Rites of Spring… Birth…..

Remember that thing I wasn’t allowed to talk about a couple of blogs ago? Well I am now…… I recently did some work for the Embroiderers’ Guild to do with a launch of the new chapter of HBO s Game of Thrones and my contribution was a heraldic shield … blink and you’ll miss it…my bit is very small…. but here’s the proof I actually did it!!!! It was great fun to be part of something so big. We were allowed to do what we wanted as long as we followed the drawing and stayed in the colour scheme. The picture above shows a White Walker, a bit from my my sketch book and a copy of the original piece… …basically me trying to work out what on earth to do. I didn’t panic at all ..honest…was totally cool calm and collected about the whole thing…… a lot of procrastination was involved and lots of u-tube videos on crewel work!! Still trying to get hold of a picture of the final piece I have no idea what it looks like!!!.., it should be on social media later today..tune in for more later….or check out the .Embroiderers’ Guild Facebook page for more pictures of beautiful work submitted……gorgeous aren’t they!! I did not do these!!!!!!!

The first opportunity to see the complete “Hardhome Embroidery” created for HBO Game of Thrones Series 5 boxset launch will be from 10am on Friday 18th March until 6pm on Saturday 19th March 2016 at the Crossing Gallery, Central St Martins, 1 Granary Square, London N1C 4AA. It’s free too!!!

Gutted that I won’t be able to get there! Am in Worthing on Saturday giving a talk to the Embroiderers’ Guild and on Sunday I head up to Birmingham to stand by my exhibits!!! The Embroiderer’s Guild are currently in talks with HBO to arrange a travelling show so perhaps I’ll get to see it then?

(The Embroiderers’ Guild led the design and production of the piece and invited stitch partners The Royal School of Needlework, Hand & Lock and Fine Cell Work to participate.)

any way .isn’t it funny how everything I’ve done this year so far is touched with grey???? What colour will I be next year? Exciting!! Or not!!!!


So ever onwards Brum here I come…… Please come and say hello if you are visiting the ICHF show. I am exhibiting with Room6 textile group. My bit is called Gray’s Anatomy.

I gave birth to the last of my bodies- Gray’s Anatomy- geddit- I do like artistic interpretation… Ralph ….last Wednesday.. Here he is…


He’s from a drawing I did of a self portrait of Ralph Steadman at the Winchester discovery centre…he was a long time coming as I couldn’t decide on who to join my other 8 ….Korhogo, Pablo, David, Cat, Frida, Cel, Gene and Ed, anyway here they all are……


They will be at the ICHF Birmingham NEC until Sunday along with my mitochondria – (that started off as an iron curtain but thanks to a metamorphosis and wild artistic interpretation, an ex dentist with a brilliant scientific mind etc etc ) …when they will return to Hampshire before more outings in the summer. Let’s hope they don’t lose a lot in translation! I loved doing them and managed to even get in a tribute to Mr Perry.

So what with that and doing travelling books..I need a rest!!! Thank goodness it’s nearly Easter!

heres my Easter bunny…..


P.S. Hey it’s a grey bunny Sarah .. How weird is that! X

P.S. Listened to fab talk by Anne Moore last night at Liss in StitcheS. Check out her website by pressing the link. Lovely stuff!!!


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