Barbara L Smith

Great to get response from Barbara re her show at the Barbican in 1999. Still waiting to hear from the embroiderers guild on what they have from the exhibition. Barbara sent some lovely pictures and ideas of people to look at for inspiration! Feeling re-inspired to make more… this space….my Pinterest board is growing!





Displacement activities over

Manages to make a silk elephant this week…..don’t ask why! Then more badges for next weeks Matthew Harris talk. Am now going to start making more books…..honest! Life class later so hopefully more inspiration will come my way!


Hannah Hoch and Kader Attia at the Whitechapel

Feeling very arty this week….two exhibitions! Love Hannah Hoch (should have an umlout but can’t work that out but I have worked out how to add images from the internet! I heart my iPad)
bit disappoited by Attia…great concept and clever use of mirrors but expected to feel more…….





Mike Walker Gallery Muse

Just been to see Mike Walker at Gallery Muse.  Beautiful linocut  prints.  Spoke to Mary Herdman whilst there.  Going to see her exhibition a ‘the Cricketers’ in Petersfield on Friday.   Can’t wait.  Mary does beautiful line drawing and paintings.

MIKE WALKER is an Artist, Writer, Lecturer and Academic currently lecturing at Chichester and Kent University.

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Sarah Waters Feltmaker


Just spent a great day in the new forest felting with Sarah. Sarah introduced me to nuno felting…fantastic! We went for a very wet walk to see the fantastic art work in the village hall at Woodgreen..AMAZING! Murals painted by students of Central St Martins Art College in the 1930s…wonderful.

More information about the murals – the pictures on the website do not do the murals justice.