Orange is the new red…

Fashion Embroidery & Stitch

Been busy this week. Packing all my stuff up for exhibition at the NEC next week.   Check out the website to see what’s on.  Am exhibiting with the Eastleigh College stand….which is a showcase of our Graduate Show 2014.  I will be there Saturday and Sunday.  (  Done a few extra pictures. No boxes…you’ll be glad to know! Most still on show at Southampton till the end of March.  I might take a couple with me when I go up at the weekend with you Sarah. Have been experimenting using some gold work techniques. Want to develop further.  Otherwise some of my pictures and books will be there.

Bosch. Think this one is the most successful. Now need to work out why!
image I think the Bosch. …the top one is the most successful. Now I just need to need to work out why!

.image Photos not great. Note to self remember to photograph before framing.

Next did some printing.  These bits were supposed to be scarlet. I love the Orange!  Hence the orange my red?…or am I digressing again?

Oops comes out backwards…if you use the wrong piece of paper

Bit disappointed as my screen printing session got postponed..scaffolding needed to be built …don’t ask!…hopefully will get to do next week… but needed to make the most of being at uni so madly used the heat press and did I little bit of screening on a borrowed screen. (not my work so didn’t seem right to add a photo here. )   Love the orange – it  was supposed to be red (yes! also don’t ask!).  Started to go off on a totally different track and yearned to have everything orange instead of red…then reigned myself in. These next few weeks are all about being focussed..I think! Red silk is on order and on its way!!! Perhaps orange can be my red for next year?  imageimageimageimage

Two sessions of life drawing and tried to do something different…

Ink..really hard to do when drawing from work at copies at home..
Ink..really hard to do when drawing from work at copies at home..
Really small heavy heavy charcoal
Really small heavy heavy charcoal
Why do hands end up looking like bananas? Answers on a postcard please!
This is my favourite.. Barry


Not Barry
Not Barry

..before heading back to charcoal..sorry Barry…. I do try to be experimental sometimes..honest! I just love charcoal  and it makes me draw big! Which is what I want.

Hey I look like I am floating in the air or doing some kind of weird leg push up cos the duffs who drew me forgot to put in the stool
Hey I look like I am floating in the air or doing some kind of weird leg push up cos the dufus who drew me forgot to put in the stool

Received my silk… more on way from Japan!.  Going to practice screening before brave enough to have a go on the real stuff. Have actually worked out how I’m going to piece my coat together! Thank you Lyn oh wise one…need to buy some cheap stuff for a mock up first. Still got a massive to do list….. but a plan to go forward. Exhibition only x weeks away! (The x is there cause I am in denial not because I don’t know!)  Crikey! Shame I’ve got to work too!

And finally, just as an aside, cos it’s quite amusing, especally for you Sarah… I decided that I would try to make science more interesting by getting kids to make books out of envelopes for  ‘planets’ work…ala Zoe’s workshop ( hi Zoe..nicking your ideas!)…any excuse to use webbing spray….warning do not try when it’s just you and thirty 8 year olds! As the words ‘this really isn’t difficult’ popped out of my mouth about 20 children proved me SO wrong… really would not believe how many different ways there are to actually stick envelopes together! Great Tuesday…

Next task to work on a personal statement… when I haven’t made my mind up on my final selection. I  reserve the right to change right up until the last minute! Ask Luisa!

P.S. See you a week on Saturday Sarah. I will bring photographic evidence of 30 books…

P.P.S.  Can’t believe this all been done since Sunday!


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