Just a quickie…or where are my glasses…



Just been sent this to advertise the knit and stitch if you can read it you’re a better woman than me. Just spent half an hour trying to play with the image to increase it. Where’s a teenager when you need one!  Made my own poster( see above)..much quicker to do and really easy to read.. You like? Perhaps a bit amateurish but with a little work?????

Madly making to do lists to get ready for shows and trying to fit in uni and teaching. Flipping technology glitches not all helpful.  I need a bernina moment….painted some bits of wood to try to calm myself…what do you think Abi? Are you following my blog yet?

imagePhyllida Barlow eat your heart out! Can you guess what they are?  Answers on a post card please….look out for them on my stand at