David Beckam’s Ferrari..

has absolutely nothing whatsoever to do with this blog..apart from the fact that I drove it a couple of weekend ago..sorry couldn’t resist the urge to share as it was rather fun…the first one I drove wasn’t David’s and it didn’t go very fast..(the black one) however the yellow one (his old one evidently)..well what can I say..look at photos and see my hair and stance… sort of says it all….any way back  to the future… sorry point…. what have I been doing dear reader since my last blog? and why havent I updated my blog in the last month?……well apart form swanking about  in high speed over priced cars..(and yes I did spend an evening on auto trader fantasy shopping…19k for a second hand spider incase you’re interested ……..NB you don’t need a fully functioning left leg to drive a Ferrari.. I knew I was meant to have one….will this impact on my art work? who knows………

imageI’ve signed back on at uni in an attempt to finish my fine art degree..managed to lose my student card after hanging on to it for over a year….so had to fork out for another one…and the student debt begins……fabulous to have access to great art facilties and looking forward to my art history lectures…already  had some good tutorials and am now  deciding which direction to take my work in for my final show…all I know at the moment is I’m liking… a pack of cards, a big box, biology and opus anglicanum..go figure?

Image result for opus anglicanum

…supposed to be experimenting this week but instead I was getting ready for Liss In Stitches private view at the Triangle Center, Liss…..

.. .Travelling books from Liss and one of my pieces…’All Roads’

….. and also been plotting with Sarah for our first combined exhibition..also…. watch this space..very excited…

Missed one of my uni lectures as I decided – in the pursuit of all things Lanyon..I’m loving Peter Lanyon at the moment….. to try to find out what aerial views were actually like.. ……so to get a view on his perspective = thanks to my big sis= I booked a hot air balloon flight…surreal……cried on take off…….yes totes embarassing I know….but it was fab….. and we only flew to Basingstoke….. gawd help me if it had been over somewhere really impressive….sorry Helena and all those who hail from there….

Image result for peter lanyon artist painter

Peter Lanyon

Image result for peter lanyon artist painter
Also visited the Chistopher Woods at the Pallant  -amazing work and love the way he studied and learnt his art…. but such a sad story… as well as serendipitous as I only discoverd him earlier this summer when in St Ives…and  the Bishop Otter Collection also at the Pallant..some lovely and inspiring work..slighty concerned that they were displaying an Alfred Wallis in a frame that looked like it cost 2.99 at Sainsbury but there you go…

Image result for Christopher Wood English Artist

Christopher Wood

Image result for Christopher Wood English Artist

Went to see  Abstract Expressionism at the Royal Academy..can’t make my mind up about this genre…. missed really great talk about the AB Exs by a local artist which sounded really interesting…..thank you Annabel for giving me an edited version..wish I’d gone now but was child watching….

….popped in to see the David Hockney while there..didnt like… sorry David.. I love you and your work but I didnt like this..colour was fab tho…..check out the pink keks on  Mr Humphries ….but didnt like the subject matter or how it was executed…..also been to ASpex in Portsmouth to see the Graduates in the  Platform finalist’s show.. well done Consuelo your work looks fab!!…. ..also started back with my life drawing which was great..not brave enough to make public my efforts just yet..am a wee bit rusty!!!

Image result for Abstract Expressionism Royal Academy
Abstract Expressionism at the RA
Bazza  by David Hockney

…….and so its Sunday and it’s October..where has the year gone? Went  to see  Christine Watkins in Romsey for wash up of Open Studios. News is she doing another Open Studios for Christmas..first weekend in December.  Should be good!

Image result for knit and stitch show 2016

Looking forward to the Knit and Stitch – am going up for a couple of days.. Friday and Saturday… to help out  the Embroiderer’s Guild -the Guild are showing the Hardhome Embroidery…. looking forward to seeing it in all its splendour…and the tiny bit by your truly…EXCITING!…..just remembered I didn’t take a photo of my final piece..I’ve got a photocopy of it tho! OOPS! – see you there!

my roundel in progress


also they will have a part of their huge collection on show… proud to say they have a piece of my work on show as part of this……

And finally, dear reader, I’m off to watch Poldark so bad its good…YES I am in that camp sorry if I offend the real devotees…mad canadian you are outed!!!! Poor Francis ay…..

And need to produce a biological pack of cards in less than 24 hours.. Oh dear went off on a tangent and did this instead

and I have a strange obsession with maps a the moment.. I must stay focused…I must stay focused….I must stay focused….onwards and upwards…….

P.S. Fab to catch up today Sarah looking forward to exhibiting with you x.

P.P.S. Sorry reader if this blog feels a bit like a list…


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