Just a quickie

Too busy to prattle which is a first for me…. Great art sale coming up in Langrish just outside Petersfield.. Wednesday night  ..33% of all proceeds to go directly to Rural Refugee Network which is helping re-settle Syrian Refugees..lots of  Lovely work.. Including mine.. For sale.. Lovely surroundings and all for a good cause.some great artists showing….. Go.. You know you want to!

 Not sure why I sent what I sent but I got in a bit of a flap which  is not me or is it… Anyway what will be will be.. I hope they sell loads and raise lots of money. Really delighted that they selected me to take part. There’s some great work for sale.  The whole ethos of the sale really  Fits nicely with my beliefs, recycling ethos and giving back yadayada…him in doors was telling me last night about some community that’s been set up in Wales by a record guy recently to do with bartering and giving back and creating a community feel vibe thingy love it and am going to investigate more…watch this space.. Sorry digression….

Remember this one? She’ll be there along with cell work… Spot the homage to Marlene Dumas……I had a few  that I tried to work that weren’t quite right… Want to rip this one up and start again .. Not sure what to do with it but it’s not right or tight!!! ..didn’t submit this one.. Not sure what to do with it??? It doesn’t work tho.. Have been having a bit of a mental Block creatively recently…. flippin day job getting in the way.. It will all rebalance tho.. I hope… 

Didn’t send Grayson either not sure I’m ready to lose him yet….

  But sent these babies and some of my little tiny cushions which I’m selling cheap…so there’s stuff for every price bracket….
Any way off to bed. … @looking forward to teaching my  keepsakes workshop at the Ashcroft Centre in Fareham tomorrow evening. Still spaces if you’re  interested. Fortunately my amazing mechanic managed to stop my car from blowing up so I can actually  get there now.. I was getting worried…bet there’s no direct bus route and don’t think my bike will do…..Strong smell of burning seems to have gone from the old faithful…I’m no mechanic but I think that’s not a particularly good sign…still at least people could hear see and smell me coming all last week…..also preparing for a weekend camping with the kids to get me ready for Glasto…..are you ready Glasto girl?

PS A.   I’ve    done your page for your book you’d better flippin like it !!! I’m not posting a picture of it!! 

PPS Looking forward to seeing you on Wednesday Sarah X

PPS THIS WAS SUPER QUICK! Sorry if it’s rambly….


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