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download (2)Okay DRUM ROLL PLEASE big news this month is I’ve been awarded artist in residence at Chichester Festival Theatre  and I am rather excited about it TO SAY THE LEAST!!!!!  As well as getting to meet lots of great people and be inspired by this wonderful theatre to produce some artwork, I will be based in the props department and get to work on props as well as an indepth look behind the scenes at the theatre over the next three months – another bonus is I get to see lots of great plays.  The work I produce in response to the residency will be exhibited at the theatre to celebrate Festival 2018  in the autumn…..might be some teasers beforehand too.. I haven’t made up my mind yet.….it’s all up to me……Fantastic OR WHAT!!!  I can’t tell you how great it is!!! There is a world of possibilities!! First day is officially next Monday!!!

Meanwhile I sent off some trees for the thread bearing witness project…really pleased how they turned out.   Sorry now pics at picture stuff is driving me mad.. I really can’t work out rhyme or reason of how pictures are saved to my computer..aaargh…

Went to illustrated talk by Gill Clarke, Visiting Professor and Curator at  Otter Gallery, University of Chichester on Women in the Land Army at Petersfield library  – of interest as I have just started to work on my medal and heart for 100 hearts exhibition with the Embroiderer’s Guild – Exhibition later in the Year.

I also attended a conference on the People of the Heath – the dig has now drawn to a close for the present but there is a book, art work and exhibitions in the offing – watch this space.


Heath Instagram

Liverpool delivered again with a great exhibition at the Walker Gallery Singh Twins. Loved it!!!

Image result for singh twins

Singh Twins   – Indigo the Colour Of India

I have also been popping in to Pallant House   in Chichester when I can.. I enjoyed the Delonghi room which is currently showing work by textile designer Sheila Bownas (1925—2007), a supplier to Liberty London and Marks & Spencer who remained relatively unknown until an archive of her work surfaced recently at auction. Her colourful patterns capture the optimism of the post-war era.  One of the many textile designers…female unsung and unrecognised.  Interesting that such an influential art form does not celebrate the mainly female designers – funny that????

Sheila Bownas, SB159, circa 1950-59|

Sheila Bownas

I also enjoyed the work of  British painter Leonard Rosoman RA (1913 – 2012)  –  ‘A Patriot for Me’ –  John Osbourne’s play – is seen  in a series of works not shown together since the 1970s. This is the first museum show of Rosoman’s work for over 30 years.  Loved it!!!

Image result for leonard rosoman

Leonard Rosoman, Portrait with Candelabra: George Devine as Baron von Epp, 1968, Acrylic on canvas, 101.2 x 76.2 cm,

Lots of childcare over Easter. As well as too many Easter eggs but managed to fit in lots of sneaky studio time too….handy having it in the garden as I can disappear at regular intervals and just keep running back up to the house to provide snacks and sustenance  at the required times. Well when I remember!!!OOPS!   Works in progress….


Did a life drawing class too………


and so finally  ….the month  ended with a taste of textiles for Liss in Stiches on Saturday……where I ran a workshop on Kantha Stitching ..very similar to Sashiko, and also, I learned,Durham Quilting. Isn’t it great how these stitching traditions all over the world are integrally linked.. I really like the simple-ness of the running stitch and have been experimenting in my own work with it…..I met some really interesting people.. I love the power of hand stitching bringing people together…it has a real qualities when it draws people together and you have many interesting conversations.. .. I learnt about my little pony!!!  don’t ask!!)  Kerala in India and Cat stitches – evidently they are BAD!!!


Meanwhile at Liss is Stiches we had an amzing  morsebagging evening!  we made about 80 count at ext months meeting.  It was a really enjoyable evening ….definitely need more machines if I’m going to run a sweat shop……20180227_104859

PS Really looking forward to Brockenhurst Fiesta this weekend …hope to see you there..I will be upstairs showing some of my latest work (and staying with you Sarah…..!) off to finalise my packing as I’m flat out for the rest of the week..see you there…

PPS Over and out……..

PPPS noel and me… have to click this..I thought it was funny anyway!!haven’t worked out how to negotiate back tot his page though so of it works your have to log back into my site..not good!!! .which is why i have put it at the end!! BYE!  this is why I am doing a website course at University!  Its really hard!!!


