Feeling very grown up….

Illustration above by Charles Keeping

And am blogging at midnight again! How sad is that! Had a great day yesterday talking to The Textile Group At Droxford. What a fantastic audience… Well they had to be to listen to me rabbit on for over an hour. They were really lovely! And they clapped at the end and everything. Evidently Chris Harris used to be a member there… And that is the lady who got me started on this whole malarkey with the needle case. Isn’t it a funny world? Really enjoyed. If any of the ladies are reading this.. thank  you so much for having me! It was a real pleasure.

Forgot  to take photos,  but much like a course I took far too much stuff with me (anyone out there recognise that feeling… Remember Wednesday’s Sarah? ) But on the plus side I think there was something for everyone to have a look at. Really great to be able to show work and talk to people about it. Really enjoyed and really want to do another one!

Been making more little people this week ..

imageAnd also versions in larger  cushions but can’t mass produce, will leave that to the professionals! thinking about doing commissions???????..marilyn has asked me to make some for her shop…I actually prefer doing the little ones and making them into people…they speak to me more.. I just need to work out why. But working out how to do bigger ones in the first place was fun! (And thanks for you advice Lynn!)

imageOn Wednesday went to uni  to have a chat  about returning to do my final module for my of my first part of my final year come January.  Talked about trying to work out why I do what I do and seeing if there is a similar vein that runs through my work. Also chatted thru marks for my last module…. got a huge list of theory books that I need to brush up on!!!Need to sell some flippin things at Harrogate to pay for it though….600 quid should just about do it!!!! I can dream okay! !Been making fabric bundles.. Not sure they are going to do it for me but every little helps!!!  Also made more cushions big and small…. to possibly sell.  Decided I would rather mass produce packs of raw materials with which people can create themselves something rather that mass produce a thing to buy(my idea of mass producing is 10 btw!) .. I like one offs!!!!!

like this…..image

Going to put a large price tag in this one and see what happens…£600 quid anyone????!!!!!  I actually love it and don’t want to sell it!!!!!  The image is taken from a painting by Lowry..Anne…I bought this print for him in doors about 10 years ago from the Lowry museum in Manchester….love the story behind it.  Been reading all about him what a fascinating man…didn’t sell anything of note until he was 52!!!! Then he made a mint…….hmmmmm?

I am still just making my own stuff that I like to sell as I truely believe that you can never tell what people will like or buy so I stick with  the tenet I just make what I like and if it sells it sells!!!! What will be will be.

My father in law met her during the war and has a signed photo!!! Impressive huh!!!!
My father in law met her during the war and has a signed photo!!! Impressive huh!!!!


Also been to the Ashcroft centre in Fareham to check out the rooms where I will be doing two work shops in February. One hand stitched keepsake the others machined book making! Really looking forward to!


Finally saw Ralph Steadman exhibition at Winchester discovery centre😍Totally fab! On til,January too.  What an amazing artist! Didn’t realise he used so much collage in his work?! Wanted to run out and nab a copy of greys anatomy! Loved his take on life and he does fab Polaroids too..loved how he got the one of Hockney!

Oh and look at theseWOW!! perhaps this is what influenced my cushion people?

And happy birthday Marcel du Champ.. I spend to much time on Facebook at times..

Ps see You at at MADE Sarah in Brighton on Sunday. Glad things going so well for you!

PPS nearly there with shop.. I think!

PPPS reallylooking forward to Knit and Stitch next week. Driving up to Harrogate on Wednesday where I will have an exhibition with the Embroiderers Guild graduate showcase. I will also be being an Artis  in Action for Art Van Go which I am also very Xcited about. (Another reason to feel very grown up) Come and say hello,if you are going.



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