Desperately seeking…


Still looking for my Susan ..i.e. for the elusive thing that I can sell for small amounts of cash to keep me afloat and being an artist.(when is that supposed to happen?) just happily being creative at the moment….cant quite believe it’s a week since Brockenhurst …..A lovely two days showing my work and demonstrating paper manipulation techniques and book making. It’s amazing what a conversation starter putting a can of Felippo Berio on my table was ! Thank you to everyone who said nice things about my work …lots of interest in talks and work shops so that’s great! Also sold one of my little sculptures. So pleased! Hope it gives you as much pleasure as I had making it!

imageAlso Ralph AKA The  GOM. has gone to a good home!

imageGood luck to Worthing Young Embroiderers’ …Happy book making and email me your results will be great to see what you come up with! Been making more books this week …..


also been working on developing hand stitch workshops as well as work for the rural refugee network art sale on June 15th as well not to mention Open Studios in August…..

imageCheck out their website ..rural-refugee-network

Didnt get much time to look around BRock .. Obligatory stop at art van go …goes without saying …..but it was fab! Lots of lovely stand there. The ladies who organise it are amazing!!! Thank you for having me. Great to talk textiles non stop for two whole days. Head buzzing with ideas!! It really is a lovely show.

Also extremely pleased with my Alison Hulme pinnie!! I’ve been trying to buy one now for the last two years but can never make my mind up,about a colour…. Got A to choose for me…very pleased!! Thank you! Can I just say the pockets are beautiful!!

still practising my Instagram technique.. Not good !!! I think your supposed to do more of a blue steel and plaster yourself with make up first ah well never mind!! Pinnie looks good….

also been making these…trying to revisit stuff and ideas I already have  and develop them further….

Really interesting art talk at local art society this week.. Always good to hear about other peoples influences…..reminded me how much I love Edward Bawden and Eric Ravillious!

Just putting finishing touches to my presentation for the Embroiderers Guild AGM  next Saturday….and looking forward to the chi art dept degree show next week

P.S Thank you for looking after me Sarah at Brockenhurst. Everything was perfect!! Hope your bee making workshop went well on the Sunday!!

P.P.S just back from teenage shopping trip on Oxford street… All I can say is thank goodness for the mad Canadian and a posh cake and coffee shop which provided necessary sustinance to keep me going and re-establish my sanity.. Urban outfitters is not a good place for me!!! Fenwicks however was ……Lancôme lady said she thought I looked like an artist… Which one said I….????


i am not a quilter…


Well what an amazing month. Birmingham NEC was fab. Travel up with the Mad Canadian and Mrs Masala chai was great and it was win win win..they had a great day doing loads of stitchy things at the show and I has a fab time talking about my work and spending too much money on supplies….including a plethora of plastic bags (don’t ask) and am happy to say I am now the proud owner of an original Caroline Bell and an original Alison Hulme. The day was great and as always I left the show on a high. Am back into making books big time and have started using imagery from grays anatomy work in them…watch this space…

Note to self must remember to take lemon cake to every show!Managed to get a great write up in the Petersfield post about the Hardhome Embroidery. Not responsible for the byline!! They usually ignore me….Chinese whispers should mean that before long It’ll be like I’m in the Game of Thrones…..

Sideways for a reason….










Since then I’ve been madly making for  Brockenhurst Needlework Fiesta….just over a week away where I’ll be demonstrating upstairs …making books, brooches and hand stitching…..

Please come and say hello. Staying with the lovely Sarah Waters so I haven’t got far to travel. I ve been making lots of books… Still doing lots of grey stuff but playing about with colour too.


imageAnd yesterday well it was  fab! I taught a workshop at the Ashcroft Centre in Fareham at their fabric day. It was great….my class was fully booked and we did my version of crazy patchwork ….think the ladies were a bit worried when my opening gambit to my ‘textures of quilting workshop’  was’ hi my name is Helen and I am not a quilter’… But think I pulled it back!  There is something about the randomness  and ‘more is more’ with crazy patchwork/quilts that I love. …. anyone who knows me, knows I am far from an exact person…and I am definitely not a quilter.  There is nothing more satisfy thing than bringing  together lots of old bits of material cutting them up joining them back together to make something new and beautiful that just sings!… Fitted with the theme of CAROL PARKER’s VISIBLE MENDING project – which was also at the Ashcroft …REPAIR  – A participative postcard exhibition  about visibly mending items when her allotment shed was broken into and she had to patch it up with whatever materials she could find.