Magnificent 7


Well it’s been seven months since I started my masters and the months have been rather magnificent also I wanted to write this blog mainkly about wahts been happneingin the last  magnificent 7 days……..

Had some great speakers this term one who stands out is Philippa Lawrence.   Principal Lecturer on the BA (hons) Artist, Designer: Maker course at Cardiff School of Art & Design.  Wonderful work on a grand scale… definately worth a look…she’s got an exhibition coming up at Hestecombe House in Somerset..not sure when!   Her work is currently on show at Ruthin Crafts Centre- A Darker Thread,  3rd February – 8th April 2018.  I was lucky enough to have a tutorial with her which was extremely helpful.   Her trees are amazing but shes about much more…..Image result for philippa lawrence

Also did a great workshop with Amanda Cobbett  AKA the mushroom lady.  Yes they are fabric!!Check out her website Anyway I made this little beauty…. she showed us how to make the body and I didn’t see the point of making something realistic. She does it so well so I went for more is more…..

Image result for amandacobbett images

The body is a perfect scale replica of a Greenfinch…honest!!!


Love the technique and would like to adapt it to make more 3d objects….

I’ve been working on developing another body of work and am trying to push into 3d….. lots of potential here and I need to keep making and drawing…my sketch book is coming along nicely.. I do love drawing… I need to be more regimented about how often I am drawing though. Every day would be pure luxury.  I’ve been making some more books too….

I also attended a conference for Hampshire Art Teachers at Southampton Art Gallery … as one of the speakers I was talking about my experience as an artist and a teacher as well as the Campaign for Creativity and the Embroiderers Guild’s World’s Longest Embroidery for Schools. I also managed to display my work in the gallery and do two great workshops…busy day but great!!!  The first workshop was with Kwame from  African Activities.  An amazing company which does a wealth of different African themed workshops ….look at the website…its mind boggling what they offer!   We did printing on to cloth…strangely I loved this!!! Great fun… loved the stories behind all the symbolism of the Ghanaian stamps we were using on simple cloth…especially loved the way Kwame ‘read’ our cloths once printed and made them into a life story…brilliant.

The next one was with Vanessa Stone a paper artist.  Great activity based  using papers to make designs inspired by the the current exhibiton Roger Mayne and St. Ives: A Defining Moment  Currently at Southampton Art Gallery 13 Jan 2018 – 12 May 2018

We worked in the gallery next to the exhibition which was a real privilege…. I’ll definitely taking mine on and turning it into something textile…as well as exploring with children in workshops at school.

I am also in the process of co-ordinating an installation for Art Shop 2018 in Petersfield and am working with a group of year 6 children who will be installing work at One Tree Books in Petersfield from in April 2018.  Lots of shops in around Lavant Street taking part. Look out for the work!

Then I spent a day tappy lapping from the Tate Britain to Tate Modern.  The What makes us Human.  Wonderful – as well as fantastic work by Bacon and Freud and Kossof.  I particularly liked DE Souza…ahdnt seen his work before.  I need to look at more…. and I time spent wandering around the permanent collection.  Lots of new artists to research!!! Need more time!!!!

Next on to Matisse and Picasso at the Tate Modern.  Loved the virtual reality experience in the Matisse. I can now say I’ve been to his studio in Paris circa 1915…FAB.  And then one of my favourite artists Picasso. I know I shouldn’t like him because he was such a misogynist BUT……I love his work…. fantastic…amazing show. Made me think about the definite advantages of working with one image and doing it again and again in different ways.  Loved it.   Selfish narcissistic, ……,,hmmm……

Looking forward to another trip to the Tate and the Walker next week when I head off to Liverpool for half term.

When I return I’ll be running a workshop at the Taste of Textiles Day on Saturday 14th April at LisS in Stitches at the Community Centre in Liss.  I will be teaching a workshop on the wonderful art of Kantha Stitching……come along any try a stitch taster for just £ absolute bargain…lots of different things to try.

