The joy of hoovering…a cautionary tale…

or why you should never agree to frame a black jacket in a vintage frame…

So friends what have I been doing for the last 2 days…hoovering,  yes, hoovering you heard it here first… only those who know me well will know how absolutely  ridiculous and out of character  this is.  On my return from the wonderful private view at Romsey Abbey on Tuesday eve…where my work is featured on the cover of the catalogue…oh yes indeedy… feel almost famous…went quite to my head…want to photocopy and illegally fly post all over the shop…petersfield notice board had to do….and you dear reader(s) can have it here  free…okay it came out pink but hey that’s my fault, my iPad has a will of its own…it’s still rather wonderful that it’s there…


and that’s what the iPad saw it as….anyway back to now….decided I’d better get to it and finish re-framing my ribis jacket for Ally Pally.   What a white bespoke frame did to it just wasn’t quite right.  I still really would like it to hang free in a frame…but  if encased it must be….I mused the idea for a bit then procured a beautiful vintage frame and stuffed it in there …yes stuff is the correct technical  art word…and it does look rather lovely. However…did you know that you find out when you do these mad things ….old frames have an awful lot of dust and debris that falls off them…so 48 hours later… I think I’m nearly there….of course if I had oodles of money I’d pay a minion to do it for me ….but if not fun, it’s definitely been a learning experience and I am better and wiser for it.  It’s not perfect but I like the imperfections.. There’s  some Japanese saying about imperfection isn’t there allotment woman…. .?…(I love you Helena!)  I knew there was a good reason for some people going to Polytechnic..obviously it was wasted on me….image

imageWhat do you think???let me know…. come and see the real thing at the knitting and stitching show next week…. it’s in my blog now so they’ve got to let me hang it!!!!imperfections and all.

Well got to go and finish packing for Ally Pally….need to make more lists.  Do try to get to Romsey if you are in the vicinity…it’s such a beautiful venue.. The l is the abbey is the best work of art…..does anyone know any other cathedralesque places that would like the exhibition? Let me know! We’d like to take it on tour.

PS Sarah, thanks for the fishing wire…its in the post xx

PPS Your nuns look fabulous!!! Like they are growing out of the stone around the font! Meant to be there!

PPPS Himindoors.. the children would probably quite like a phone call at some point over the next week…but don’t NEED one and are quite sure that your much NEEDed holiday will not change you!!x



3 Replies to “The joy of hoovering…a cautionary tale…”

  1. You do make me laugh Helen. I so love your blogs….!
    But can I correct you slightly (sorry!) The exhibition is in Romsey Abbey not a cathedral and my felt sculptures are Saints (Sanctus) not nuns!! See you at Ally Pally xx

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