I’m Back!

Decided to give my self a couple of weeks off after the end of year show. Now itching to get started again. Had an exciting couple of weeks.  Been invited to join The Society of Designer Craftsmen as a licentiate member.  So,  excited about that and exploring opportunities that  will bring.  Also been to see Sarah Waters in the New Forest to chew over other opportunities that may be coming my way!  Thanks for being my sounding board Sarah…watch this space…

What next?
What next?

http://www.societyofdesigner craftsmen.org.uk

Great feedback from the SDC so going to use comments proactively to trial some new boxes at the Petersfield Arts and Crafts  Exhibition (Thursday 21st August – Tuesday 26th August, Festival Hall, Petersfield.) Will also be selling some pictures and cards with images of my work as well as boxes.  See you there.




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