Rights off to do more printing… I’ve just re-kindled a love for monoprinting.. and painting…….and I spent yesterday clearing my studio out…it’s a joy to behold!

head chatter 4

head chatter

As always it’s a bit of a balancing act trying to keep all the plates spinning while continuing to develop my art practice.. but it is a joy.. I am just re-looking at one of my chairs which I have decided I need to sell to make room for more……..ART!  Fingers crossed and hope to see you at Taste of Textiles day  Saturday 14th April 10 til 4pm

Speak soon


and here’s one I made earlier……

Hi di hi campers.. I’m having real problems to remember to blog..must be an age thing…I keep writing them and then not publishing..which is not great if your trying to keep up a blog…however I’ve been stressing about it too much… so as they say on Blue Peter..if they still do that is…here’s one I made earlier… .. I hope it will be of there’s some great info in it……I’m also creating a new website at uni which is very exciting …watch out for the changes!

I was recently asked by the Embroiderers Guild to be involved in a working group to promote stitch in schools and also promote the Campaign for Creativity.  As a result I went along to the Knitting and Stitching Show in London’s Alexandra Palace to help ‘woman’ the Campaign’s Stand and raise awareness about its’ aims.   People visiting the stand could come along and sew their names on to a textile petition and hear more about it.The Campaign for Creativity is an initiative organised and promoted by Twisted Thread and supported by the Embroiderers’ Guild.  Its’ aims are to help provide more and better opportunities at school for children to be creative and to think creatively and believes that the rigid nature of the national curriculum does not provide enough opportunity or time for children to express themselves creatively and artistically.  There are many good reasons to support this campaign, it involves a petition which needs 100,000  signatures in order to trigger a debate in Parliament which could potentially effect real change.  There are around 5000 signatures on the petition to date – so there is a long way still to go!! Let’s help create the debate.  If you haven’t signed up yet, then please do! You could  embroider your name on to small pieces of calico and send it into the Campaign to be attached to the textile ‘stitch-tition’.  This is the visual side of the petition – the one where your signature counts towards the 100,000 needed, is on line.  Please go to… and sign up!  The ‘stitch-tition’ that was started at the Knitting and Stitching Show 2017 will go on display at the Spring Knitting and Stitching Show 2018 at Olympia.

I also want to mention here  Morsbags – I met Claire Morseman whilst I was at the great British Sewing Bee  – now there’s something  worth knowing about…I cant tell you how amazing I think this project is..again free or cheap to take part in and makes you feel good inside…. google them – an environmental cause well worth promoting!  Lets ditch the plastic! Being a skint student I’m always up for things like this!!

thread bearing witness..stitch a tree

Another thing I’m loving is the Alice Kettle project  Thread Bearing Witness to raise the plight of displaced people.  Get involved!  You’ve got ’til April to stitch a tree..  its easy, enjoyable, for a good cause and will be great to be involved in a national art project which will be displayed in at least two large galleries,the Whitworth in Manchester and Winchester Discovery Centre.

Meanwhile I am continuing my studies and continuing to experience as always a lot of seredipity.    There was fabulous programme on Mexican art on the BBC in December (The Art That Made Mexico) which showed the wonderful Las Posas Gardens which I used as inspirationfor my piece of work in West Dean last summer…it was  followed by a complimentary programme  -Hand Made in Mexico- on the intricate embroidery used to decorate the colourful huipitls worn, made and embroidered by Mexican women. I was really interested in how the women transferred their designs.  Very similar to the prick and pounce method of design transfer used in English embroidery  –  and also of interest as I am currently teaching some workshops using the Japanese technique of Sashiko whose modern day interpretations use a variety of methods to transfer designs across to materials.   Talking of serendipity I was lucky enough to be given a ticket (thank you mad canadian!) for a very special theatre production at the Minerva Theatre in Chichester last month which was about the life and times of surrealist artist Roland Penrose and his wife and partner – war photographer Lee Miller – a truly remarkable woman. The connection is that West Dean holds the archive of some of photographs used in the performance and Edward James was a close friend to Lee Miller and Roland Penrose.  The performance, a one off, was very personal – as it was written and presented by Roland and Lee’s son, Antony.  It was really rather wonderful and I felt uplifted and inspired afterwards.  I am still pursuing themes of feminism and identity in my own work…watch out for a bit of surrealism thrown in for good measure from now on.

Turning the clocks forward….

