Missus masala chai this ones especially for you…countdown is the name of the first programme on channel 4  and I was there…showing all my 39 and three quarter years here….it is also ‘on for me’ and my first year after graduating from Eastleigh…lots been happening this week…

imageStarted off my week at Romsey Abbey to discuss exhibition happening in the autumn – chose my places just need to get on with making for it. Will show some work I already have and be creating some new pieces in response to the Abbey. Beautiful building. Watch this space.

Next I was back at uni for my second semester..great now that I know what that actually means! with my tutor about up and coming exhibition to mark the end of my first year of my final year here. Got results back for my essay only a 2:1 but because there was lots of other family stuff going on at the time of hand in I am not too disappointed ..hey it is what it is! Anyway we have an end of year mini exhibition coming up. Will be April and in the foyer at Art One at Chichester University. All welcome. No pv just rock on up between Monday 20th and Thursday  23rd April. Closes 1pm. There are 5 of us part timers exhibiting in the space. so quite exciting if a little daunting as there isn’t much time between then and now and I’ve got an exhibition at the NEC between now and then. Oh dear!

Marlene Dumas

I’ve booked my pv tickets for Marlene Dumas ..can’t wait 9th feb…v excited!

Foyer Southampton Art Gallery
Foyer Southampton Art Gallery

imageimage imageWent to Southampton yesterday to continue my love affair with all things Bourgeois. Goodness I admire that woman. She can do no wrong in my book. Is there no end to her talents? Fantastic exhibition imageand have come back inspired..going to dye everything red!!! Robert Dyas here I come! Bought the catalogue if anyone is interested in a butchers.

Spent rest of evening watching Jerry Gorovoy interviews. Great stuff!

Place Kurt Jackson
Place Kurt Jackson

Kurt   Jackson also there with an interesting exhibition and the Perseus stuff is always good to look at again – Mr Edward Burne Jones ..but not what floats my boat at the moment.

imageOther news: my poorly Bernina is in resus as we speak and will be winging its way back to Petersfield next week after its enforced stay in the North End  – after I have parted with a sizeable amount of dosh. By the way Missus masala chai the Singer you rescued last year can be made good for around £100. Not sure that I can afford to revive it just yet. My man says its a fab machine, nice and solid and with lots of potential – let me know if you want it back! I might let you have it if you talk to me nicely! Does anyone else want it?
So I’ve ended with loads to add to my do list..more than I crossed off but hey. Lots of ideas and need to keep forming them, been adding to my sketch book.

imageP.S. Been looking at lots of competitions and deciding whether to enter or not and  if I can afford it! Why oh why does everything cost money!!!!!! Oh and managed to squeeze in work too! Just need to anchor the goal post and aim.

PS not mentioning you Sarah cos am seeing you tomorrow!