Turning the clocks forward….

November has all been about gearing up for an exhibiton at the Physic Garden in Petersfield with the art group I initiated….The Art Group Collective..we aim to show once a year locally……with the aim of getting more art seen in  the community….click for info

physic flyer final

I’ve also been concetrating on new directions for my Masters Degree , … having my mind boggled by philosophers and the philosophy of art..Phenomenology..go on i dare you..look it up..its a mine field…if your dumbfounded i dare you to googgle the muppets and phenomenology…you’ll be singing it for days!!!#andalso been to a Phd symposium on women and art and modernism..actually fantastic….. am continuing exploring how to expand my practice……excuses excuses….. so havent blooged for while so after promising to get back on the bus I am afraid i jumped off again..oops.

…….as well as uni..and work………i’ve been at the Knitting and Stitchng show promoting the  Campaign for Creativity   – click the link to sign the petition to get the goverment looking hard at establishing a creative curriculum ….as well as having a piece in the Page 17 exhibition for the Embroiderers Guild.


and rediscovering all the amazing stitchers of the 1950’s…in a wonderful book by Constance Howard… you can see waht inspired my Page 17 piece…although the book with Page 17 was actually the Women’s history of the word..fab book..taking too long to get through it tho…..20171014_224844

My symposium has also amde me redisciver Georgia O’ Keefe and read Jean Rhys..MARVELLOUS!!! I’ve  aso been doing talks and workshops….and making up samples..which I love doing ..honest..its real chance to play in a very safe environment instead of constantly sticking your head above the parapit..however ;id mangaged to forget how to load pictures on to my blog so this has taken flippin ages and so im going to stop now and hope that i remember how to do it next time..i ve also done a  photoshop and someother adobethingy  work shop at university which was hysterical…no really hysterical……i really didnt have a clue fortunately I had a very patient teacher..not sure i’m much the wiser like but onwards and upwards…..and now im off to do Harvard referencing…..evidently theres an app that does it all for you nowadays called cite me..sounds a bit like..well lets not say what it sound a bit like..i#m sure it wont be exciting me but i hope it helps if i can work out how to use it…..

……….the more you put off doing a blog the harder it is to write one so I am now promising my self to do one a month again.  I of course know my adoring public don’t give two figs and you’ve probably forgotten all about me but it;s good for me…., not stressing though this is it for now and im back on the bus I hope now for good..ding ding…..


signing off..x


Ps well done Sarah for your amazing successes athe Knitting and Sttiching Shows..really amazing !! soooo pleased for you!!x

PPS managed  inspirational visit to the Cass Sculpture Foundation..got behing the scenes to experience the amazing machettes and drawings behind all that amazing sculpture and Eoche Court..marvellous as always!





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