“The idea was to alter a postcard in some way…tear a small hole, scratch the surface etc then repair it…”

The postcards are accompanied by an embroidered map which is added to at each place on the journey from Lincolnshire and back. … Check out her word press site

Missed Nicky Barfoot’s talk and class I was teaching  my class  but there was a lovely lady who spent time later in the afternoon showing me how to knit a cord and it took me a bit to work out that she’d learnt the technique at Nicky’s workshop.. I am a bit slow on the up take sometimes!!!!! !! So thanks Nicky I have bought some wool and these strange things.. Wish me luck!!!!

Loved Alison Hulme’s workshop which I had the privilege to witness as I was cutting up oblongs of bondaweb in the same room … … the things you do in the name of art…and was itching to have a gond I listened to Caroline Bell’s talk about how she ended being the amazing Eco dyer that she is. I love the colour and the stitch!!!  Anne Moore was there too as were her amazing beach huts….Paint The Town .. Really liked the way she had set out her stall. Magic!  Wendy Fleckner was there too so it was a bit like an Eastleigh reunion!!

Jennie Rayment, pictured in her sewing studio in EmsworthBefore I left I managed to sneak into Jenny Rayment’s talk and let me tell you that lady   should  be doing stand up… So glad I got to listen to her. Her next book is evidently a hundred ways with a bathroom scrunching thingy!! Loses a lot in translation. Haven’t laughed so much in ages!!NB couldn’t find a photo of her as a bunny girl??

I am teaching another class at the Ashcroft Centre on   June 14th . Really looking forward to it! I’ll be making hand stitched keep sakes. Hoping it gets fully booked too!

Click the link to book
We will create a hand stitched keepsake to, and I quote ‘ remind you of a treasured moment or person’. . And so back to now……

Brockenhurst  weekend after next  and then I’m off to give my scholar speech at the Embroiderer’s Guild AGM in Manchester    Phew. I will need a long rest after all that lot or at the very least a large gin.

P.S. Worthing Embroiders Guild were fab and am going to do a workshop there  next year.

P.P.S. also went to Petworth House which as great. They’ve got a great Capability Brown exhibition there of guild members work. Lovely pieces.

P.P.P.S. I forgive you Sarah for double booking and not being able to see me this week…I pinky promise I will never feed you cereal for lunch ever again X

P.P.P.S do I get an extra prize for being home alone with the kids for the last two weeks whilst all this has been going on? Guess not hey!

Rites of Spring… Birth…..

Remember that thing I wasn’t allowed to talk about a couple of blogs ago? Well I am now…… I recently did some work for the Embroiderers’ Guild to do with a launch of the new chapter of HBO s Game of Thrones and my contribution was a heraldic shield … blink and you’ll miss it…my bit is very small…. but here’s the proof I actually did it!!!! It was great fun to be part of something so big. We were allowed to do what we wanted as long as we followed the drawing and stayed in the colour scheme. The picture above shows a White Walker, a bit from my my sketch book and a copy of the original piece… …basically me trying to work out what on earth to do. I didn’t panic at all ..honest…was totally cool calm and collected about the whole thing…… a lot of procrastination was involved and lots of u-tube videos on crewel work!! Still trying to get hold of a picture of the final piece I have no idea what it looks like!!!.., it should be on social media later today..tune in for more later….or check out the .Embroiderers’ Guild Facebook page for more pictures of beautiful work submitted……gorgeous aren’t they!! I did not do these!!!!!!!

The first opportunity to see the complete “Hardhome Embroidery” created for HBO Game of Thrones Series 5 boxset launch will be from 10am on Friday 18th March until 6pm on Saturday 19th March 2016 at the Crossing Gallery, Central St Martins, 1 Granary Square, London N1C 4AA. It’s free too!!!

