My oh my…it’s been a while…

and no I haven’t fallen off the end of the earth since my last post and the end of the k & s. I have been busy!!!!! Honest! Been looking at my silk and my Japanese fabric..a lot! Scared to touch it, it’s so beautiful! But I am going to attack with scissors and machine over the Xmas hols honest..I have an idea..Watch this space….sometimes you just need to





Oh and I’ve been helping out at Phoenix Juniors. I am now an expert at Suffolk puffs and angelina application.


Oh and I’ve been working.

Oh and trying to write a three and a half thousand word essay..scheduled to finish on Wednesday…I hope!

Oh and I’ve been totally panicking about the designer crafts at the Mall…need to work out how to display…I have some ideas.  Very close to cutting up my work and reassembling it? Is that allowed?


Oh and I have been been to see the turner prize nominees…had a fab night. Mind you I’ve got to be honest I don’t think I’m going to win in the next two years. I am rather good at writing arty b**locks, but afraid that my arty b**locks is quite accessible. Arty b**locks at the Turner.. well  I lost the will to live after the first couple of sentences of artists’s statements. Maybe I am just not highbrow enough but I do like people to know what my stuff if about… If they want to of course…maybe that’s where I am going wrong? Anyway I predicted that Duncan Campbell would win. Does that mean some thing? I liked the video and all the work was of an extremely high standard and beautifully presented…from everyone. The print maker was nice too but none of it really got me. ..or blew me away. No Anishes, Antonys or Graysons I’m afraid.  Being a rebel I pinched a comment card. Coming to an art work near me soon.

Been life drawing……all day to day..they look s bit alien like again but at least my man looks like a man..have thrown in the woman from last week too…

image image image image

And got another class this evening. Can’t wait. Byex

ps this is my studio space….I am doing a Diane and taking up as much space as possible to try to not get relegated to the depths below !

imageimagepps oh and I’ve sold some more work.

ppps Oh and just in case you area following this Gary like you say you are..not convinced my but what the hey…left handed…….hint hint!

Left postage...hmmm?
Left postage…hmmm?

pppps and making Christmas cards and going to the aspects gallery in Portsmouth who very kindly provided me with materials to make said Xmas cards whilst the delightful children were graphitting on the walls..they were supposed to be..honest!

imageppppps still haven’t heard from Grayson! Will just have to settle for going to his exhibition at the National Portrait Gallery when I drop my Mall stuff off ..



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