November has all been about gearing up for an exhibiton at the Physic Garden in Petersfield with the art group I initiated….The Art Group Collective..we aim to show once a year locally……with the aim of getting more art seen in  the community….click for info

physic flyer final

I’ve also been concetrating on new directions for my Masters Degree , … having my mind boggled by philosophers and the philosophy of art..Phenomenology..go on i dare you..look it up..its a mine field…if your dumbfounded i dare you to googgle the muppets and phenomenology…you’ll be singing it for days!!!#andalso been to a Phd symposium on women and art and modernism..actually fantastic….. am continuing exploring how to expand my practice……excuses excuses….. so havent blooged for while so after promising to get back on the bus I am afraid i jumped off again..oops.

…….as well as uni..and work………i’ve been at the Knitting and Stitchng show promoting the  Campaign for Creativity   – click the link to sign the petition to get the goverment looking hard at establishing a creative curriculum ….as well as having a piece in the Page 17 exhibition for the Embroiderers Guild.


and rediscovering all the amazing stitchers of the 1950’s…in a wonderful book by Constance Howard… you can see waht inspired my Page 17 piece…although the book with Page 17 was actually the Women’s history of the word..fab book..taking too long to get through it tho…..20171014_224844

My symposium has also amde me redisciver Georgia O’ Keefe and read Jean Rhys..MARVELLOUS!!! I’ve  aso been doing talks and workshops….and making up samples..which I love doing ..honest..its real chance to play in a very safe environment instead of constantly sticking your head above the parapit..however ;id mangaged to forget how to load pictures on to my blog so this has taken flippin ages and so im going to stop now and hope that i remember how to do it next time..i ve also done a  photoshop and someother adobethingy  work shop at university which was hysterical…no really hysterical……i really didnt have a clue fortunately I had a very patient teacher..not sure i’m much the wiser like but onwards and upwards…..and now im off to do Harvard referencing…..evidently theres an app that does it all for you nowadays called cite me..sounds a bit like..well lets not say what it sound a bit like..i#m sure it wont be exciting me but i hope it helps if i can work out how to use it…..

……….the more you put off doing a blog the harder it is to write one so I am now promising my self to do one a month again.  I of course know my adoring public don’t give two figs and you’ve probably forgotten all about me but it;s good for me…., not stressing though this is it for now and im back on the bus I hope now for good..ding ding…..


signing off..x


Ps well done Sarah for your amazing successes athe Knitting and Sttiching Shows..really amazing !! soooo pleased for you!!x

PPS managed  inspirational visit to the Cass Sculpture behing the scenes to experience the amazing machettes and drawings behind all that amazing sculpture and Eoche Court..marvellous as always!




Pepenadores – BACK ON THE BUS


Well there was a slight intermission after my degree finished .. but as a friend said to me yesterday…… once you’re on the bus dont get here I am again on the art bus, we just had a bit of along stop waiting for a new conductor… that shows my age..all 39 and three quarter years of it…………and now we are trundling forward into/onto wherever….

So whats been happening…….well afer my degree show (I passed by the way)…..I was straight onto an exhibition with Sarah Waters at Rums Eg….Under the Microscope…..IMG-20170617-WA0002 and then at the Petersfield Museum..People of the Heath….. to do with the long term community project I am involved with which is an artist reponse to the archaelogical dig on Petersfield Heath

FullSizeRender (8)

Pot..People of the Heath Exhibition

and then .. I know too many and thens..but I’m a grown up who cares about the rules…..and then I was back to working on my installation with Charlotte Edsell which opens at West Dean’s Chilli Festival today…….Pepenadores.  Super excited about that…..I sort of went off into a little world of my own.. the brief was a response to Edward James’ surrealist sculpture garden in Mexico using recycled materials..(sub text make something for nothing) and I’m always up for a challenge and it was right up my I imagined I was a waste picker..female of course….

and what would I do if I was just using the things around me to create an art installation…inspired by Stephen Turner’s ‘everthing comes from the  the egg’ on at the Aspex Gallery at the moment….we set to work….Charlotte had load of plastic cups and i has a trampoline insert..yes….. well here it is……..IMG-20170809-WA0004

if you’re there use the pathway to go round the back of it..its a good view from there too……

In between times I’ve been inspired by Bedales’ Shakespeare Festival and  ‘As You Like It’ …great to see that one of the girls who used to do Phoenix Juniors was helping out doing the costumes..which were AMAZING!    ..also had a few visits to galleries ..including the superb regency Jane Austen pot by Grayson Perry which is in Winchester Discovery Centre a the moment , went to a talk given by Pat Hunter on the  Henry Moore Tapestries and loved Chris Ofili Weaving Magic….. – great tapestry done by Dovecote Studios in Edinburgh currently at the National Gallery….oh and I’ve visited a few festivals with glastonbury Girl..all the envirionmental art at glasto was great…..and am now off to ITALIA for more inspiration….