Gutted that I won’t be able to get there! Am in Worthing on Saturday giving a talk to the Embroiderers’ Guild and on Sunday I head up to Birmingham to stand by my exhibits!!! The Embroiderer’s Guild are currently in talks with HBO to arrange a travelling show so perhaps I’ll get to see it then?

(The Embroiderers’ Guild led the design and production of the piece and invited stitch partners The Royal School of Needlework, Hand & Lock and Fine Cell Work to participate.)

any way .isn’t it funny how everything I’ve done this year so far is touched with grey???? What colour will I be next year? Exciting!! Or not!!!!


So ever onwards Brum here I come…… Please come and say hello if you are visiting the ICHF show. I am exhibiting with Room6 textile group. My bit is called Gray’s Anatomy.

I gave birth to the last of my bodies- Gray’s Anatomy- geddit- I do like artistic interpretation… Ralph ….last Wednesday.. Here he is…


He’s from a drawing I did of a self portrait of Ralph Steadman at the Winchester discovery centre…he was a long time coming as I couldn’t decide on who to join my other 8 ….Korhogo, Pablo, David, Cat, Frida, Cel, Gene and Ed, anyway here they all are……


They will be at the ICHF Birmingham NEC until Sunday along with my mitochondria – (that started off as an iron curtain but thanks to a metamorphosis and wild artistic interpretation, an ex dentist with a brilliant scientific mind etc etc ) …when they will return to Hampshire before more outings in the summer. Let’s hope they don’t lose a lot in translation! I loved doing them and managed to even get in a tribute to Mr Perry.

So what with that and doing travelling books..I need a rest!!! Thank goodness it’s nearly Easter!

heres my Easter bunny…..


P.S. Hey it’s a grey bunny Sarah .. How weird is that! X

P.S. Listened to fab talk by Anne Moore last night at Liss in StitcheS. Check out her website by pressing the link. Lovely stuff!!!

I ..see below*…..Grayson

*’ see below’ as I cant manage to insert an EMOJI…Well what a week and it’s only thursday!

imageyes it really is the man him self…look in the back ground..check out those shoes! Starting with a  conflab about  room 6 exhibition at Birmingham NEC at the end of the month… to finalise arrangements.  Sadly I will only be there on the Sunday but the rest of the group will be there ….come along and say hello if you are visiting the   ICHF Unfortunately I am working elsewhere on Thursday and Friday , also giving a talk to Worthing Embroiderer’s Guild on Saturday which I am really looking forward to!  Head up to Brum early Sunday with the Mad Canadian and Mrs Massala Chai.

Tuesday started badly when I managed to fall over in a posh gallery in Grafton street looking at Tom Wesselman pictures….. gorgeous …. and also dropped and smashed my phone in to smithereens. I tell you what, young girls who work in posh galleries  are not particularly sympathetic to ever so slightly older women who managed to fall over in public…who haven’t even had a gin!!! I  didn’t bother to explain that I have a dodgy leg I just pacified my self by persuading them to give up one of their comfy seats and I then  sat and read their art books for an extended period of time while  my ankle recovered.  Think it had the desired effect of peeing them off.  I was in a lot  a lot of pain!!! An ice pack or a  bit of concern wouldn’t have gone amiss!!! Anyway I then managed to limp to Charing Cross  for a rejuvinating coffee to meet portrait girl before our audience with the man himself (GP) at RSA house. Thanks to Portrait Girl  we ended up in the preview drinks party with the man himself  and lots of arty great and good types. Mr Perry then spoke especially to me… and an audience of around another 199 people!!!!…… invited by the Essential School of Painting. …… and it was flipping amazing!!! I just love him more.  Everything he says about art just makes so much sense to me.  I feel inspired and will strive to make great this space…hopefully…..Alan Measels may be your god Grayson and you art mine…and you are really funny to boot!  




And so fired with inspiration…..Gray’s anatomy is nearly there just a few i’s to dot and t’s to cross I have started making mitochondria…thanks A! When  inspiration is hitting an iron curtain just consult a scientist..have now got enough material to keep me going for at least the next year!! Who’d have thunk….image

Anyway all hail Grayson .. I will forever be a fan!!!

P.S Thanks for a great catch up on Friday Sarah, can’t wait to felt some cuffs..they really are beautiful!

