Back to reality

A new day dawns.  Back in the real world to get woken up at 5am by a six year old who still loves me even though I abandoned him for 6 days. Megan woke up at 3am to remind me who she was. You’d think I’d  left them with a basket of sandwiches and a picnic blanket for 6 days…well they are quite self sufficient,  but they do need some one to operate the remote control on the telly. (Gary was actually there looking after them.)(Honest.)

Great journey back from London with Alison and Caroline who  thankfully ignored the sat nav at a crucial moment and went off piste and got me home fast! Thank you to the Mad Canadian who picked me up in tesco car park outside Winchester and sped me homewards to large glass of wine.

Head still buzzing with everything that’s gone on.  Need to take a moment to compose.  So much more material for new work.  Back later with more musings.

I love books
I love books
The ladies are back
The ladies are back
More books
More books
Great artists acknowledged
Great artists acknowledged
The family and a punter...Megan had just got money off me so no where to be seen!
The family and a punter…Megan had just got money off me so no where to be seen!
She's back for more
She’s back for more

PS. claim to fame I took Diane’s  first selfie…..

Diane, me, Hanny over the ironing board
Diane, me, Hanny over the ironing board
...and her second one!
…and her second one!

PPS Also have the recipe for the best cottage pie ever! Which I am so passing off as my own.

PPS Thank you to the lady with the back pack who knocked all my boxes over because when I piled them back up again they looked even better cos you could see more of my drawing.  (Couldn’t  thank her in person because strangely she disappeared rather quickly afterwards) It’s all about change!

Bye bye space
Bye bye space


Off to do a life class. Will be good to draw again instead of talking!



5 Replies to “Back to reality”

  1. Glad you’re home safe and sound !
    Gonna miss you tomorrow at our graduation … Will raise a toast to you at lunch 🙂 Sarah
    Ps Told you’d have hundreds of followers now your famous! Can’t keep up with them or your blogs x

    1. Gutted I not coming! Wish I’d been able to afford to take the day off! Have a fantastic time and have a glass for me. Ps you got to throw your hat up in the air just for me too..I want a high school musical moment! Xxx

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