What a difference a day makes….oh knickers!

Dinah Washington
Dinah Washington

yes this is a truly amazing fact. Yes indeed sir. It really is amazing. And quite true. Point in fact …follow my first two wildly contrasting days of the summer holiday…..

Yesterday – first day of the holidays – and I spent all morning slouching around in my dressing gown drawing..lovely..absolute blisss…true I was a accompanied by the trainee teenager pirouetting around the kitchen and high kicking to what ever is most popular on capital radio these days BUT I had my iPad on full blast, listening to reruns of the Archers and was firmly concentrating on my Peoples of the Heath submissions…here’s a bit from my sketch book


imageimageimage(this was following on from the hell journey back from the north west which involved Lionel Richie legendary dinosaur  and T. Rexwho  lives in a castle with Queen Helen, King Gary, Princess Megan and Prince Nathan …..don’t ask ..and two hours stuck crawling though Stafford.)   Anyway ..I digress back to day one of hols…drawing and progressing to stitching to John Osborne on Radio 4 and Desert Island discs with Imtiaz Dharker

Imtiaz Dharker poet and artist………drawing by Imtiaz…

Imtiaz Dharker drawingFantastic particularly liked the bit about the Gujarati belief that some people possess the gift of always having enough in to feed unexpected guests……. Think I’m a bit of the opposite of the opposite of that cos I definitely had too much chicken last weekend..mainly thanks to glasto girl,who turned up,with an Italian and lots of chicken……couldn’t  flipping give it away in the end!…..anyway I digress…back to calmness and serenity of day one of hols …..furthering my research for People of the Heath project for exhibition at Flora Twort. . . ..and enjoying wonderful drawing and stress free sketching and googling into the beaker people… found beautiful photo constructed from what wessex archeology found …lots of supposition here…..skeleton was found not that far away from Hampshire ..so, it’s a bit of a stretch… but artistic licence and all that….

Isn’t she lovely!image

I have stitched my version of the image in to my version of the Heath. Just trying to decide if it works in an old up- cycled frame. Like the oldeness and reuse of it but not sure that it’s quite right aesthetically…..hmm one to ponder.. working on three pieces.. …. yes displacement activities…… I should be making bags!!! To sell. Actually looking at it again think the frame might work but the mount is definitely wrong…

…the squares represent the barrows and finds the swishy bits the Heath…..women’s head free machined in bottom left..not that clear…..



WHat do you think Sarah…, does it work? Or can you actually see it? Sorry I do take rubbish photos I need to find a good photographer who wants some practice!!!! I’ve got another frame coming now!

Anyway I digress back to what a difference a day makes….  Day two of the hols .and you couldn’t ask for a more different day …not sure that this was what Dinah was going on about ….but artistic licence and  all that……spent today tootling down to the coast and doing a bit of shopping to get more stuff for daughters camping trip…ended up being rather stressful with warring factions within the camp and cries for can I have more stuff please .. ….all after ice creams, toys and lunch out…well Gregg’s,  which is lunch out for us these days.. If it doesn’t sound it, believe me it was VERY very stressful… back to  this evening and sorting out how many cards I need to have printed for open studios, speculate to accumulate and all that jazz.. Will anyone buy anything? …aaaarghhh!!!!! What do I need to send where and what do I need to finish/start? Who knows ….anyway had a premonition in the imagesupermarket….yes I can just feel it in my bones, I am going to come into money ….. And throwing caution to the wind I  decided not to give into the children’s cries for yet more tat and treated myself to a classy pair of lacey knickers from that well known luxury brand “Tu” …ah the high life….Rigby and Pellar eat your heart out..just wait till I win the Turner!!!!

P.S. Talk  to you tomorrow for an update Sarah. X


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