Am. All. Sixes. And. Sevens…

Hello! isn’t it a buggar when life gets in the way! Been up in the North East for the last 5 days. Bit of a family emergency going on there, but let’s not dwell…am back and trying to get ready for Dublin tomorrow. Omg! Not ready at all! Have had to do a bit of a rethink and just go with the flow! Tickets money passport and off to the Emerald Isle.  Went to boots and did a bit of emergency maintenance.image




Then into spec savers to try to make sure I can see whilst I’m there.




Am putting this photo in just so my children remember what I look like. Yes. Mum’s off galavanting again!

Just in case...
Just in case… 








Fortunately already done a bit of stitching, so got a few bits to sell to try to supplement income whilst there…so should manage more than cuppa soup and pot noodle! Might even manage a pint of Guinness!






Have got the cheapest flight going with no luggage allowance. Just praying that I can squeeze everything into the rucksack and make it look like am not carrying a handbag.  I’m sure this luggage allowance thing is all smoke and mirrors anyway ….or am I living in the past? Probably!

Thought for the day…..why are contemporary art galleries often full of crap? ie the Baltic (ps this a totally personal opinion but it’s mine and therefore valid! Anyone can not ‘get ‘my stuff too! But I do hope that it’s nice to look at.)  And why are lovely little quirky galleries sometimes over looked? SIDE gallery ….Confronteir…Kai Weidenhofer…..check it out if you’re in Newcastle.  Worth a butchers.

imageAnd ….just for the record there is no where on this Earth called NewcastleGaTeshead.  Mind you, looking at the lovely corporate website devoted to ‘NewcastleGateshead’ (and just be grateful Gateshead cos at least you keep a capital letter, even tho you’re tacked onto the end of Newcastle….) it does have a ‘strong track record of successful delivery’ so there you go, what do I know. Just for the record, I left 30 years ago and I will never call it NewcastleGateshead.  And, after a quick straw poll,  it appears that neither will anyone else from the North East.  See ya! X




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