out of the ashes….

Right have decided to bunk off college today and try to get head together and assimilate Dublin and the way forward.

Still got bunnies in my life
Still got bunnies in my life


Not too skint to avoid indulgence at Empress Mills! See  Sue -  am still experimenting with new thread!
Not too skint to avoid indulgence at Empress Mills! See Sue – am still experimenting with new thread!
Does white wine and soda mean I qualify as bonfide artist?
Does white wine and soda mean I qualify as bonfide artist?

Loved the experience but it was a hard slog as I’m really worried about money. You can happily survive on surprisingly little, however a scone for lunch every day ain’t that great.(Free jam and butter!… does this mean I truely am a great artist or do I need to drink pastis?) Fortunately Caroline is great at coming up with fantastic budget hotels. Not many places I am used to staying bring you fresh milk on demand!


I have been rubbish at taking photos. Actually I quite like to just look and soak it all in, but that’s no good for you – is it Sarah – cos an odd photo here and there would be quite good wouldn’t! Sorry.  Also when I have tried to search for some online very little of it allows you to copy. I think perhaps as everyone is worried about people knicking their ideas. So, sorry!  Will tell you /explain about it when I see you.

Fantastic to meet some great textile artists that didn’t get the opportunity to talk to in London and also  good to meet the Irish contingent. Textile art is alive and well across the water. Some inspiring work. If I had money I would have bought Amy’s collar and Rebecca’s hare –  Graduates From GMIT.

NCAD also doing amazing work as well as the the arts council, especially loved the  work produced by second year Limerick students in collaboration with Electric Sheep. I want that coat! They are auctioning it for Oxfam which is fantastic. No photos! Sorry! I also loved the women of Finglas… keeping crocheting alive and separately,  I had a very interesting conversation with a woman from Newcastle which included croched vaginas! Fantastic! Hope you are continuing to worship at the alter of Grayson!

Jean Beattie
Jean Beattie
Jean littlejohn
Jo Bennett

Thank you Jo and Jean it was great to meet you. ( I love textile artists!)  I really loved having the time to look round their exhibition space properly. Quite beautiful work.  Jean also showed me another way to use to use markel, her drawing is quite lovely. Was too scared to have a go on the big space with art van go.  Really hoping to get asked back another time so that I can have a proper go too!

The Dublin phoenix                                                              The Dublin Phoenix

I had the best time thanks to Kevin and Viv  at art van go …..don’t think I could have kept going if it hadn’t been for them letting me use their lovely papers and jelly plates so that I could print to my hearts content. Definitely needed a good distraction –  art therapy. Am now in love with jelly plates,  locti  and  Japanese lens paper! An amazing way to spend a Sunday morning! They will never know how much were a life saver!!!

More stuff to work into
More stuff to work into

Apart from doing some amazing printing from a found objects  and work to make from that, I now have lots of food for thought from one of the fashion scouts who suggested making garments from my pieces. I really like this and am going to explore! Lynn…help!!! Note to Caroline … scorpion appears to have gone missing so it’s going to be interesting when FLybe actually find it!

I need to say thank you to all the amazing people who stopped to talk to me. Your comments were lovely and I loved the craic!

imageEspecially thank you to Arthur –  I hope LauraLyn charity does really well and I am definately exploring the burglar alarm idea for my boxes…if successful I won’t forget your royalties!

Georgina Bellamy jacket
Georgina Bellamy jacket

Right roast chicken to make for the kids and archers catch up…

Ps Georgina it’s absolutely no good telling me about expensive fashion brands I can’t afford. I do however expect a FROW  seat and free garments from your first collection

PPs I can’t leave petersfield Caroline, I just bought a Betty Jackson top for  4 quid from a charity shop!


3 Replies to “out of the ashes….”

  1. Glad to hear of another Gelli plate convert, I think they are amazing. would love to hear about other uses with Markel paintsticks.
    Pleased that you had a wonderful time in Dublin, hope that the next show goes well

  2. glad you enjoyed dublin… and are still experimenting … will tell Lynn about the clothes thing! still at work, making the money to be a proper artist!!!

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