The future is bright the future is textile art

I cannot believe I only have 12 hours left of the magic that is the knitting and stitching show.  If you see one thing you must see Renate Keeping ‘s work. I have never been so moved by a piece a of work, it is totally unbelievably beautiful, touching and moving.  Why had I never heard of this wonderful lady and her husband, Charles , although I know his illustrations from childhood.  My ignorance embarrasses me.  Something is wrong somewhere in the world when more people don’t get the opportunity to experience this wonderful art work. In fact textile art needs to be out there so much more.

Je t’aime  Anthea Godfrey,  Diane Bates,  Diana Springall.

Gorgeous gold work...Godfrey is god!
Gorgeous gold work…Godfrey is god!
Me t'adore Diane, AKA the Mistress of Stitch
Je t’adore Diane, AKA the Mistress of Stitch


Dig Diana
Dig Diana

You are missing out if you don’t know about these incredible women. There are a whole lot more.


Goodness this is tiring but all rather lovely!
Goodness this is tiring but all rather lovely!

My mission, which I have chosen to accept is to raise the profile of textile art…two years oops  sorry I mean  13 years left to win the Turner Prize! X

ps this should have been posted this morning but being rather technically challenged I didn’t do it! So it’s now. Later…Sarah x