oops I think i missed again

Phil Collins

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so dear reader (or readers) in case I’ve picked up a other one due to the ally pally show.. what do a textile artist, Phil Collins and Brittany Spears  all have in common? Well yes  oops I I did it again I think I missed again uhha….,a lovey lady from Bedfordshire absolutely loved my acrylic slow Instagram which I put up the day before.,,,my very first cell work and she really wanted it..

See it here….image

Yes to part with cash for my work.. She wanted to buy it…and yes I froze , said didn’t think I wanted to  sell it and wasn’t sure about a price.. Well of course I’m sure about a price I know how much I want for it… I need to eat!!! Yes I do! BUT It is also my baby.. The first large slow Instagram I produced.. And the frame I love the frame!!! It took ages to track it down!!!

I am as rubbish at selling my work as I am at photographing it!!! So I tend to get other people to sell it for me. ( I am looking for a photographer too …for  free of course!! ) I am am artist not a what ever it is you call a person on who sells art is…..

Anyway she said she would take my card and email me me.. well if you are out there and want my picture I would absolutely love for you to buy it! I was flattered that you loved my work so please do! and  if not then hey…what will be will be,  some one else is very interested too  and if it doesn’t leave home then it’ll be in my retrospective when I’m 90! Before I was an artist and actually had money I bought some original pieces… I have never regretted any of them and treasure them still.   ( hint hint)

Now I was supposed to post this blog three days ago and since then  some wonderful things have happened…nope the woman from Bedfordshire has not got back to me yet…..but if you still want it I haven’t sold it yet.. It now has a price tag on it  and is ready to pack its bags and leave home! (I think!) No,  a wonderful lady from last year turned up just before closing and bought loads of my work!!! She said the pieces she made made her smile! I am so happy! If you are reading this thank you!!! I am going to set up mail chimp soon.. Well I’m going to try any way! let me know if your interested in finding out what I’m up to  and it’s a way if keeping up to date with what I’m doing… Totally mystery to me at the mo but watch this space.  Also I didn’t even ask you name!!! Please get in touch! I would love to know it!


Anywho last but definitely not least….. a very discerning gentleman..obviously…bought my ‘ You only get one shot so make it a good one!’  I was so happy to send it to a good home. He loved it! If you are reading this I want you to know that it is a one off original …..I destroyed the screen after!  I hope it gives him as much pleasure to look at as it  did to me in the creation of  it! Thank you!!!!! I ran straight round to Art Van Go ( http://www.vycombe-arts.co.uk )  bought more fabric medium and paint. (And they gave me a plastic bag… don’t ask ….you would not believe how stressed a woman can get over one plastic bag!!!) And much to my embarrassment Kevin shouted rather loudly ‘Helens sold a picture’ … I now know now that I can turn a shade not dissimilar to my silk pictures.

A big thank you to all the people who have supported me over the last year by buying my work!  Art should not be an an investment.  It should be bought cos you love it!      Art is an investment in the artist and not an investment!  There is a difference!!! Anyway that’s what I think!! So there!

And meanwhile I am attempting, badly …..to learn to tambour… If anyone from LisS in StitcheS is reading this we are booking these ladies to come to us.. It is a beautiful  beading tecnique which  sadly I had never heard of ….loved it! the teachers are fabulous and very patient.. Which is a good job with me! I love the rhythm of it!!! The tiny line at the top is what I managed…..( serendipity as I purloined a frame only 2 weeks ago..sorry Mrs masala chai)


This is Diana Vernon demonstrating the art of tambour.  The picture above shows samples of tambour work . She and Lesley Coidan were demonstrating and letting people have a go at this amazing art of couture beading.  They are fantastic teachers and do workshops and lectures. See their website for more details. http://www.couturebeading.com

And……, in the brief moments when I hared  around trying to see stuff…Managed  to get to see Sadies Plaice which is fab work by Kate Jenkins and met  and talked to Amanda Clayton  who is showing  some gorgeous work with Vivian Prideaux. Also Sue Dove and Jill Denton’s work blew me away…never seen their stuff in the flesh apart from a couple of small pieces by Sue Dove in a gallery  in St Ives last year… Fabulous!! Love them ! Quilters Guild pawns are fabulous… Just look at the faces and see if you can spot the chuppa chup and the knitting bishop… Fabulous!!! SAQA have some amazing quilts too…my favourite was Tomato Soup by Jim Hay https://www.saqa.com/memberArt.php?cat=8&ec=3&ex=47#artists. Fantastic story!

Oh and there is quite a lot more!!! Look at the knitting and stitching shows galleries page… See if you can catch in Harrogate and see the galleries at this link http://www.theknittingandstitchingshow.com/london/Content/Galleries-2015

Sadly not as many artists as in past years.. Hope there will be more next time!!

Was presented with my fab certificate.. Thank you to all at the Embroiderers Guild and special thanks to Pat for making it look do lovely! I will treasure it!!!!! Love the way my work is transposed into it!


I also learnt  a bit more about haute couture. Thank you Alice!!! I love this place!

PS come  to liss and learn to tambour Sarah… You’ll love it x

PPS is want to give a mention to mr x stitch who was helping out on the stand.. In his capacity as chair of young Embroiderers. Obviously our readership figures are very similar but am hoping that this mention in my blog will help boost his a little!!!!!!!BTW seriously his TED talk is fab!!! Watch it on you tube!!!!

PPPS Alice bring your needles to Harrogate and I’ll  teach you to cast on… Should be interesting!!!!

PPPPS this blog was posted well after the event so is a bit jumbled. Artistic license! I had the most amazing trip home….its definately a  piece of work!!! Read my next blog….x

PPPPS Georgina Bellamy http://Georginabellamy is fantastic and deserves a yacht!


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