Well hello

Just spent several hours updating my site thanks to a very nice lady  at University…who has been helping me figure out word press which is not at all intuative….websites are an anathma to me but I’m hoping it’s looking a bit prettier now.  Its also serving as a bit of a displacement activity for not doing work..I have been making these though….

and doing lots of drawing…… and lazy-copylots of prevaricating…

When I got back from the Knitting and stitching show last month  with the Embroiderer’s Guild -was helping out on their stand – promoting the Guild, the Worlds Longest Embroidery and the Hardhome tapestry…  I read Nicky Barfoot’s post of the Knit and Stitch and thought ah well don’t really need to bother to do a new blog  now as she pretty much said it all!!!    Thanks Nicky! The other thing I did like was the woman who was doing things with taxidermy ..she recycled old taxidermy items and added stitch to them..they looked great.  Great to see Marks and Stitch doing so well…. and also loved the guy opposite – the weaver with the body stuff going on.

Liss in Stitches Exhibition was successful with lots of lovely feedback…….blink and you missed it…

….finding it really hard to keep up with everything but I’m managing to keep getting to my Art History Lectures and working on my ‘pack of cards’ and just seeing what happens.  I’m keeping a sketch book so tending to write lots of things down and draw a  lot and hoping to  block out some time to actually do more making in the near future…been doing hand stitch which is portable too..what do you think Sarah?

Finding that I really need to focus  on what I have done and not on what I haven’t  done …… otherwise it gets quite depressing. So much to fit in!

Just got back from a week in Amsterdam was great..was inspired by Picasso, Tinguely  …. the Rijks Museum and the  Sedeljk.  More than the museums the place is just full of inspiration from the canals and buildings and great Art Galleries for the well heeled client..amazing what art is for sale!!!  Banksy, Klein, Koons,  Hirst as well as  Picasso and Van Dongen….wow!

Image result for image of a beguine woman

also loved the story of the Beguin women and want to include that in my work too…..Beguine**** … the start of the 12th century, some women in  lived alone and devoted themselves to prayer and good works without taking vows. At first there were only a few of them, but in the course of the century, their numbers increased. These women lived in towns, where they attended to the poor. During the 13th century, some of them bought homes that neighbored each other, and finally formal living spaces and some formed a community called a béguinage. Beguinages tended to be located near town centers and were often close to the rivers that provided water for their work in the cloth industry .

Still madly searching for inspiration…went to the Tate on Saturday evening and am now in love with Wilfredo Lam…one of Picasso’s mates..this is his version of my favourites….. Madesmoiselles d’AvignonImage result for wifredo lam the jungle..also liked LouiseBourgeois Artist room..Image result for images of louise bourgeois sewn legs and it was great to see a Leger painting in the flesh…Image result for leger circus image

And  now I am trying to stop going off on a tangent and go back to my mitochondria and under the microscope….. to help me stay focused….. am off to collect some more  images and then draw them ..going to mark up a  grid on my studio wall at uni and see what happens…..watch this space….

PS How are you Sarah? Are you ready for your cruise?  I will email you the book stuff!x Promise!

PPS Helping out at an Amanda Hislop workshop on Saturday..hoping for more inspiration!

PPPS Making stuff for Christine Watkins Art House Open Studios in Romsey first weekend in December. Looks like there’ll be lots of lovely things to look at and buy.

PPPS looking forward to Livvy Stainer’s  private view at the Flora Twort Gallery in Petersfield this evening..it’s on for a week….so get there quick!




this rather reminds me of the rhino in last weeks post..perhaps it was an omen?

and a broken ipad…why is it that I also try to do twenty million things at once and consequently nothing particularly well? Demoiselles     Last week started off bad, the on-going ‘which phone contract do I go for dilemma’ is getting totally in the way of any artistic creativity.  I am blocked by how many minutes and megawotists do I need and do I really need a new handset debate.  I know and appreciate that in the great scheme of things this isn’t that big a worry but perleease its stopping me from getting on ..I need to draw for chrisakes!!  Not stress about stupid flippin phones!!!. Anyway I put the big phone dilemma to one side while dying all my current work red….and am currently looking into what happens if I try to do it naturally using madder…  (thank you or maybe no thank you Caroline Bell… the whole natural dye stuff has opened up another new world to me) ….work in progress…anyway I managed to launch my beautiful iPad under the car and the screen smashed into a million pieces..80 quid later and still no iPad…watch this space….. can’t show you the lovely pics of my rather vibrant material…you will have to wait!! And another 180 quid later my Bernina is home so can start drawing on my lovely red fabric… To cut along story short I realise that I do have an unhealthy relationship with my iPad and technology in general  – I have even commandeered my son’s tablet with which to continue to stress about a phone contract…so not good!! My family hate me at the moment as I am a phone bore.  Starting to widen the circle of people to annoy so will soon be persona non grata at work …I need to get back to my sketchbooks….

