Up and coming….

quickie…just finished making for my latest exhibition opens at Romsey Abbey on Tuesday  -and runs throughout October..come along and have a butchers ….there’s quite a few people exhibiting so if you don’t like my stuff you might like some one else’s…..always a good thing that! Canapés at  Rums Egg Gallery in Romsey afterwards.. PV at 6… Canapés at 7…..

I am exhibiting two pieces…one from thefirst year of my Stitched Textiles Degree…. ‘My past in the present’ which I think has ‘cathedralesque ‘ qualities ……my phrase and I’m sticking with it…..see if you do…..  Spot the angel of the North and the 5 Bridges…yes it dates me cos there’s more bridges now……but still fits in with my not admitting to anything over 39 and a half years old back story….,prizes on a post card if you can guess where I’m from!!!!! My avid follower(s) will of course know this piece and appreciate its’ significance blah blah blah…. that was supposed to sound up myself by the way….. on purpose but my avid follower(s) will already know that won’t they/ you Sarah!!!!! (Talking of which.. ..post cards that is ……decided to take the plunge and have some post cards printed to go with my show at Alexandra palace in October at the Knitting and Stitching Show… I love them but I am biased. Hope I can flog a few as this framing malarkey is not cheap!!!! Debating between 50p and £1….hmmmmm if you read my blog you can have one for 50p!!!!

My past in the present…….


Also decided to do boxes in homage to my last years’ degree show….anyway made three and let me tell you the third one.. ah the third one…… getting the third one out was comparable with childbirth.. I kid you not!!!! Maybe that’s why I only had two children????? However they  are done!!!!! Finished Friday set up Monday… so loads of time there then!!!! Am really pleased with the panels but will be interested to see how they go down.  Mind you as with all my stuff I love doing it and become possessed in the making and if people like it it’s a bonus but not one I need…unless of course they want to buy them … Not sure where I’m going to store them… So selling would be good……they feel really rather lovely and are great to pummel!!! They depict different stages in Saint  Ethelreda’s life. The middle one is made up of a 50’s novel about a sleighted woman and called ‘ the fiancée.….totally inspired! (Mind you I haven’t read it so it might be awful!) The little rolls  on top are made from a ripped up Mills and Boon novel ( her life was about as faraway from Mills and Boon as you can get..geddit?) and they are meant to signify the 7 high tides that miraculously appeared  and enabled Ethelreda to escape her frustrated (bless him) husband…shed taken a vow of chastity and he had got fed up waiting for her to give up her vows as he wanted his husbandly rights……personally I find feigning sleep works for me….. Mind you having two kids not much time for anything other than a glass of wine occasionally……

rubbish photos of my work on my sofa…they’ll look better on the box in the abbey that they were made for…honest!!! Here’s hoping anyway………..  

There is also a nod to the refugee crisis that we are currently experiencing. I like to think Ethelreda who was supposed to be marvel of exemplary behaviour to her fellow nuns …would have got her finger out and done something to help……

And finally been stressing about how to re frame my work for Ally Pally…but the seeds of a solution are slowly forming….meanwhile the children are becoming feral and I think him in doors will kill me if I say… C…’so what do you think if ‘ again………..watch out for my next blog……I know you can’t wait…………


2 Replies to “Up and coming….”

    1. Thanks! Sort of starting to regret making them so large! Didn’t make it to Fareham Maltings so went to buy homemade chutney in Buriton instead!

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