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Hello dear reader.. well yes I was for a bit….but I’m back- excited and invigorated, ready for the New Year.  Having help from my marvellous power neighbour ™ I’m back into WordPress and hopefully on the case with Instagram mycathasniceboots and facebook ….whoo hoo and ready to blog away.  Here’s a brief overview of the last 7 months. I know you’ve been missing me! (Hello Worthing Embroiderers. I know at least one of you missed me..mentioning no names..Jill!!)

May saw me return from my travels round Egypt with the teenager…we got on remarkably well… if there’s Wi-Fi she’s happy.  It was great taking her somewhere that was so different and see that awe and wonder on her face as we hit the bazaars. The best bit was landing in Cairo and the hustle and bustle of everyone going everywhere. She was brave enough to go inside the Great Pyramid. I stuck to the smaller ones and the crypts in the Valley of the Kings cos I am wuss!  Don’t think she’ll ever forgive me for making her sleep on a felucca and get eaten alive by mozzies….


Paris with the teenager was amazing…goodness she’s lucky…  Found a lovely gallery I hadn’t been to before musee orangerie.  Built specially for Monet’s Water Lily pictures.   Spent a lot of time just being…. and drawing from the amazing art collection they have down stairs..and also outside in the gardens.  Highlight for the teenager was a macaron walking tour of St Germaine with Johnny…recommended!!!! Look him up on trip advisor.

Also went to the Quilt Show in Birminghan to meet some of the lovely ladies form my last trip with Colourlicious.  It was so fab to catch up with them and also to look round the show which is always a goodie.

July:  saw the arrival of the  lovely Ashwin from Gujarat Journies.  Making him be a tourist for a change we went to see the Overlord Embroidery (Haven’t see it already..go!!) in Southsea, Stone Henge and Roche Court…. not all on the same day! I AM SORRY ABOUT THE RAIN!!!!!

Roche Court Gallery

August saw us decamp en famile to the wonderful Widemouth Bay… I practised some very poor clippy matting to keep me occupied…I need a session with Glen from Stroud. North Cornwall is truly inspirational..did tons of drawing. Desperately saving up for a holiday chalet there….need to start buying lottery tickets, need to start buying lottery tickets, need to start buying lottery tickets….Visited the wonderful Tintagel Castle 

which had just reopened after much work on a new bridge and me and the nearly teenager went looking for dragons. Taking him on a lion hunt in the summer…watch this space.  (LOST MY CAR KEYS!!!!) (PANIC)(FOUND MY CAR KEYS!) (PANIC OVER!!) Also spoke to the lovely ladies from the WI down there who had a wonderful selection of their handiwork on display next to the old post office and yes I did buy!!!

October: saw a couple of visits to the, fantastic as usual, Knit and Stitch at Ally Pally ..too many great things there to mention here but if you check out libertine-vale   also on instagram  you can GET a good flavour.  As usual I was too busy gabbing and looking to take photos.   I was also extremely privileged to be part of the Artist in Action Team with Art Van Go.  THANK YOU TO ALL WHO STOPPED BY TO SAY HELLO. And thank you Viv and Kev for making me part of the team…..I got to meet one of my idols Gina Ferrari!!!

September: Re-joined my Master’s Degree which is currently keeping me away from making and on the research trail…looking at how stitches top up your Waah..though for obvious reasons won’t be calling it that in the final draft..Academia 1 point,  Helen 0 points

I also managed open studios and to exhibit work in South Sea with CAPUG and gave a talk to the undergraduate textile students at Chichester University about my Travels in Gujarat and some of the complexities of Guajarati textiles. I am a novice… ..there is sooooo much out there to learn about… fortunately  my good friend Gautam from Gujarat Journies is only a WhatsApp away and keeps me  right. I also talk to my Gujarat buddy Sarah Homfray who is heading out to Delhi in a few days’ time. Wish I was going with you Sarah..have fun!  Sarah is a fabulous teacher AND THE PLACE IS AWE INSPIRING if you are going you will have an amazing time.

CAPUG exhibition Southsea
Part of my Gujarati stash…

November: Making lots of these at the mo..not sure where I’m going but they are influenced by my travels in Gujarat and the things I saw there and build on Doll Face…

December : It was Xmas, silly…but ….I did manage to squeeze in a trip to Hampton Court to see the Lost Dress of Elizabeth and a jaunt to London to the Tate Modern

Eilifur Olasson

..oh and invited the neighbours round fir a bit of a stitching session

Scissor cases..my own design!!!
Making new stuff from an old charity shop quilt….

January: Gearing up to let people know all about my  amazing trip to Rajasthan which I am hosting with Colourlicious THERE ARE STILL SPACES PEOPLE!!!!…..come with me!! and a summer in South Africa….. more of which later in the year.

Looking forward to seeing the Material Girls on the 23rd January  to regale them about my travels in Gujarat. Taking my wonderful stash of Gujarati textiles to share with them.  Until later adios amigos….

PS Sarah hope you are enjoying the hot climates and having fun teaching on your big boat.  Thank you for the fab felt making post-Christmas… See you soon xxx

Always stitching something
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