One week and counting

Still can’t get my WordPress site to work properly. But I am learning to work round things and reading loads of messages from bloggers with the same issue. Do not update to iOS 8! It stuffs your word press site up! Not great when your trying to blog about an up and coming show.

Finally managed to get technology sorted for my exhibition, got hold of an av thingumy to link to my monitor but after talking to Bob the technician at Chichester I have decided to use my trusty laptop to display ‘Do It Again Please’ to the world. Have downloaded on to the hard drive and am ready to go. Decided to add a few more ladies to textile books and am good to go for the Knit and Stitch. You can really see why I am a textile artist can’t you. But everyone needs to start some where.

Great talk at uni today from Ruth Jarman who was very tech savvy. With her partner Jo Gerhardt they exhibit as Semiconductor. Check out website. Fascinating stuff! I really loved. Great to know the story behind the art. They use computers as a medium so I am sure they would have found my forays with laptops and av thingumyies amusing . As a departure from what they normally do they are just finishing a commission in conjunction with Jerwood and are installing a huge wooden sculpture in Alice Holt park later this month. It looks great. I will be going for a butchers!

Talking of which, went to Andrew Sabin’s open studios on Sunday. Love ‘of sea and sun’ and all the sculptures which were textiley and touchable and moved. Fantastic space though we didn’t stay long as it was quite a family affair. Must be one of the only arty places I could take Nathan and let him push the art work.Memories of an an incident in the the Ashmoleum still bring me out in a cold sweat!

Right this is the downside to WordPress as it is with iOS 8 glitches, unless you insert the pictures as you go, in the app and not via safari cos it doesn’t work anymore, they all end up in a bunch at the end. Sorry. Must go, just had pop up from Apple saying I need to install the next update of iOS 8 which should include bug fixes. Just need to work out how to do it though a pc on iTunes. I could be a while…but I do sound quite techy don’t I?



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