I have been doing some creative stuff …apart from reading about madder and dying everthing red..and I bought a fantastic book in a charity shop all about Velasquez… last week I found out that I had been selected to put some work into an exhibition to celebrate International Women’s Day.  The female is to be celebrated at arts venues across  Southampton throughout February and into March with exhibitions being  co-ordinated by the arts co-operative CAKE.   I will be showing some of my work at the City Art Gallery from February 7 until March 14.  I will also be showing work at METTRICKS – Tea and Coffee House at the end of the month…117 High Street, The French Quarter, Old Town, Southampton SO14 2AA 02380 710583.  Pop along and see the fantastic Louise Bourgeois Exhibition at the City Art Gallery that I told you about in my last post.  It really is fantastic.  The Art House is just over the road and is also worth a look in for a peruse at their eclectic mix of goods for sale and great veggie foods, cake & coffee.

Anyway this is a quick one as I am trying to ween myself off technology and go and do some drawing…. PS…

lets hope so Louise…




Missus masala chai this ones especially for you…countdown is the name of the first programme on channel 4  and I was there…showing all my 39 and three quarter years here….it is also ‘on for me’ and my first year after graduating from Eastleigh…lots been happening this week…

imageStarted off my week at Romsey Abbey to discuss exhibition happening in the autumn – chose my places just need to get on with making for it. Will show some work I already have and be creating some new pieces in response to the Abbey. Beautiful building. Watch this space.

Next I was back at uni for my second semester..great now that I know what that actually means! ..talk with my tutor about up and coming exhibition to mark the end of my first year of my final year here. Got results back for my essay only a 2:1 but because there was lots of other family stuff going on at the time of hand in I am not too disappointed ..hey it is what it is! Anyway we have an end of year mini exhibition coming up. Will be April and in the foyer at Art One at Chichester University. All welcome. No pv just rock on up between Monday 20th and Thursday  23rd April. Closes 1pm. There are 5 of us part timers exhibiting in the space. so quite exciting if a little daunting as there isn’t much time between then and now and I’ve got an exhibition at the NEC between now and then. Oh dear!

Marlene Dumas

I’ve booked my pv tickets for Marlene Dumas ..can’t wait 9th feb…v excited!

Foyer Southampton Art Gallery
Foyer Southampton Art Gallery

imageimage imageWent to Southampton yesterday to continue my love affair with all things Bourgeois. Goodness I admire that woman. She can do no wrong in my book. Is there no end to her talents? Fantastic exhibition imageand have come back inspired..going to dye everything red!!! Robert Dyas here I come! Bought the catalogue if anyone is interested in a butchers.

Spent rest of evening watching Jerry Gorovoy interviews. Great stuff!

Place Kurt Jackson
Place Kurt Jackson

Kurt   Jackson also there with an interesting exhibition and the Perseus stuff is always good to look at again – Mr Edward Burne Jones ..but not what floats my boat at the moment.

imageOther news: my poorly Bernina is in resus as we speak and will be winging its way back to Petersfield next week after its enforced stay in the North End  – after I have parted with a sizeable amount of dosh. By the way Missus masala chai the Singer you rescued last year can be made good for around £100. Not sure that I can afford to revive it just yet. My man says its a fab machine, nice and solid and with lots of potential – let me know if you want it back! I might let you have it if you talk to me nicely! Does anyone else want it?
So I’ve ended with loads to add to my do list..more than I crossed off but hey. Lots of ideas and need to keep forming them, been adding to my sketch book.

imageP.S. Been looking at lots of competitions and deciding whether to enter or not and  if I can afford it! Why oh why does everything cost money!!!!!! Oh and managed to squeeze in work too! Just need to anchor the goal post and aim.

PS not mentioning you Sarah cos am seeing you tomorrow!