Back Again…..

so its been a while since I’ve blogged (or not… depending on your perspective) ..but I now want to keep a track on where I am in the lead up to my degree show in expect a blog a week..sorry!!  So ….what have I been doing..well  apart form having an absolutely marvellous studio built in my garden…the big reveal will be soon..still painting ..or rather him in doors still painting…..thank you to the Mad Canadian for donating a lovely table to the cause !!!  Painting that too!

Doing lots of work for my degree show..prevaricating mostly…. but above is the latest  that’s on going on… Orange is the New Grey/Gray…. looking at lots of great artists like Doris Salcedo,  Susan Collis and  Phyllida Barlow..need to get lots of stuff stuck in my sketch book there’s a lot of paper  and sketches in a box at the wont look like this…pretty amazing huh?  This is by Doris Salcedo..I’m using 12…..

Apart from hanging chairs and buying lots of calico to experiment  with I’ve had a great careers advice session with the advisory service at uni..really great for thinking about your cv ad bringing it up to date!! Really helpful!  THANK YOU!  Just got  get on and do my artist statement now..crikey!!

Also went to a great talk ‘women in holly wood’  with Nicolas Smedly at Chichester was whole day event (more ammo for my work too) … I went with Glastonbury Girl and the Proof Reader… are you reading this Ruth?? ….and have you started following me on Instagram yet…. mycathasniceboots!! infact has anyone started following me on instagram?????? Grayson’s only done 1 post and he’s got thousands!!! I’m doing something wrong somewhere……

There are some great related talks planned over the next couple of weeks check out thier website   Chichester Newpark cinema

Anyway I’m not quite battening down the hatches and before the degree show ….  May 12th ….   I will be at

Brockenhurst Needlework Fiesta   

IMG_20170306_194646_815and the following weekend I will be at the the Ashcroft Centre  Fabric Day – a Celebration of Textiles   where I will be teaching a my version of Sashiko ….11.20 am – 12.40 pm… sandwiched in between Nicky Barfoot and Sarah Waters!  I will be exploring this traditional Japanese technique, transferring   patterns to make a  sample to provide the basis for a number of items to complete at home….I’ll give you some ideas!

The day runs from 9.30 till 4.30  and there will be full day of workshops, demonstrations, talks to celebrate the art of and making and working with textiles.  Also Rosemary Hawthorne aka The Knicker Lady will be  giving a talk .   I’ve seen her before and shes great fun and very educational!….so i’m looking forward to seeing her again.

Been making some covered books to sell too…this one uses  some lovely upholstery fabric with Japanese silk….


and last but not least I will be at Rum’s Eg in May

exhibiting with Sarah Waters..we’ve put our heads together and come up with a new show called ‘Under the Microscope’ and its our response to all things  microscopic with a heavy slant on artistic interpretation..the private View is on  23rd May… please come!

PS Great to catch up with you Sarah and good to plan the final traunch (is that a word?) and  get ready for our first two woman show !!!

PS Thanks for the cereal!Image result for cereal in art

PPS Thank you to Worthing Embroiderers’ Guild for inviting me to do a workshop with them ..great fun! Also thanks to Salisbury and Chichester Guilds  …thank you for the lovely warm reception at both venues for my talk .

PPPs Great Talk by Tanya Wood last night at Liss In StitcheS…….ex  member  of Liss in StitcheS and alumni of Chichester Uni.. now teaching at the Royal Academy no less!!! Amazing work!! It was a privilege to listen…


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