Where are Olly and Georgina?!
Where are Olly and Georgina?!






So,  Sarah this is what I got up to…..

I have had an amazing time at the K & S in Harrogate. So many people came to the Graduate Show Case. I loved our eclectic group and will genuinely miss  my fellow exhibitors –  Olly Mason, Georgina Bellamy, Caroline Bell, Harriet Stiles,  Chris Woodcock, Hanny Newton and Maria Boyle. I think we were a pretty great group.  It would have been great to keep going if I only wasn’t so pooped and really  rather worried if we had an extra day that Maria was going to turn into a reindeer.

Reindeer migration in northern Yorkshire...
Reindeer migration in northern Yorkshire…
The great hall...
The great hall…

image image image





I spent rather a lot of time talking to the ladies from Hue who were exhibiting in the next stand.  I ❤️ Hue! So glad we were where we were!

imageLots of lovely people were interested in my work and stopped to chat and listen to me! I am glad I made lots of themsmile. My pink ladies really tickled some people.

imageFortunately they kept me so busy I didn’t really have any time to leave my stand and buy stuff with money I do not have. So that was a rather large positive.  I did however manage sneak off to buy some lovely threads from Oliver Twists and some gorgeous silk from The Shuttle, as well as some rather nice dyed hessian from another stand which I’d never seen before.  The woman who sold it did a rather great rendition of Mama Mia. Lusting after Ernest Wright and Son  scissors ..sadly no left-handed pairs at show so they will have to wait.  Please support this amazing company which is the last hand-made family run scissor company in the UK.  I’ll take orders if I ever manage to make it to another show!

Left postage...hmmm?
Left postage…hmmm?

Great that people supported me by buying my work.  To the lady who wanted my ladies. You know who you are ….please get in touch if you still want them. You asked first! And to the lovely lady who bought my Le Bon Maman .. I am so sorry if I appeared rude,  I was just rather shocked! Enjoy.

imageFlagging on the last day and I went to visit the Lower Hall.  Totally lifted my spirits and recharged me till the close of play Sunday. What a fantastic atmosphere. Great to see lots of women doing! Had a great chat with woman who runs fashion courses at Harrogate College and Audrey Hollingworth – stunning work.  Else where on the TG stands it was great to have another chance to see more of the bits I missed at the other shows. The graduates managed a bit of added value too – everyone deserves a triptych and a chocolate bunny.

I could not get over the kindness of people.  Want to say thank you to all the lovely, gorgeous,  generous people who enabled me to get to, from and stay in Harrogate …you know who you are. I could not have done this without you.

Not my luggage!
Not my luggage!

image…and the best thing I learnt from a fellow artist….? To save my children from choking I must bite off the corners of all their chocolate bars….classic!x



Back at uni tomorrow…got an essay to write, some beautiful fabrics arrived from Japan while I was away so need to experiment with.  image image imageI have loads and loads of ideas for new work.  Looking forward to exhibiting at the society of designer craftsman – 25th Designer Crafts at the Mall in London which opens on the 8th January 2015

ps I am a Geordie.