Textile Tours Rajasthan 21 Oct -1 Nov 2023

This wonderfully creative textile holiday provides you with the opportunity to experience a small and unique part of the the amazing country of India. Visiting Delhi and Jaipur, this 2 centre holiday features an exciting range of craft and textile art. Everything is organised for you and textile treats (technical term!) are scheduled for every day of the tour. You will have the opportunity to explore fabric, embroidery and block printing unique to Rajasthan. We travel in our own private coach to visit beautiful palaces, marvellous cities, and of course, and experience just some of the fabulous fabrics of this exciting and diverse country.

Visit ….Craft, Sanskriti and Anokhi Museums

Participate in 4 block printing workshops, a Puppet making workshop and Aari Tari workshop….

Rangoli Making. And take a closer look at the indigo dyeing and paper making processes

All this and more …..see a detailed itinerary on the Aahilya website using the link below


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