i am officially techie

Not tetchy anymore!
imagewoohoo! Downloaded iOS 8.something or other and glitches are fixed! I can upload easily again. Next task is to read all those WordPress tutorials and start being more au fait with my website. However if I’m honest think I’d rather make or look at art!

Watched magnetic  movie by semiconductor again ….check it out on Vimeo.  20Hz is pretty groovy too!

Went to see great William Pye exhibition at Bedales on way home today.  Lovely to see machettes of some huge scale sculptures he has installed  all over the world.  Only sad I missed his talk at the gallery last night.  Worth going to see just to be mesmerised by the mini version of “vortex”.



image Yes I do have an exhibition next week ….image                                                                              ………enjoying displacement activities.  Certainly beats trying to beg steal or borrow a fourth plinth!



2 Replies to “i am officially techie”

  1. did you get the message that you can park your car at college but you wont be able to pick it up on a sunday because the parks will be all locked up ….
    j have a plinth but how will you get them all to ally pally? i think sarah had some pack flat ones

    1. Yes Lorraine contacted me have managed to sort a lift. Plinths all sorted thanks. Got transcripts …don’t they look lovely! see you next week! H

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