The need to draw

Missed my life class at Chichester last week due to Dublin and this week due to Harrogate which I’m trying to get ready for. My beautiful Bernina jammed so looks like I may have to have a plan b…or c as my plan b needs a service.

Went to life drawing in Petersfield last night it’s been a while but I got one okay one at the end that didn’t look like a mutant alien …here are the good and the bad.  See if you can guess which is which!

imageimageimageimageimageOkay I know pretty obvious. Yes they are in chronological order……would have liked another hour at least to do that last one. That could be my prep sketch only had 40 mins…lovely model….going to miss next week too as taking school children to London. Oh my! Anyway it’s helping me with my essay a bit…which is about drawing. Need to remember the name of the drawing I want to use in my essay next…ah the joys of short term memory loss!  Anyway off to update my sketch book not keeping it properly at all ……have got lots of bits of paper to stick in it and scribbled ideas.

Kim Thittichai  mentioned me on her blog..thank you Kim! (Does this mean I can now say I am a famous, internationally exhibiting artist?) Still waiting for Mr Cross Stitch…!)…her photos look great…pleased she took some of my work  cos I didn’t take any! Oops! Anyway sketchbook calling…..anyone know a good Bernina fixer?


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