Forgive me dear reader it’s been 60 days

since my last  blogsession however I am still image Perhaps it was the post prandial seasonal lull..but I haven’t been totally dormant.. I’ve started  an artist’s page and I’ve been making a lot of stuff . So with  the glut of blue cheese and gin and too much Xmas cake a distant memory I am back in the blogosphere? (and arent you happy about that!!)   Reading Nicky Barfoot’s blogs has made me laugh thru january , well feel happy then get terribly depressed when i realise i should be blogging too and that I need to get back into the saddle…. she’s also managed to provide me with displacement activities…good and  not I  should be doing other things!!!! Check out her post on the textile challenge……and reader, I  did enter..heres my ‘Patch’ original huh!! You bought patches to make something.. Gedditt?????

image Anyway the good news is he sold and made lots of dosh for the canine trust..really was fun to make …….


So what else  have  been doing..well .Ive been making something that I’m not allowed to talk about..more in my next blog, and have been finishing my’ grays anatomy’ work for Birmingham in March …

Have  pilfered loads of grey stuff ……

Heres a preview it’s all about the body and have taken a lot of inspiration from grays anatomy……Ralph Steadman  evidently used to use it a lot too!!!!!

steadmanI love his work and the exhibition at the discovery centre last month was absolutely amazing!!!

imagealso been finishing off my piece for the Embroiderers’ Guild on the celebration of 300 years of Capability Brown…heres a sneak preview.


Check out the Embroiderers’ Guild site for information of exhibtions across the country happening near you.   I based my piece on Uppark, Petworth  and  Hills Garden in Horsham.  Went to great exhibtion in a little museum and art gallery there which has uncovered original maps by Brown. Was particularly drawn to this as it was pushed foward by a formidible woman called Frances Irwin, illegitimate and widowed. I really liked the strong female connection. There was also a  fab piece about him on the Gardening Show on radio 4 a few Fridays ago so my sketch book filled nicely and gave me lots of ideas.  I still needed to wait a while to dream about what I was going to do…don’t ask…….  And my sewing machine is on the blink again but I still managed to do something..

47563890384dc56f841216a1c7f282e3Another reason for lack of blog is I have had to take on another paying job to keep me going on the art front but there are  lots of nice things in the pipe line and, as a good friend said to me,  Jan and Feb are the most miserable months and the best time to work lots.  I’m also still in touch with uni and hoping to finish my degree next year, so I delayed the module I was going to do this term so can work to earn money to pay for the module..isnt that a 220px-Catch22?

As my on line shop is suspiciously quiet at the moment, I am reading this at the mo!!!!image

Dont you just love the title….Need to work out where my market is first…doesn’t seem to be in Petersfield!!! ah well someone in Midhurst loves me…they bought Patch!

Also been to Bedales to see the Tate travelling exhibition of the Matisse cut outs.. so lucky to get it here in Petersfield

Started back at my life classes the other week doing two classes a month…..

I have been procrastinating a lot but procrastination can be seen as thinking and I do keep doodling in my sketch book so it’s all good…. Keep the faith… And all that jazz…

Looking  forward to exhibiting at the Brockenhurst Needlework Fiesta in April and have some workshops planned at the Ashcroft Centre in Fareham. I will also be taking part in Open Studios again in August, will be exhibting closer to home too this time Petersfield with ‘the art group collective’

Ps Sarah..him in doors has just bought me a bike from somewhere in the new you think he’s trying to tell me something? we need to pick it up..when are you around?

PPs thank you for all the grey stuff A..its being put to very good use…….

Sugar how you get so fly*

Image result for robin schulz images

isn’t it amazing what can happen in a week? If I told you dear reader, what had happened to me in the last week since my return from the Knit and Stitch in Harrogate you would not believe me……  therefore I’m not going to..suffice to say stress over with and feeling  a lot more fly… meaning unlike Robin Schultz* ( now there’s a man who likes his sunglasses)  no I’m not being big headed and saying I am gorgeous but I am feeling  a lot more beautiful on the inside…  instead of horrible ugly and stressed out…

*(check it out on u tube ft Francesco Yates  ..its my guilty pleasure at the moment.   I am sure its very misogynistic but the bass line is fab….how sad am I????)

