I have a lorra lorra boxes

well have started to box up ….goodness me didn’t think it would take this long….

imageDoesn’t that plinth look good…think I might have to keep it in my garden!  Would be preferable to lugging all the flipping boxes I have amassed in my hall, back room, kitchen, car boot, every available surface… Am looking at market stall holders in a totally new light…..would everyone just like to come to my house instead? I am a great host and have perfected  my coffee and walnut cake thanks to Mathew  Harris..see blog no 6 I think! That seems like a very long time no time ago!


N.B. when I was packing up my books for display I came across the old note book  that I started when I moved to Petersfield. In it was the telephone number of a lady called Chris Harris who was pivotal in me starting all this stitch malarky,and..she didn’t remember me! We had a lovely chat though!  I really do owe her everything as it was her pep talk on the embroiders guild that set me off in the road I am on today!  Before I met Chris I had never heard of perle or the embroiderers guild or city and guilds.




Am ready to JUMP again…………


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