Blink and you missed it but I also  did open Studios at Christine Watkin’s Art House for the Romsey Festival at the beginning of July and will be at showing a few things at  Christine’s  Open Studios  later on this month…..currently waiting to see if my funding comes through to start my Masters Degree in September..I’ll keep you posted..oh and Ive been invited to do some handstitiching for the Embroiderers Guild at the Great British Sewing Bee at London Excel in September and will be with the Embroiderer’s Guild at the Knit and Stitch  in October

So I thought I was being a slacker over the summer……this blog is definately a good idea for me……not sure about anyone else…….


PS look forward to seeing your solo show at Ally Pally are the Stones?

PPS Must dash off to West Dean to meet my public… (sub text….. loiter in the bushes and her what they say about it)x


Well blink and you missed it  … many years has it taken me to get here?????…If I look happy I was!! Great preview night thank you to everyone who came and all the great comments.  Highlights were my son..climbing on the chairs…..sshhh don’t tell the tutors, that wasn’t on my risk assessment and hanging his monkey off them… photo of him on him indoors phone not mine!  I quite like this and might build it in..interactive art  … love it!!

Anyway the exhibition is open   ’til Friday so you’ve still time to catch a great show….I wont be here on Thursday and Friday as  I have to teach. I will get all the lovely chairs back to the lovely people who leant me them ASAP! THANK YOU!!!

PS to everyone who wanted to buy my chairs..thank you!….but they need to be returned to their owners!!  However of you would like me to customise a chair you already have or would like me to source one for you and customise it them just email me..I really love doing it!  It was really interesting exploring a different way to display my textile work and drawings.

The whole show is really great… are few sneaky peaks…..


This is not going to be long blog as I’ve got a busy week.  Talk to the Solent Branch of the Embroiderers Guild was great last night even though my ruddy technology had a number of glitches towards the end..I’m better with sewing machine…..and I now need to zoom back to my studio  to finish the last pieces for the Rums Eg Private View next is on for a month for ‘Under the Microscope’…..all welcome to PV  next Tuesday a the gallery !  See you there.

Under the Microscope PV invite

I am also selling and exhibiting with  the Rural Refugee Network……one evening sale at Bordean House, Langrish…..  thats tommorow.  Oh my!!!  A great cause and most of the proceeds go to a really worth while charity with a small percentage going to the artists.

After all that I’m off the relax in Cornwall for week and build my WAH by musing round the the new expanded Tate Modern…and have a little think about what to next…. I have lots of food for thought …..oh and I’m also starting on a joint project for West Dean in the summer……watch this space ……

PS thanks for coming all the way to CHi yesterday Sarah..see you on Monday for our set up

PPS  Off to sit on the front desk again now.  If you do make it tomorrow or Friday really sorry I cant be there!

PPPs follow me on instagram on mycathasniceboots….. Ive got bet on with the teenager that I can get more follwers than she has,..looking unlikely a the mo!!!!!


The Final Count down

Image result for the final countdown

talk about Brexit…what ever happened to Europe…..well exactly!!!!!…..not as good as my quiff….     but hey …….there you go…..PV INVITE EMAIL- no limits - .GIF to insert - DEGREE SHOW 17

Just back from an amazing weekend at the Brockenhurst Fiesta talking to people about my work…I love this show! Hello! if this is your first time to my blog..thank you for talking to me about my work and if you purchased something or not thank you for helping me keep going as an artist ! I had some really amazing and interesting conversations with people.  There is so much creative energy out there it makes you glad to be alive..hopefully this will give me the extra energy I need over the next few weeks. ..and if I said Id email you I’s on my list!!