Any hoo a  blog is a bit like child birth..doesn’t come till its ready..(obviously without the excruciating pain, gas air and copious amounts of drugs..but hey its a simile).. so here it is….sorry it wasn’t sooner…just been ever So just a tad stressed over the last week… and so stress week from that awful place over and I am back,   my dreams are back –  so I have  dreamed what I am doing for the NEC in March for the ICHF and Room 6…. which I was panicking about ever so slightly..loads of ideas but nothing talking to me ( ever get that?) but I’m there now …just got a display issue but am sure it will come to me  and also yesterday the fabulous Liss in StitcheS came to my rescue with this marvellous Christmas deco…all from an  old book…hope the boy wonder doesn’t get to it and chop it up like he did with the last deco  I made.


and so to Harrogate….Image result for harrogate knit and stitching exhibition


…..where do I start…another amazing week with the Embroiderer’s Guild…think the graduate show case looked even better than it did in London.  Really enjoyed my stint with ArtVanGo.  My mini sculptures had their first outing…by the Sunday they had had enough as they kepy voluntarily jumping off their box,,,they where ready for home too, me thinks! (now on sale in Stuff...see later in this blog).

Great  feed back,  lots of lovely galleries to look at and I was well looked after by the EG..loads of great volunteers from the EG came by to help out on the stand which was great and it was good to catch upon  all the things that are going on in different parts of the country. Special thanks to the  ladies who helped me pack my stuff at the end of the day  so I could get on the road home sunday eve, you were all great tho and it was lovely to meet you! Had a fab journey home with Georgina Bellamy….. following Anthea Godfrey down the A what ever its called from Harrogate through Wetherby

Image result for christmas lights in harrogate

..losing her by mistake north of Knebworth  then driving straight  through central London at night…fabulous…..I’ve never done that before! I did mean to tho as I was dropping Georgina, well actually I

Image result for christmas lights central london 2015

abandoned her to a mini cab driver in Kennington and then pushed back down the Petersfield only nearly fell asleep once… honest..home at 2am..phew…..



And finally home and shopping…I went in to the marvellous ‘Stuff’ in Petersfield,..where  Lyn has been selling my work for me ..she is rather good at it …. I took  also took some of my mini sculptures in ….exhibited in Harrogate for the first time. ..the shop has the most beautiful items.  If you are in the Petersfield area check her out..I have got my eye on one of her  lovely kantha quilts…they are exquisite!!!  ‘Stuff’  sells fab furniture, artwork and stuff for your home, and is at 2 London House, Chapel Street Petersfield. GU32 3DR and is  open 10 til 4.30 Monday to Saturday   or youican visit stuff on line  at

and finally (honestly) talking of online…. more shopping….

mycathasniceboots ….please like my can get to it by clicking the link on my other page of this blog or if you  click this link or type in it should come up…not sure how I do the liking thing independently..??? I am trying to get better at this…but I have actually started selling..somehow!! Decided to make my website bigger so will add more stuff soon. Anyway off home now been working all day have two days to myself to get making and the creative juices are flowing again…thank goodness!

PS Hello Sarah..I need a day in the new forest!x

PPS if anyone other than Sarah makes it this far..well done  I am truly  amazed…and thank you for putting up with my drivel ……..

happy new bleuurghhhh!

Displaying IMG-20170104-WA0003.jpegThis post started life as ‘lost girl’ around two months ago..and just haven’t been able to get my self past the title….been having a bit of a hiatus with regards to this particular blog and it was feeling like a chain rather than a release…I kept writing it in my head and for some reason have been scared or unable to write it down…anyway I’m ready to take the plunge now… this is a quickie but hopefully I’m back on track to using this as something as useful…I’ve remembered that it’s just for me…and of course you….Sarah…..just need to keep remembering it’s all about me..what’s new there then???? and what I think,..nothing else..FOCUS, focus, FOcus……as I type watching the bio of Francis Bacon…which is flippin inspiring….Picasso ..Muybridge…it may take a while to finish this now..the bio is way more interesting than this blog…..Image result for francis bacon landscapesDefinately worth a butchers on the iplayer…

….right I’m back…..So happy new bleergh …or should the be kung hey fat choi..

