Round three….ding ding..

just a quickie before I head off to Harrogate tomorrow for my last turn with my stand at the graduate showcase for the Kntting and Stitching Show with the wonderful Alison Hulme…if I manage to find her place that is…at 5 am in the morning, she’s not convinced but I am fairly confident!  Well relatively.  Been madly  trying to get things to together. Excited and a bit sad that it’s all coming to an end.

imageimageimageimageimageimageimageHope to sell some more things in Harrogate before Xmas so that I can buy more materials to experiment some more…have a new direction to go in now which is great….watch this space…I am still looking for my scarf Caroline! I have some ideas….I’d better sell some stuff otherwise going to need extension or watch out for table top sale outside my house.

Ps I stood on the stage at the Globe in London yesterday and quoted Shakespeare…that’s definately going in an artwork some where…I bite my thumb at thee! Now there’s a slogan to put on a piece of work. Rather better than the conversation I had with my daughter yesterday about swear words….had an interesting discussion about reclaiming some female anatomy words……anyway I digress…also managed to see Richard Tuttle textile thingy at the Tate – afraid it didn’t do it for me at all! Very disappointing!

pps managed to actually make it into new shop which has opened in Petersfield called ‘sew creative’ lots of workshops on offer and lots of materials and threads to buy…always good. I will take you in when you come up Sarah ……we’ve also got to go to ‘the garage’ which is amazing!!!

ppps watchout for talk in Hampshire with Rozanne Hawksley coming up in June 2015 organised by new textile group ‘room6’ more of which later.  Right work to get to then bags to I need a suit carrier…has the Mad Canadian got one?



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