Instagram for a struggling artist
Instagram for a struggling artist (ISA) 
Manorbier …very beautiful (vb)

Just back from Wales -it’s not Cambodia thread fairy – but it was rather beautiful..spent this morning finishing my foray into acrylic and drawing..been talking to a wonderful painter who is next to my studio space in uni.  She uses acrylic beautifully.. sadly I do not,  but it has inspired me to have a go with other media..really like the way it turned out.   Will be putting it into my studio space tomorrow to finish off my work for my final module at uni before I intermit for a year or so. Just need to take in my sketch books too, all the rest is done..what will be will be….looking forward to seeing what the exhibition space looks like with all the other’s work and happy that I know what I would have put in the space…..

Every cell has a different meaning
Every cell has a different meaning

anyway whilst away….. I wasn’t idle. I did loads of drawing, which was a total luxury and I finished my Sue  Hawkin’s scissor saver.  You didn’t think I would did you Sarah!!!  Not as beautiful as her scissor saver with all my tent stitch going the right ways – its haphazard but I love it. reminds me of a chatelaine which is a bit apt considering all the research I have been doing in that area.

Tah dah!!!
Tah dah!!!
Check me out I can do bullion stitch !

Also spent a lot of time shisha mirror attaching. Why I hear you ask? When I bought some silk it came with a beautiful scarf with glued in mirrors …so courtesy of Mr Finch I tapped into and learnt how  to shisha courtesy of u-tube and Tenby library. Only another 160 to go…

Just about doable on the beach whilst keeping one eye on the children…


Shisha a la me...
Shisha a la me…

Back to my ISA and why I need a studio which is uppermost in my mind at the moment ..painting on the floor whilst watching Britain’s got talent’ or at my kitchen not necessarily  condusive to the production of fine art …however it does make one rather inventive….I am open  to sharing with my seven year old …constructing Lego ninjago at the other end of my kitchen table .. fortunately it’s large  – the cat walking over wet acrylic and changing my design, – attaching my picture to the wall with masking tape to see if it looks right – it falls mercy to the wind ….the picture not the cat…. and blows it off the wall onto the sofa depositing acrylic paint all over the sofa and the cushions to whit I then spend rather long time trying to remove the acrylic from said sofa and cushions and not being very artistic at all. However you do end up with a running commentary and feedback on everything you do and inbuilt quirkiness. So there are some pluses.

Fine cell work?

So in my bid for my studio fund and my first million I have started my dressmaking class with Lyn Onions. I am currently making purses and bags soon to be followed by copying Alison Hulme’s dress.

image  Will this lead to  paying off my uni fees and first million ? Who knows …perhaps not …but its rather fun and very enjoyable. Maybe one day I will get my 4ft wide concrete staircase and mirrored ceiling watch out VB….I have a business name and everything!!!

VB's flagship store.. I want the chains....
VB’s flagship store.. I want the chains….

P.S. hope too see you this week Sarah

P.P. S. When are you up for the McQueen exhib?

P. P.P.S. My screens have arrived!! Exciting! What will I burn into them?image


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