Related image


Been up to lots in the last few months and been being pulled in lots of different directions artistically..(on top of all the general pulling about about that happens in all the other compartments of  life!!!ouch!) so I have been  thinking about loads of stuff and trying to get my head straight about stuff … its a bit of a juggling act..been doing lots of life drawing ..and been experimenting with paper and stitch…. …..


Top of the list I’ve got my degree show coming up and also an exhibition – with Sarah  in Romsey at Rums Eg as wells a a couple of workshops and talks…anyway I feel like I’m getting there…and writing stuff down helps… felt vindicated when I read that Helen Marten who won the Turner said she spent around three months thinking about stuff before she gets crafts people to make stuff…I think I did anyway..or I might have made that bitup….well I haven’t got any one to make my stuff so now I need to get on and make the darned stuff now..good job it’s what I love doing!!!!  Basically my ideas are getting stronger based on the fact that I am hormonal as hell and have been reading the Second Sex…… mad true!!! to tired to explain blog I promise… ….the Female Eunuch is next on my list,…..about time too….this all led to having a bit of a cathartic moment in the Gourmet Burger Company this I bet it’s not everyone that can say that…..

continuing to gather lots of images..just working on how to make and display them….Trump peed me off last week and I loved the image of Munira Ahmed by Shepard Fairey Image result for munira ahmed shepard fairey imageon the front of the Guardian.. so here’s my starter for 10…………………………………………..⇓⇓⇓⇓.Displaying IMG-20170124-WA0008.jpeg

…its going to be combined with this..and thisDisplaying IMG-20170123-WA0001.jpg
…….don’t ask!!!

We Are not Furniture..could be the title but I’m not sure may change….

now..dates for your diary….. private view..13th  May..Fine Art Degree Show shows for the following two weeks….promises to be a great show….  lots of variety in a great space.

Rums Egg..Under the Microscope….we’re in print Sarah… they can’t change their minds….

Displaying IMG-20161207-WA0001.jpg

Art Show fundraiser for the Rural Refugee Network at  Bordean House……18th  May 2017..and also not forgetting  The People of the Heath at the Flora Twort … June  27th….Mays looking a bit busy…..

Image result for opus anglicanum…gutted that missed out on  a place on the Opus Anglicanum stitch work shop a the RSN last week as I had to there’s dedication for you…or stupidity!!!   That really was a bleurrg…am on a cancellation list for the next fingers crossed …….my spirits were raised by listening  a great talk by Kay Ashby at Liss in StitcheS in the evening..very entertaining and lovely work.. I love that group..definitely builds your Wah!

….and as second best….. going to  the Opus Anglicanum exhibition at the V and A before it finishes next week..and will squeeze in a quick visit tothe Serpentine too ..Lucy Raven.. and Zaha Hadid… and and now ..thanks to you Annabel  I want go to the Turner Contemporary in Margate..thanks for that x..BTW I’m not going there tomorrow…2 hours and 17 mins each way..fancy a day trip anyone?

Went to Aspex last week..always good for the soul…it’s got a rather good exhibition on there too..

Displaying 20170121_132545.jpgDisplaying 20170121_132435.jpgDisplaying 20170121_132259.jpg

…finished my sojourn to Pompei with a trip to fabric land for silk supplies and a quick trip to the  cinema with teenager going on 3o year old to see la la land..great colour…fabulous opening sequence…colour, colour,colour…

So……. lots to look forward to…..

Here’s a few things I’m working on for under the microscope..not sure I’m using them yet….will see what happens….

Displaying IMG-20170125-WA0000.jpegDisplaying IMG-20170115-WA0001.jpeg

Also doing a workshop in Romsey…making handmade keepsakes in February..and got a talk coming up in Salisbury and another workshop for Worthing EG in March……finished!!!

PS And finally…… finally….. I’m getting studio space..see if you can’t rent it… buy it and do it yourself. .foundations went down last week.. main structure starts on the 13th Feb….its cheaper than moving!!!  We have no back garden any more but hey..who needs grass..I’m sure the children will survive!!!!  Whoops..well it’s too late now!