Only a very quick hello this time to say you’re very welcome  come to my degree show..details above if you are in the area..(there are 33 artists exhibiting .. huge variety of should be good! )   Currently painting my degree space and getting very dusty putting the finishing touches to Orange is the New Gray… and yes I know you spell gray, grey and not Gray!!  You’ll have to ask me about it!

P.S. I’ll also be a the Ashcroft Centre next week at their great Textiles day teaching a Sashiko Workshop in the morning…might see you there!

P.S.S. I’ll see you there Sarah!  Thanks for looking after me this weekend.. It was lovli!

P.S.S.S. Right off to finish some more chairs! x

Back Again…..

so its been a while since I’ve blogged (or not… depending on your perspective) ..but I now want to keep a track on where I am in the lead up to my degree show in expect a blog a week..sorry!!  So ….what have I been doing..well  apart form having an absolutely marvellous studio built in my garden…the big reveal will be soon..still painting ..or rather him in doors still painting…..thank you to the Mad Canadian for donating a lovely table to the cause !!!  Painting that too!

Doing lots of work for my degree show..prevaricating mostly…. but above is the latest  that’s on going on… Orange is the New Grey/Gray…. looking at lots of great artists like Doris Salcedo,  Susan Collis and  Phyllida Barlow..need to get lots of stuff stuck in my sketch book there’s a lot of paper  and sketches in a box at the wont look like this…pretty amazing huh?  This is by Doris Salcedo..I’m using 12…..

Apart from hanging chairs and buying lots of calico to experiment  with I’ve had a great careers advice session with the advisory service at uni..really great for thinking about your cv ad bringing it up to date!! Really helpful!  THANK YOU!  Just got  get on and do my artist statement now..crikey!!

Also went to a great talk ‘women in holly wood’  with Nicolas Smedly at Chichester was whole day event (more ammo for my work too) … I went with Glastonbury Girl and the Proof Reader… are you reading this Ruth?? ….and have you started following me on Instagram yet…. mycathasniceboots!! infact has anyone started following me on instagram?????? Grayson’s only done 1 post and he’s got thousands!!! I’m doing something wrong somewhere……

There are some great related talks planned over the next couple of weeks check out thier website   Chichester Newpark cinema

Anyway I’m not quite battening down the hatches and before the degree show ….  May 12th ….   I will be at

Brockenhurst Needlework Fiesta   

IMG_20170306_194646_815and the following weekend I will be at the the Ashcroft Centre  Fabric Day – a Celebration of Textiles   where I will be teaching a my version of Sashiko ….11.20 am – 12.40 pm… sandwiched in between Nicky Barfoot and Sarah Waters!  I will be exploring this traditional Japanese technique, transferring   patterns to make a  sample to provide the basis for a number of items to complete at home….I’ll give you some ideas!

The day runs from 9.30 till 4.30  and there will be full day of workshops, demonstrations, talks to celebrate the art of and making and working with textiles.  Also Rosemary Hawthorne aka The Knicker Lady will be  giving a talk .   I’ve seen her before and shes great fun and very educational!….so i’m looking forward to seeing her again.

Been making some covered books to sell too…this one uses  some lovely upholstery fabric with Japanese silk….


and last but not least I will be at Rum’s Eg in May

exhibiting with Sarah Waters..we’ve put our heads together and come up with a new show called ‘Under the Microscope’ and its our response to all things  microscopic with a heavy slant on artistic interpretation..the private View is on  23rd May… please come!

PS Great to catch up with you Sarah and good to plan the final traunch (is that a word?) and  get ready for our first two woman show !!!

PS Thanks for the cereal!Image result for cereal in art

PPS Thank you to Worthing Embroiderers’ Guild for inviting me to do a workshop with them ..great fun! Also thanks to Salisbury and Chichester Guilds  …thank you for the lovely warm reception at both venues for my talk .

