Crisis of confidence

Shy Girl - Copy

We all go through it and I’ve been having my own over the last week or so which is why I couldn’t blog,…thank goodness I hear you say (ha!ha!)  well I’m back all because some good things have been happening…

1. Got some work accepted in to the Oxmarket in Chichester.  (Sue will be pleased to know that I am causing confusion at Chichester now too by using my real name here!! (Dowdeswell- Sill -Sill -Dowdeswell)  The exhibition has now finished.  Blink and you missed it but I was there!  It was a great space.  Three of my boxes and a couple of pictures.  Was nice to use the boxes in a different way and interesting to see them in a Fine Art setting.

Fake it 'till..image

2. I had a tutorial at college and have decided I have got lots of ideas but I need to start making for the exhibition on May!!!  You need to go forward and not backwards.  Still in a bit of a quandary about all that but I’m getting there.  Have got too much stuff going on in my head but whilst researching all things red and madder  have found a great story about a man called Ribbi…watch this space!

3.  Made my first frame.  Very PROUD!! No pictures to upload as left my precious iPad in doors today…see post Feb 4.

3. Was totally thinking about jacking the whole thing in…the course not the art… but went to my other exhibition at Southampton Art Gallery…more boxes.  Evidently a lady had come in and said that she didn’t really ‘get’ art ….but she really like my boxes…they were her favourite and she didn’t realise art could be like that.  Now I suppose there are two ways to look a this….but I reckon if  she liked it then that’s great!!  Will keep plodding on at least for the time being.

Talking about my work and the reason behind it to a receptive audience and meeting the other artists there was a great re -energiser.  The exhibition is being run by a really great group of women  who are really starting to do things with female art in the Southampton area.  Raise the profile and get people networking and talking about women’s issues in a really positive way.  Really inspiring.  Do go along and see it of you can.  On till the end of March though sadly not advertised on the Gallery website.  There are other things going on around Southampton which are connected see for  further info.  Oh, I also listened to the Louise Bourgeois talk while there.  Also v.v. good!


4. Went to this woman’s exhibition on the Wirral.  Rachel Howard.  Redwork.  Great!

Image result for rachel howard artistImage result for rachel howard artist

Off to do some screen printing!

P.S. See you in Birmingham Sarah!

P.S. And make some more frames!


2 Replies to “Crisis of confidence”

  1. I think we all go through the confidence crisis on a regular basis but we’ve just got to remember that creating isn’t a choice for us, it’s a compulsion so we can’t give up! So pleased to hear you found your Mojo again. Keep going girl. I love your work!

    1. Thank you! With you on the compulsion. I need to get better at working out this flippin WordPress malarkey too and managing to actually see comments!

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