Megan said

that there should have been some kind of celebration with the 60th post…I don’t know perhaps some kind of award for you Sarah for hanging with me! Been a bit up and down after last week.  Missed my graduation ceremony at Winchester this week.  Would have loved to have gone but needed to teach classification and habitats instead! It was quite fun…honest..if .a bit weird the best thing they found out was that an octopus can lay 200, 000 eggs and,  that according to the key I provided, as boys don’t give birth to live young they are reptiles!  Good job Ofsted not there! Managed to go all the way to Liss in Stitches too only to have the caretaker tell me I was a week early! Need to check my time plan more carefully. Probably wouldn’t have managed to find the Cathedral anyway!


Need to do my Oscars speech and say thank you to all the people who made such fabulous comments about my work (when I let them get a word in edge ways). Thank you yo everyone from Eastleigh who politely stopped by even though they must be sick to death of seeing my boxes and hearing me stress about them.  Thank you to the people from Petersfield Arts and Crafts Society who called in to say hello, and of course to my family , especially Nathan who managed to have 60’s style happening in the middle of my space, don’t think anyone saw so think I’m ok! A big thank you to all the ladies from Winchester EB who dropped by to wish me well.  I was so pleased to see Chris again after so many years! We worked out it was about 5 years ago when I first bought her beautifully stitched needle case and she sat me down over  tea and cake  in the cafe at Winchester Discovery Centre and told me all about the embroiderers guild and City & Guilds.  Thank you also again to the Embroiderers Guild for Inviting me to the K & S and looking after me so well.

Looking forward to Dublin week after next. Hoping to keep running out and see some more exhibits.  I managed only a few in London as I was by my stand gabbing for most of the show.  Want to drink in more stuff, more completely so I will be stalking some people  in Dublin.  I will of course be back for my fix of Renate Keeping.

Dublin hotel money
Dublin hotel money
Dublin breakfast
Dublin breakfast
Dublin dinner
Dublin dinner







I also spotted some rather nice paper wrapped thread on the Habu stall which I am after. Quite unusual for me to purchase outside the realms of a charity shop or car boot sale.  I will also be getting my fix from Kevin at Art Van Gogh …bet I can’t find my loyalty card.  Still not managed to complete  a whole one!

Am a bit sad that when I talked to one of the students earlier this week that they had been to theK&S for supplies but hadn’t made it to the galleries!  That is just tragic! I put her straight.  She knows the route for next time.

ps Samson steals Lego Chima((guess who’s helping me write this and wants me to stop so that they can watch Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles?)


Ps zero nine….Sarah the cheese biscuits were good but the textile art was better.  Felt like a very inadequate stitcherx

Alison Hulme zeronine
Zero Nine Alison Hulme 


Zero Nine Jane Mayhew


Zero Nine Anne Moore
Zero Nine Anne Moore

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