A horse , a horse, my kingdom for a horse…..

imageOr why am I sitting up at 1am blogging???


“I want to make art that it beautiful,of course but also art that is interesting and considered and intelligent and not out of place ” Helen Sill….

Well that’s the arty reason the reall reason is because  I’m trying to flippin well set up a PayPal account for all the masses of money I’m going to get from my on line shop..not quite going according to plan…! Bet miuccia didn’t have these problems!!!

Yes I launched ‘ my cat has nice boots’  on the 5th of November.. …anyway I haven’t really bothered telling anyone about it yet cos you can’t buy stuff off of it which is a bit of a slight problem but it’ll   be fab when it’s  operational and actually I’m just liking having it all to my self at the moment and working out what I’m going to put on there…as well as my art and things I make to sell to enable me to buy more art stuff , I have a page of ‘ the cat likes’  where I will put stuff I really shouldn’t buy but do!!! ( see the horse!!!!) and then I get to own it for a little bit before sensibly rehoming it…..no more room at home you see!!!  At the mo there are only 5 things on the website but I have big plans!!  I need a much bigger  house for my studio so I’ve really decided that I am going to make it as an internationally acclaimed artist sooner rather than later… Most of the greats weren’t there until their 50s…..  so I’ve got tons of time yet!!!!!!!)

also I have been….

imagetrying to resist  the bumper bag of chupa chups   which the mad Canadian bought me as a  launch present..our fab idea is to include a free lolly with every purchase… Fiendish ay???? Watch the sales come rolling in!!! Well they will  if there are any chuppa chups  left by the time I get pay pal to work.. All ready had to use one to bribe my son to have an impromptu hair cut…..oops! Anyway when I do work out how to add the darned PayPal account it’ll all be tickety boo….,with sweeties and everything….!   I am an artist and not a business or sales person.. Not a good combination!!!! I need a patron!!!!

anyway…. I’ve also been

  • …..making art cushions ……..much more exciting!!! My shop will be well stocked when it eventually is open for business!!!!! Loving the way everything it turning into people….imageimage image image imageIn addition I’ve been drawing madly in my sketch book…..and trying to get ideas for ICHF..in March

Also Trying to rehome  my ethelrada boxes,

And trying to sort out doing my next module  at uni…..

and buying some art… Sue FReeborough .. Lovely lady and I love my picture by her.. Couldn’t afford a sculpture so  acrylic print had to suffice… Love it.. Feel like it’s always been mine!!!

You like Sarah… ?


Also geting stuff ready for Harrogate knit and stitch… Week after next!!!!I will blog before I go… Not at 1am tho!!!!

Making these at the mo as well as more mini aRt cushions to go with my work….


image imagePPS I’m coming to MADE in Brighton  to see you Sarah ….next week on Sunday and I’ll help you pack up !!!!


2 Replies to “A horse , a horse, my kingdom for a horse…..”

  1. No eating the chupa chups! Love your cushions, trying to decide which of them would look perfect on my mantel piece, they all would but I am running out of space! Rebecca (aka mad Canadian) xxx

  2. I’m so impressed you’re making a real push for it Helen – Hope it’s giving you pleasure alongside the pain. Good luck with the shop when it’s ready.

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