been far too busy to blog

Hello my amazing followers…for those of you new to this incredibly popular site that’s a joke by the way…. I appreciate this is only read by myself and Sarah…but if you have dared to take a peek after picking up my card today or chatting to me ….if I let you get a word in edgeways….hello.and  thank you for stopping to look at my work.  I am having am absolutely amazing time at the knitting and stitching show. It’s fantastic , the people are amazing the work is amazing and next week when my head has stopped spinning and I’m not quite so pooped  I will tell you all about the gems that are here and all the fantastic things that have been happening to me….if you can still come before it closes on sunday then please come. Meantime her’s a little bit of stuff to keep you going….

Selfie in front of the wonderful Caroline Bell's work
Selfie in front of the wonderful Caroline Bell’s work


My name in card...
My name in card…
The ladies are back
The ladies are back
Heroic hieronymous
Heroic hieronymous
Graduate showcase
Graduate showcase

And for all those girls who bought my badges have you googled Picasso? Do you know who he is? And have you googled Mademoiselles  d’Avignon? Laters x

ps thank you Embroiderers Guild  for asking me to come and exhibit my work, words cannot express how thankful I am.

Pps and hey and Grayson if your reading this the box is yours!

Messieurs perrie
Messieurs perrie

pps Mr x stitch have you started blogging  about me yet? Textile art is the future.

ppps goodnight Sarah you should be asleep.


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