OMG it’s super girl…

imageno not me silly…I should have been packing but watched the first episode of super girl on demand with my son instead.  He said he wanted to be with me for a bit longer as I’m away for nearly a week..personally I think the fact that we had found super girl and the flash had quite a lot to do with staying up late hmmmmm……

Off to Harrogate for the Knit and Stitch at crack of dawn tomorrow,  gutted I can’t travel up with Alison Hulme this year!! Caroline’s going with her too but they not coming up til Thursday!  Gutted!!!!gutted! Gutted! Taking far too much stuff up with me. Want to have stuff to do on Artist in Action stand and as per I’ve packed too much!!! Working on more mini cushions and some little books. Problem with driving! Public transport makes you think more rationally.. The mad Canadian is supposed to be coming round to see me before I go so I have bunged everything  in boot of the car so she can’t see..she’d have a fit! She’s a very capsule packer!! I am not!!!

Couldn’t manage to get anyone else in my car to car share either!! I did try tho .  Just me radio 4 and mixie children saying are we nearly there yet. Ah well short and sweet, off to bed. My store is working as someone has bought a sculpture cushion!!! Yay!!!! Just need to work out where the promote button is!! Caroline!!!!

Oh PS This is is my latest attempt at the selfie. Glasto girl says I need to think about my image!! I don’t really think I have one. Just like making stuff. Wonder if Gilbert and George had the same problem when they started out. Talking of which want to go to their exhibition…don’t quite know when…’s had some bad reviews but I’d quite like to make my own mind up..not sure I’ll make it to the white cube, there’s so much other stuff I’dlike to see when I’m next up in London …..

imageP.P.S MADE in Brighton was great! Really pleased you did so well Sarah!!! I enjoyed a sneaky ice cream on the seafront on the way there too!! Thank you to the mad Canadian for driving!!!


One Reply to “OMG it’s super girl…”

  1. Good luck in’ll be fab!! Thank you and the mad Canadian so much for all your help at taking down in Brighton…wow you two work fast….can I hire you both for the next show??? x

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