I finally get it

I think. My head is still buzzing with everything that went on last week. But I think I finally get that it’s not a race. I am allowed to take my time and begin to form my work.  Really starting to think about what I want to to get from my fine art course at Chichester.  Drawing and a trying more techniques to get my drawing on to fabric.   I want to make books and pictures and draw and write in them. I want to get better at how I do this. I want the space to do it in.

Lots of head chatter on the drive to Chichester this morning.  Asked lots of questions when I got there.  Another great artist’ talk …Paul Westercombe. Amazing drawings and paintings. Great story. Had tutorial with him which has made me want to keep going.  These photos don’t do the drawings justice.  Would love to see them for real.  Exhibition coming up in Newcastle. ( think it’s probably Gateshead the Baltic).

Right can’t work out how to insert the pictures above so going to need another post!  Bye….

Paul Westercombe's egg
Paul Westercombe’s egg
Paul Westercombe's coffee cup
Paul Westercombe’s coffee cup
4th Cornice of Mount Purgatory Paul Westercombe
4th Cornice of Mount Purgatory Paul Westercombe

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