Of mice and (wo)men…

the best laid plans that is!

Not my drawing but a reminder to ass la/le petit suree to my narrative
Also a reminder to add la/le petit suree to my narrative and my sketch books!

Hello my avid followers, you may recall me  trying to courier something not tres easy well you’ll never guess what? The flipping place was shut when my package arrived hence the title of this blog.  However the lovely chair of the designer crafts promised me to fear not and  assures me there will be someone to take delivery when my work hopefully returns to the gallery on Monday. Meanwhile my piece is floating in courier ether  in Lambeth somewhere and I have not one decent photo of it! New Years resolution /note to self : start to record decent images of work!  (Will let you know what happens tomoro Sarah as I bet you’re dying to know!)IMG_1793-0

By the way Glastonbury girl assures me her daughter is 4 and not 5 which totally explains why my courier experience was a nightmare (?📖!&**) not sure I get this but there you go.

Been helping out with the wonderful Phoenix Juniors and the amazing ladies who run this group have loads of fab ideas! The kids who come along are soo lucky!!!  I of course try out/magpie/nick as soon as I’m home.  Rather fortuitous that I am trying to patch stuff together anyway! Now am going to experiment with drawing into the fabric and also transfer images onto it..watch this space..my narrative cloth making continues. This is the start of something that I made from scraps that were thrown away….image

I just want to end this blog by saying happy new year to any one who’s reading, and thank you to everyone who came to see my work this year. Here’s the woman in red her self…sorry for not posting sooner..are you reading me?

Me and the cuz
Me and the cuz

And a special thank you to Flashman and Prosecco Girl  who did actually make it out of Weatherspoons to see my work…which was no mean feat Weatherspoons in Harrogate is actually rather lovely!…..sorry J you’re going to kill me for posting this but no one reads my blog so don’t worry!

Meanwhile been busy in my  kitchen… I mean my studio …thought I’d trial a free month of Netflix so whilst the children were occupied …I have been trying to create….see what I mean about the photos?


imageroom 6 news:  Rozanne Hawksley has confirmed she will be our speaker on 13th June 2015 . It will be an afternoon talk. Possibly cake involved somewhere too! Details to follow. Soon.

Ps you would not believe me if I told you how many times i kept getting thrown out of WordPress trying to publish this and guess what? Today is now tomoro..I’m off!