PPS  Cant wait to catch up Sarah and see how your amazing workshops on your cruise went down…….the pictures looked amazing…I’m coming with you next time…

PPPS……off to la la land to try to decide what to do with my blasted chair..x.


OMG it’s super girl…

imageno not me silly…I should have been packing but watched the first episode of super girl on demand with my son instead.  He said he wanted to be with me for a bit longer as I’m away for nearly a week..personally I think the fact that we had found super girl and the flash had quite a lot to do with staying up late hmmmmm……

Off to Harrogate for the Knit and Stitch at crack of dawn tomorrow,  gutted I can’t travel up with Alison Hulme this year!! Caroline’s going with her too but they not coming up til Thursday!  Gutted!!!!gutted! Gutted! Taking far too much stuff up with me. Want to have stuff to do on Artist in Action stand and as per I’ve packed too much!!! Working on more mini cushions and some little books. Problem with driving! Public transport makes you think more rationally.. The mad Canadian is supposed to be coming round to see me before I go so I have bunged everything  in boot of the car so she can’t see..she’d have a fit! She’s a very capsule packer!! I am not!!!

Couldn’t manage to get anyone else in my car to car share either!! I did try tho .  Just me radio 4 and mixie children saying are we nearly there yet. Ah well short and sweet, off to bed. My store is working as someone has bought a sculpture cushion!!! Yay!!!! Just need to work out where the promote button is!! Caroline!!!!

Oh PS This is is my latest attempt at the selfie. Glasto girl says I need to think about my image!! I don’t really think I have one. Just like making stuff. Wonder if Gilbert and George had the same problem when they started out. Talking of which want to go to their exhibition…don’t quite know when…’s had some bad reviews but I’d quite like to make my own mind up..not sure I’ll make it to the white cube, there’s so much other stuff I’dlike to see when I’m next up in London …..

imageP.P.S MADE in Brighton was great! Really pleased you did so well Sarah!!! I enjoyed a sneaky ice cream on the seafront on the way there too!! Thank you to the mad Canadian for driving!!!

Feeling very grown up….

Illustration above by Charles Keeping

And am blogging at midnight again! How sad is that! Had a great day yesterday talking to The Textile Group At Droxford. What a fantastic audience… Well they had to be to listen to me rabbit on for over an hour. They were really lovely! And they clapped at the end and everything. Evidently Chris Harris used to be a member there… And that is the lady who got me started on this whole malarkey with the needle case. Isn’t it a funny world? Really enjoyed. If any of the ladies are reading this.. thank  you so much for having me! It was a real pleasure.

Forgot  to take photos,  but much like a course I took far too much stuff with me (anyone out there recognise that feeling… Remember Wednesday’s Sarah? ) But on the plus side I think there was something for everyone to have a look at. Really great to be able to show work and talk to people about it. Really enjoyed and really want to do another one!

Been making more little people this week ..

imageAnd also versions in larger  cushions but can’t mass produce, will leave that to the professionals! thinking about doing commissions???????..marilyn has asked me to make some for her shop…I actually prefer doing the little ones and making them into people…they speak to me more.. I just need to work out why. But working out how to do bigger ones in the first place was fun! (And thanks for you advice Lynn!)

imageOn Wednesday went to uni  to have a chat  about returning to do my final module for my of my first part of my final year come January.  Talked about trying to work out why I do what I do and seeing if there is a similar vein that runs through my work. Also chatted thru marks for my last module…. got a huge list of theory books that I need to brush up on!!!Need to sell some flippin things at Harrogate to pay for it though….600 quid should just about do it!!!! I can dream okay! !Been making fabric bundles.. Not sure they are going to do it for me but every little helps!!!  Also made more cushions big and small…. to possibly sell.  Decided I would rather mass produce packs of raw materials with which people can create themselves something rather that mass produce a thing to buy(my idea of mass producing is 10 btw!) .. I like one offs!!!!!

like this…..image

Going to put a large price tag in this one and see what happens…£600 quid anyone????!!!!!  I actually love it and don’t want to sell it!!!!!  The image is taken from a painting by Lowry..Anne…I bought this print for him in doors about 10 years ago from the Lowry museum in Manchester….love the story behind it.  Been reading all about him what a fascinating man…didn’t sell anything of note until he was 52!!!! Then he made a mint…….hmmmmm?

