The Final Count down

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talk about Brexit…what ever happened to Europe…..well exactly!!!!!…..not as good as my quiff….     but hey …….there you go…..PV INVITE EMAIL- no limits - .GIF to insert - DEGREE SHOW 17

Just back from an amazing weekend at the Brockenhurst Fiesta talking to people about my work…I love this show! Hello! if this is your first time to my blog..thank you for talking to me about my work and if you purchased something or not thank you for helping me keep going as an artist ! I had some really amazing and interesting conversations with people.  There is so much creative energy out there it makes you glad to be alive..hopefully this will give me the extra energy I need over the next few weeks. ..and if I said Id email you I’s on my list!!

Only a very quick hello this time to say you’re very welcome  come to my degree show..details above if you are in the area..(there are 33 artists exhibiting .. huge variety of should be good! )   Currently painting my degree space and getting very dusty putting the finishing touches to Orange is the New Gray… and yes I know you spell gray, grey and not Gray!!  You’ll have to ask me about it!

P.S. I’ll also be a the Ashcroft Centre next week at their great Textiles day teaching a Sashiko Workshop in the morning…might see you there!

P.S.S. I’ll see you there Sarah!  Thanks for looking after me this weekend.. It was lovli!

P.S.S.S. Right off to finish some more chairs! x


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