PPPs Great Talk by Tanya Wood last night at Liss In StitcheS…….ex  member  of Liss in StitcheS and alumni of Chichester Uni.. now teaching at the Royal Academy no less!!! Amazing work!! It was a privilege to listen…

Happy New Bleurghhhhhh

imageThis post started life as ‘lost girl’ around two months ago..and just haven’t been able to get my self past the title….been having a bit of a hiatus with regards to this particular blog and it was feeling like a chain rather than a release…I kept writing it in my head and for some reason have been scared or unable to write it down…anyway I’m ready to take the plunge now… this is a quickie but hopefully I’m back on track to using this as something as useful…I’ve remembered that it’s just for me…and of course you….Sarah…..just need to keep remembering it’s all about me..what’s new there then???? and what I think,..nothing else..FOCUS, focus, FOcus……as I type watching the bio of Francis Bacon…which is flippin’ inspiring….Picasso ..Muybridge…it may take a while to finish this now..the bio is way more interesting than this blog…..Image result for francis bacon landscapesDefinately worth a butchers on the iplayer…

image….right I’m back…..So happy new bleergh …or should the be kung hey fat choi..Been up to lots in the last few months and been being pulled in lots of different directions artistically..(on top of all the general pulling about about that happens in all the other compartments of  life!!!ouch!) so I have been  thinking about loads of stuff and trying to get my head straight about stuff … its a bit of a juggling act..been doing lots of life drawing ..and been experimenting with paper and stitch…. …..

Top of the list I’ve got my degree show coming up and also an exhibition – with Sarah  in Romsey at Rums Eg as wells a a couple of workshops and talks…anyway I feel like I’m getting there…and writing stuff down helps… felt vindicated when I read that Helen Marten who won the Turner said she spent around three months thinking about stuff before she gets crafts people to make stuff…I think I did anyway..or I might have made that bitup….well I haven’t got any one to make my stuff so now I need to get on and make the darned stuff now..good job it’s what I love doing!!!!  Basically my ideas are getting stronger based on the fact that I am hormonal as hell and have been reading the Second Sex…… mad true!!! to tired to explain blog I promise… ….the Female Eunuch is next on my list,…..about time too….this all led to having a bit of a cathartic moment in the Gourmet Burger Company this I bet it’s not everyone that can say that…..

continuing to gather lots of images..just working on how to make and display them….Trump peed me off last week and I loved the image of Munira Ahmed by Shepard Fairey Image result for munira ahmed shepard fairey imageon the front of the Guardian.. so here’s my starter for 10…………………………………………..⇓⇓⇓⇓.image

…its going to be combined with this..and this……


don’t ask!!!

We Are not Furniture..could be the title but I’m not sure may change….

now..dates for your diary….. private view..13th  May..’33’ Fine Art Degree Show…. ..promises to be a great show….  lots of variety in a great space.

Rums Egg..Under the Microscope.…24th May – 24th June we’re in print Sarah… they can’t change their minds….


Art Show fundraiser for the Rural Refugee Network at  Bordean House.…..18th  May 2017………and also not forgetting  The People of the Heath at the Flora Twort ... June  27th….Mays looking a bit busy…..

Image result for opus anglicanum…gutted that missed out on  a place on the Opus Anglicanum stitch work shop a the RSN last week as I had to there’s dedication for you…or stupidity!!!   That really was a bleurrg…am on a cancellation list for the next fingers crossed …….my spirits were raised by listening  a great talk by Kay Ashby at Liss in StitcheS in the evening..very entertaining and lovely work.. I love that group..definitely builds your Wah!

….and as second best….. going to  the Opus Anglicanum exhibition at the V and A before it finishes next week..and will squeeze in a quick visit tothe Serpentine too ..Lucy Raven.. and Zaha Hadid… and and now ..thanks to you Annabel  I want go to the Turner Contemporary in Margate..thanks for that x..BTW I’m not going there tomorrow…2 hours and 17 mins each way..fancy a day trip anyone?

Went to Aspex last week..always good for the soul…it’s got a rather good exhibition on there too..

Displaying 20170121_132545.jpgDisplaying 20170121_132435.jpgDisplaying 20170121_132259.jpg

…finished my sojourn to Pompei with a trip to fabric land for silk supplies and a quick trip to the  cinema with teenager going on 3o year old to see la la land..great colour…fabulous opening sequence…colour, colour,colour…

So……. lots to look forward to…..

Here’s a few things I’m working on for under the microscope..not sure I’m using them yet….will see what happens….

