photo of it! New Years resolution /note to self : start to record decent images of work!  (Will let you know what happens tomoro Sarah as I bet you’re dying to know!)IMG_1793-0

By the way Glastonbury girl assures me her daughter is 4 and not 5 which totally explains why my courier experience was a nightmare (?📖!&**) not sure I get this but there you go.

Been helping out with the wonderful Phoenix Juniors and the amazing ladies who run this group have loads of fab ideas! The kids who come along are soo lucky!!!  I of course try out/magpie/nick as soon as I’m home.  Rather fortuitous that I am trying to patch stuff together anyway! Now am going to experiment with drawing into the fabric and also transfer images onto this narrative cloth making continues. This is the start of something that I made from scraps that were thrown away….image

I just want to end this blog by saying happy new year to any one who’s reading, and thank you to everyone who came to see my work this year. Here’s the woman in red her self…sorry for not posting sooner..are you reading me?

Me and the cuz
Me and the cuz

And a special thank you to Flashman and Prosecco Girl  who did actually make it out of Weatherspoons to see my work…which was no mean feat Weatherspoons in Harrogate is actually rather lovely!…..sorry J you’re going to kill me for posting this but no one reads my blog so don’t worry!

Meanwhile been busy in my  kitchen… I mean my studio …thought I’d trial a free month of Netflix so whilst the children were occupied …I have been trying to create….see what I mean about the photos?


imageroom 6 news:  Rozanne Hawksley has confirmed she will be our speaker on 13th June 2015 . It will be an afternoon talk. Possibly cake involved somewhere too! Details to follow. Soon.

Ps you would not believe me if I told you how many times i kept getting thrown out of WordPress trying to publish this and guess what? Today is now tomoro..I’m off!

It’s never easy …


(no, not being green)………..trying to do anything with a 5 year old and six year old in tow. After several weeks stressing over my book for designer crafts show (starting on the 8th january at the mall galleries.. I will be there on the 17th!) please go!

IMG_1793 I have one picture in the ’25’ exhibition…should be good! …I finally destroyed my original piece and remade it into another book form but one that was more appealing, better and easier to display. Also I love it!
Never happy with first one ..saw it as a stepping stone. Obviously I want it to sell cos I’ve run out of cartridge paper and need more supplies….. but it won’t be disastrous if it doesn’t cos it looks rather lovely in its gorg perspex frame…sure I can find a home for it…..IMG_1911 Anyhoo after getting that all right and several weeks stressing over how to get it there…der…

imagethat’s the way to do it.. off we all toddle to the 5 year old sleepover guest and the 6 year old permanent resident…fill out the DHL forms….no mean feat when you’ve forgotten your glasses and are trying to keep the 5 year  old and 6 year old in sight lines…reminiscent of herding cats…end up buying several other small items as said 5 year old and 6 year old keep looking at me with bambi eyes…we are now the proud owners of a sound machine..actually it’s quite appealing more so then the numerous soft toys that were waved under my nose, felt pens  and a rather nice set of false moustaches..yes Glastonbury Girl, (GG) your daughter just told me she had to have them!!! Please! …meanwhile the woman behind the counter is not particularly impressed by chaos being caused at half eight in their otherwise quiet shop…anyway parcel’s the receipt not putting in photo as keep losing the blog!

then so does the 6 year old …..straight down the flight of stairs clutching his laughing machine and me down after him… I manage to wrench my shoulder trying not to follow and also stopping him from rolling down the whole flipping lot…5 year  old not involved thank goodness! Honest GG!

Emergency first aid
Emergency first aid

Anyway we are now home and breakfasted and patched up. Parcel has gone! Hooray! Just hope it gets displayed! Meanwhile I still haven’t managed to get my machines to A and E ….the place POrtsmouth is open on Monday again. We went down at the start of the hols…6 year old and 11 year old going on 23 in tow via Southsea beach, the Tenth Hole,  Fabricland and Next ( for that essential dad Christmas hat purchase) so we all had a nice day out..despite the machine mender being shut…….
Other good news…my essay is in – I managed to decipher the intricacies of the electronic university hand in process.. not easy ..and afraid not on my own, am bezzie mates with all the staff on the chi uni help desk.. well at least I help keep them busy…oh and then I had to resubmit as I hadn’t referenced all my images….

