I ..see below*…..Grayson

*’ see below’ as I cant manage to insert an EMOJI…Well what a week and it’s only thursday!

imageyes it really is the man him self…look in the back ground..check out those shoes! Starting with a  conflab about  room 6 exhibition at Birmingham NEC at the end of the month… to finalise arrangements.  Sadly I will only be there on the Sunday but the rest of the group will be there ….come along and say hello if you are visiting the   ICHF Unfortunately I am working elsewhere on Thursday and Friday , also giving a talk to Worthing Embroiderer’s Guild on Saturday which I am really looking forward to!  Head up to Brum early Sunday with the Mad Canadian and Mrs Massala Chai.

Tuesday started badly when I managed to fall over in a posh gallery in Grafton street looking at Tom Wesselman pictures….. gorgeous …. and also dropped and smashed my phone in to smithereens. I tell you what, young girls who work in posh galleries  are not particularly sympathetic to ever so slightly older women who managed to fall over in public…who haven’t even had a gin!!! I  didn’t bother to explain that I have a dodgy leg I just pacified my self by persuading them to give up one of their comfy seats and I then  sat and read their art books for an extended period of time while  my ankle recovered.  Think it had the desired effect of peeing them off.  I was in a lot  a lot of pain!!! An ice pack or a  bit of concern wouldn’t have gone amiss!!! Anyway I then managed to limp to Charing Cross  for a rejuvinating coffee to meet portrait girl before our audience with the man himself (GP) at RSA house. Thanks to Portrait Girl  we ended up in the preview drinks party with the man himself  and lots of arty great and good types. Mr Perry then spoke especially to me… and an audience of around another 199 people!!!!…… invited by the Essential School of Painting. …… and it was flipping amazing!!! I just love him more.  Everything he says about art just makes so much sense to me.  I feel inspired and will strive to make great art..watch this space…hopefully…..Alan Measels may be your god Grayson and you art mine…and you are really funny to boot!  




And so fired with inspiration…..Gray’s anatomy is nearly there just a few i’s to dot and t’s to cross I have started making mitochondria…thanks A! When  inspiration is hitting an iron curtain just consult a scientist..have now got enough material to keep me going for at least the next year!! Who’d have thunk….image

Anyway all hail Grayson .. I will forever be a fan!!!

P.S Thanks for a great catch up on Friday Sarah, can’t wait to felt some cuffs..they really are beautiful!


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