A cow, a cow my kingdom for a cow!!

well too many flipping days since my last blog and I’m definitely starting to get confused over where I’m putting stuff a the moment as I gear up for Open Studios – I  am exhibiting at the Physic Garden in Petersfield from Thursday this week..10 30 til 5pm ..do drop in….  I am also exhibiting at Christine Watkins Art House in Romsey….I shan’t be exhibiting at Owselbury this year as I’m spreading my self a bit thin!  The Room6’ers will still be there tho and it’ll be  great..have a good one ladies!

So why so long since my last blog? I hear you ask..or not as the case may be..well there are a number of reasons, and I’m writing them here whether you are interested or not…because I can….I keep having this internal conversation with myself..why blog?//..the thirteen year old going on 30 year old (ttyogotyo) tells me I should just instagram????* any way I have decided I blog really for myself as its good to get a handle on where I am..so sorry I am going to keep doing it…(*and I am instagramming as

mycathasniceboots now …I’ve a bet with ttyogotyo that she gets a share in my profits if she gets me 600 followers by Christmas…evidently there’s a method…all double dutch to me but hey I’ll try anything) ….I haven’t broken it to her that as I’m not  Hemsley and Hemsley or Zoella there  is no profit in it..but hopefully she wont read this…????well she will but whether she admits to it or not is another matter)   the other reason I stopped was it was my birthday…..39 again…whoohoo..so I was busy…spent a great day at Art in Action….. there was also a flurry of activity when I tried to get a  life size cow made …( hence the title of this blog)…. don’t ask..suffice to say it all got too awkward and mired in raising money.. not my strength…so I gave up on that lark and went to Glastonbury and Camp Bestival instead with glasto girl (Bananarama were cr** and always have been – they should have stayed with fun boy three..Turin Brakes were a completely different matter however……..)……also did a lovely work shop with the ladies at Droxford Textiles group…..they are doing open studios too next weekend too…pop by and see them..details in the Hampshire Open Studios booklet….to complicate things even further.and contribute  to bloglessness.. in my search for studio space we decided to sell up and move but after selling and then losing our dream house with studio.. (yes flippin flippin  heck!!1). we decided it was better to stay put and try and create more space in the space we already have…watch this space……space space..aaargh

…then there was rather a large amount of time spent  writing materials for the Embroiderers’ Guild connected to the Worlds Longest Embroidery for Schools..look out for it in the autumn and please get schools involved..it will be great…….

……and there you have all my excuses…by the way… .I  do realise I am just talking to myself now..this blog is about naval gazing after all….the next bit’s more interesting honest…if you;ve hung on in therr it wil lbe worth it….nice pictures to follow, anyway there are all my excuses and I do feel vindicated

Feel I’ve been neglecting my drawing and creativity so was good to get away to Cornwall for a week….

..arriving in St Ives in style…don’t ask….stitching  and dinner out..when you have children….yes you are extremely happy with a plastic cup of wine and half a cheese and onion pasty….fine dining is so over rated!….who needs the Wolseley…

the mad canadian does……hello are you reading me in Canadia?

I digress….stayed in a cottage overlooking Barbara Hepworth’s garden which was definitely good for the soul and did a great Tate Walk ..as the Tate is closed .they’ve got loads of stuff going on..I had a great week…..  also worked on Viyella bodies…yes the ladies are still there…..

Viyella Bodies

saw some fab exhibitions in st ives.. .Arthur Lanyon..getting the household paint out as we speak!!!..one of the best exhibitions I’ve seen in ages..the images don’t do the paintings any justice they really were fabulous…really inspiring and very tactile…

Arthur Lanyon

also saw great work by Terry Frost, Tony Shiels. and Bryan Pearce…... 

aren’t these lovely?..There was a lot of rubbish too…

So that’s it, my edited highlights for the the last month and a bit and I think I’m back to the present and I’ve caught up with myself….

Just been to  drop off some stuff at Petersfield Arts and Craft Annual Exhibition this morning and tomorrow I will be mounting some limited edition prints I’ve had done..my latest money making scheme.. or not……hmmm

FullSizeRender (5).jpg

PS I have  called them Mighty Chondria..thanks for that one  Annabel!!  BTW tell your daughter Nathan threw a pot on a wheel in St Ives and he’s a natural!

PPS  If my car holds up I’ll come and see you at Open Studios this week Sarah..sorry this is a bit of a jumble but I just decided I need to get it written and posted..once you fall off the horse its hard to get back on if you leave it a while…x.



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