……other than that I fed nine for Christmas, am making sample materials to make my sample garments with

image and am panicking a lot about all that I haven’t done.

Also I now am the proud owner of

imageThank you Santa x

…and I have been to Harry Potter what the flip is all that about? Sorry just do not get!image…dressed the 6 year old as minion so easier not to loose….

23year old and minion in the very reasonably (not) priced cafe alongside the very reasonably (not!!!) priced gift shop
23year old and minion in the very reasonably (not) priced cafe alongside the very reasonably (not!!!) priced gift shop

PS Sarah sorry this wasn’t last night I got in to my stitching! x

PSS oh and I’ve paid my car tax but not my uni fees ..yet!

PSSS and I have eaten my body weight in chocolate and cheese….xx

PSSSS mad Canadian has given me fab new iPad cover! Feel v v posh!



This is is not the iPad cover..but it could be!

Displacement activity 957

yes, I have got an essay to write but this is so much more fun! (It’s art  honest Jim but not as we know it.)

image imageoh and archers catch up……

oh and ordering Xmas presents…Amazon is a DANGEROUS place.

4000 words later….image Well I have a beautiful Xmas tree and 4000 words of gobledigook…off to refine…..

….and I didn’t get round to taking my machines into intensive care…oops!

My oh my…it’s been a while…

and no I haven’t fallen off the end of the earth since my last post and the end of the k & s. I have been busy!!!!! Honest! Been looking at my silk and my Japanese fabric..a lot! Scared to touch it, it’s so beautiful! But I am going to attack with scissors and machine over the Xmas hols honest..I have an idea..Watch this space….sometimes you just need to





Oh and I’ve been helping out at Phoenix Juniors. I am now an expert at Suffolk puffs and angelina application.


Oh and I’ve been working.

Oh and trying to write a three and a half thousand word essay..scheduled to finish on Wednesday…I hope!

Oh and I’ve been totally panicking about the designer crafts at the Mall…need to work out how to display…I have some ideas.  Very close to cutting up my work and reassembling it? Is that allowed?


Oh and I have been been to see the turner prize nominees…had a fab night. Mind you I’ve got to be honest I don’t think I’m going to win in the next two years. I am rather good at writing arty b**locks, but afraid that my arty b**locks is quite accessible. Arty b**locks at the Turner.. well  I lost the will to live after the first couple of sentences of artists’s statements. Maybe I am just not highbrow enough but I do like people to know what my stuff if about… If they want to of course…maybe that’s where I am going wrong? Anyway I predicted that Duncan Campbell would win. Does that mean some thing? I liked the video and all the work was of an extremely high standard and beautifully presented…from everyone. The print maker was nice too but none of it really got me. ..or blew me away. No Anishes, Antonys or Graysons I’m afraid.  Being a rebel I pinched a comment card. Coming to an art work near me soon.

Been life drawing……all day to day..they look s bit alien like again but at least my man looks like a man..have thrown in the woman from last week too…

image image image image

And got another class this evening. Can’t wait. Byex

ps this is my studio space….I am doing a Diane and taking up as much space as possible to try to not get relegated to the depths below !

imageimagepps oh and I’ve sold some more work.

ppps Oh and just in case you area following this Gary like you say you are..not convinced my but what the hey…left handed…….hint hint!

Left postage...hmmm?
Left postage…hmmm?

pppps and making Christmas cards and going to the aspects gallery in Portsmouth who very kindly provided me with materials to make said Xmas cards whilst the delightful children were graphitting on the walls..they were supposed to be..honest!

imageppppps still haven’t heard from Grayson! Will just have to settle for going to his exhibition at the National Portrait Gallery when I drop my Mall stuff off ..