Well what a half term… I start the week with bad news that I didn’t get a job I went for.. sandwich in between a trip in the new forest camping (really glad I caught up with you too Sarah and you were very polite as I gate -crashed your felter’s day smelling of woodsmoke and looking decidedly the worse for wear..I never sleep properly when I’m camping!) and end it by being an Embroiderers Guild Scholar.

...took a bit of stitching to the Forest just to keep my hand in....
…took a bit of stitching to the Forest just to keep my hand in….

So, I am very proud to announce that I will be the Guild’s first Education Scholar or Educational Scholar…. not quite sure about the title just yet but it’s all very exciting. Can’t quite believe it and really pleased to be involved in what looks like will be a fantastic project. The aim is to get more stitch into schools by providing resources for teachers linked with the national curriculum and to inspire children; make stitch based projects important in schools and raise their profile. It was great to visit Guild House and meet the team there, some of whom I know from last year.  Can I just say I didn’t realise there were so many gated communities in such a small  acreage of rather old Honda was very out of place!!) Got to look at the some of the stitch collection at the Guild…..I still love books tho….even though we think we don’t need them because of the internet..there’s nothing that beats the smell of an old book!…or a new one come to think of it!


There will be an article in the forthcoming edition of Contact magazine explaining more about what is happening re my scholarship and on the Guild’s website.  Bottom line is I will be at the K & S again this year. I’ll be on the Guild’s stand with my new work and answering questions about the new programme for schools.  It is really great to be involved with something so worthwhile and recognised for doing something that I love and I really do appreciate being given this opportunity.

There really were some lovely pieces at the EG to see and the photos I took don’t do them justice… ….Audrey Walker…..Jane Lemon….. Diana Springall …as my photos really don’t capture the beauty of some of the pieces there…. here’s just  a few photos of the children’s work which is on display…imageimage

Oh and I case you thought I abandoned my children, they came too and him indoors took them on a tour of Walton on Thames whilst I pootled around the EG.  I think his experience of

imageWalton ended up being a lot less serene than mine…nuff said!!  He did come in handy when the fourth plinth needed to be howked into the boot of my Honda for its return to Eastleigh College.

We also got to see this fabulous piece that was in the most intricately image imagecarved wooded chest from turn of the Century Hong Kong…the last one that is…

And so, with the fourth plinth  now safely in my boot and heading back to Eastleigh for another outing at the End of Year Show (2nd – 4th July), I sign off.

Well not quite.

P.S.  Went to Graduate Fine Art Degree Show at Chichester University. Hopefully I will be there in a couple of years time!  Few highlights for those of you who didnt make it….head

blue stuff blobs head 2 bodies string symbols

P.P.S. Really looking forward to my felting day with Julia Little tomoro – being organised for the volunteers that help run Phoenix Junior Stitchers in Petersfield.  I will post a  picture of my bag…it wont be quite as ambitious (or as good) as yours Sarah…but I am learning….baby steps! will probably need to be an arty snap of a corner!!!!

P.P.P.S. Can anyone explain to me why every time I check my facebook account even within a few minutes it says a lot has been happening on it since I last logged in…this is a blatant lie!

P.P.P.P.S. And finally if anyone out there is thinking of making their fortune at car boot sales…remember that when you put the key in the ignition as you are paranoid about losing your keys, remember to make sure they are in the definate ‘off’ position as the 25 quid you make on the booty doesn’t come close to covering the £81.95 it costs for a new car battery!


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