Qel domage!

Arrived home from France to good news and bad news. Good news was letter from Twisted Thread confirming my exhibition offer bad news was the builders had piled loads of stuff on top of my boxes that were supposed to be going into the PACs exhibition so my neighbour couldn’t find them and they didn’t get entered! Here’s what they would have looked like….. C’est la vie as they say in Brittany!  Good news was I got a Highly Commended for one of my tryptich pictures and I sold one too! So really pleased about that!


Spent Sunday haring around Hampshire and the New Forest visiting open studios.  Saw Susan Chapman and Lynn Onions exhibiting in the beautiful Granary in Owlsbury ….can’t say anything more than scrumptious textiles….and then went on to Christine Watkins amazing house in Romsey! A 3 floor ordinary house which once you are through the gateway you realise is far from ordinary! An amazing eclectic mix of artists exhibits on display….from a mini Stonehenge in the garden to Westwood style pottery shoes to beautiful quilts and a range of gorgeous up cycled everything! Gutted I couldn’t stay longer but I was then off to the New Forest to the Coach House Studio to see Sarah Waters, Wendy De Salis, Andrea Finn , Dawn Gear and Sarah Orchard 5 diverse New Forest artists…more beautiful stuff to see. What’s even better is because I was skint Sarah stood me tea and cake and we babbled lots about what to do next!  Sorry no photos… I am rubbish but check out their websites!


ps I really need you to know that my bad French is intentional!


2 Replies to “Qel domage!”

  1. Use my internet anytime. The boxes look amazing, such a shame they didn’t make it to PACs show but there is always next time. Well done on the commended. x

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