Also doing a workshop in Romsey…making handmade keepsakes in February..and got a talk coming up in Salisbury and another workshop for Worthing EG in March……finished!!!

PS And finally…… finally….. I’m getting studio space..see if you can’t rent it… buy it and do it yourself. .foundations went down last week.. main structure starts on the 13th Feb….its cheaper than moving!!!  We have no back garden any more but hey..who needs grass..I’m sure the children will survive!!!!  Whoops..well it’s too late now!

PPS  Cant wait to catch up Sarah and see how your amazing workshops on your cruise went down…….the pictures looked amazing…I’m coming with you next time…

PPPS……off to la la land to try to decide what to do with my blasted chair..x.

PPPS first time  I published this some of the photos wouldn’t show hopefully its okay now…Though some keep diasappearing on’ll just have to come and the work in the flesh!!!!

Well hello

Just spent several hours updating my site thanks to a very nice lady  at University…who has been helping me figure out word press which is not at all intuative….websites are an anathma to me but I’m hoping it’s looking a bit prettier now.  Its also serving as a bit of a displacement activity for not doing work..I have been making these though….

and doing lots of drawing…… and lazy-copylots of prevaricating…

When I got back from the Knitting and stitching show last month  with the Embroiderer’s Guild -was helping out on their stand – promoting the Guild, the Worlds Longest Embroidery and the Hardhome tapestry…  I read Nicky Barfoot’s post of the Knit and Stitch and thought ah well don’t really need to bother to do a new blog  now as she pretty much said it all!!!    Thanks Nicky! The other thing I did like was the woman who was doing things with taxidermy ..she recycled old taxidermy items and added stitch to them..they looked great.  Great to see Marks and Stitch doing so well…. and also loved the guy opposite – the weaver with the body stuff going on.

Liss in Stitches Exhibition was successful with lots of lovely feedback…….blink and you missed it…

….finding it really hard to keep up with everything but I’m managing to keep getting to my Art History Lectures and working on my ‘pack of cards’ and just seeing what happens.  I’m keeping a sketch book so tending to write lots of things down and draw a  lot and hoping to  block out some time to actually do more making in the near future…been doing hand stitch which is portable too..what do you think Sarah?

Finding that I really need to focus  on what I have done and not on what I haven’t  done …… otherwise it gets quite depressing. So much to fit in!

Just got back from a week in Amsterdam was great..was inspired by Picasso, Tinguely  …. the Rijks Museum and the  Sedeljk.  More than the museums the place is just full of inspiration from the canals and buildings and great Art Galleries for the well heeled client..amazing what art is for sale!!!  Banksy, Klein, Koons,  Hirst as well as  Picasso and Van Dongen….wow!

Image result for image of a beguine woman

also loved the story of the Beguin women and want to include that in my work too…..Beguine**** … the start of the 12th century, some women in  lived alone and devoted themselves to prayer and good works without taking vows. At first there were only a few of them, but in the course of the century, their numbers increased. These women lived in towns, where they attended to the poor. During the 13th century, some of them bought homes that neighbored each other, and finally formal living spaces and some formed a community called a béguinage. Beguinages tended to be located near town centers and were often close to the rivers that provided water for their work in the cloth industry .

Still madly searching for inspiration…went to the Tate on Saturday evening and am now in love with Wilfredo Lam…one of Picasso’s mates..this is his version of my favourites….. Madesmoiselles d’AvignonImage result for wifredo lam the jungle..also liked LouiseBourgeois Artist room..Image result for images of louise bourgeois sewn legs and it was great to see a Leger painting in the flesh…Image result for leger circus image

And  now I am trying to stop going off on a tangent and go back to my mitochondria and under the microscope….. to help me stay focused….. am off to collect some more  images and then draw them ..going to mark up a  grid on my studio wall at uni and see what happens… this space….

PS How are you Sarah? Are you ready for your cruise?  I will email you the book stuff!x Promise!

PPS Helping out at an Amanda Hislop workshop on Saturday..hoping for more inspiration!

PPPS Making stuff for Christine Watkins Art House Open Studios in Romsey first weekend in December. Looks like there’ll be lots of lovely things to look at and buy.

PPPS looking forward to Livvy Stainer’s  private view at the Flora Twort Gallery in Petersfield this’s on for a week….so get there quick!