I am still just making my own stuff that I like to sell as I truely believe that you can never tell what people will like or buy so I stick with  the tenet I just make what I like and if it sells it sells!!!! What will be will be.

My father in law met her during the war and has a signed photo!!! Impressive huh!!!!
My father in law met her during the war and has a signed photo!!! Impressive huh!!!!


Also been to the Ashcroft centre in Fareham to check out the rooms where I will be doing two work shops in February. One hand stitched keepsake the others machined book making! Really looking forward to!


Finally saw Ralph Steadman exhibition at Winchester discovery centre😍Totally fab! On til,January too.  What an amazing artist! Didn’t realise he used so much collage in his work?! Wanted to run out and nab a copy of greys anatomy! Loved his take on life and he does fab Polaroids too..loved how he got the one of Hockney!

Oh and look at theseWOW!! perhaps this is what influenced my cushion people?

And happy birthday Marcel du Champ.. I spend to much time on Facebook at times..

Ps see You at at MADE Sarah in Brighton on Sunday. Glad things going so well for you!

PPS nearly there with shop.. I think!

PPPS reallylooking forward to Knit and Stitch next week. Driving up to Harrogate on Wednesday where I will have an exhibition with the Embroiderers Guild graduate showcase. I will also be being an Artis  in Action for Art Van Go which I am also very Xcited about. (Another reason to feel very grown up) Come and say hello,if you are going.


A horse , a horse, my kingdom for a horse…..

imageOr why am I sitting up at 1am blogging???


“I want to make art that it beautiful,of course but also art that is interesting and considered and intelligent and not out of place ” Helen Sill….

Well that’s the arty reason the reall reason is because  I’m trying to flippin well set up a PayPal account for all the masses of money I’m going to get from my on line shop..not quite going according to plan…! Bet miuccia didn’t have these problems!!!

Yes I launched ‘ my cat has nice boots’  on the 5th of November.. …anyway I haven’t really bothered telling anyone about it yet cos you can’t buy stuff off of it which is a bit of a slight problem but it’ll   be fab when it’s  operational and actually I’m just liking having it all to my self at the moment and working out what I’m going to put on there…as well as my art and things I make to sell to enable me to buy more art stuff , I have a page of ‘ the cat likes’  where I will put stuff I really shouldn’t buy but do!!! ( see the horse!!!!) and then I get to own it for a little bit before sensibly rehoming it… more room at home you see!!!  At the mo there are only 5 things on the website but I have big plans!!  I need a much bigger  house for my studio so I’ve really decided that I am going to make it as an internationally acclaimed artist sooner rather than later… Most of the greats weren’t there until their 50s…..  so I’ve got tons of time yet!!!!!!!)

also I have been….

imagetrying to resist  the bumper bag of chupa chups   which the mad Canadian bought me as a  launch present..our fab idea is to include a free lolly with every purchase… Fiendish ay???? Watch the sales come rolling in!!! Well they will  if there are any chuppa chups  left by the time I get pay pal to work.. All ready had to use one to bribe my son to have an impromptu hair cut…..oops! Anyway when I do work out how to add the darned PayPal account it’ll all be tickety boo….,with sweeties and everything….!   I am an artist and not a business or sales person.. Not a good combination!!!! I need a patron!!!!

anyway…. I’ve also been

  • …..making art cushions ……..much more exciting!!! My shop will be well stocked when it eventually is open for business!!!!! Loving the way everything it turning into people….imageimage image image imageIn addition I’ve been drawing madly in my sketch book…..and trying to get ideas for March

Also Trying to rehome  my ethelrada boxes,

And trying to sort out doing my next module  at uni…..

and buying some art… Sue FReeborough .. Lovely lady and I love my picture by her.. Couldn’t afford a sculpture so  acrylic print had to suffice… Love it.. Feel like it’s always been mine!!!

You like Sarah… ?


Also geting stuff ready for Harrogate knit and stitch… Week after next!!!!I will blog before I go… Not at 1am tho!!!!

Making these at the mo as well as more mini aRt cushions to go with my work….


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